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From tudung of Arabia to Flower of Malaya

In the Malaysian Insight, Toh Puan Siti Hasmah was quoted as saying Dr Mahathir forbade me from wearing hijab.

Toh Puan explained that a Muslim wife must obtain her hubby's blessing before wearing what she fancies, including a tudung. But alas, when she tried to, that was, wear a tudung, she revealed that Mahathir turned his face away, implying his snub and non-approval of her wearing the headgear.

'Tis not for others to comment on your wearing or not wearing of the tudung, Toh Puan, but I can say many a Malaysian hubby are envious of Mahathir for his absolute command of the family situation, where a mere look or look away would be sufficient to convey his inner feelings.

Unlike you, Toh Puan, young (relatively) punk Najib lacks your wife-ly empathy, wakakaka, which may explain the current political imbroglio between Mentor and once-Mentee.

On a similar subject but with perhaps a different outcome, we note that Wan Azizah (and indeed the rest of her female members of the family) wears tudung, and even gloves to avoid direct contact with males while politically handshaking (ah! curse those Western habits). There is no necessity to mention her delightful hand paper-fan which I personally love.

Wan Azizah is even better, ie. more observant of her religious obligations, than His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who as a member of the Buddhist Sangha (僧伽; pinyin: Sēngjiā), should not even have any direct or indirect physical* contact with females of all ages.

* missing word 'physical' inserted on advice from Monsterball

The Dalai Lama, being a politician in practice (of international stature), shakes hands with any one, including and especially Western females who adore him as a wonderful heroic icon. Thus he is more of a campaigning politician than a Buddhist monk.

He even had the delightful opportunity to shake hands with the most delectable Cindy Crawford, which makes me and a zillion other males more than envious, in fact bloody jealous.

with Lady Gaga 

with young fans 

with Richard Gere and former wife Cindy Crawford 

Cindy Crawford  

Excuse my tng k'ooi (ch'onh hei) but what I want to say is that the Mahathir and Anwar families seem to be opposite to each other in many respects including the wearing of the tudung and presumably the associated husband-ly 'blessings' (berkat).

They seem to be like white and black, cheese and chalk, oil and water, day and night, yang and yin, perhaps explaining the words of Rudyard Kipling in his Barrack-room ballads, 1892, to wit:

'Never the twain shall meet'?

[Twain derives from the Old English twegen, meaning two]

The line that spoke the above phrase was:

"Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet"

... meaning two things (or persons) which are so different as to have no opportunity to unite.

Alas for the Mahathir and Anwar incompatibility, but as would have it, I once heard an old singer, Frankie Lane, singing Rose Rose I love you with lyrics as follows:

Rose, Rose I love you with an aching heart
What is your future, now we have to part?
Standing on the jetty as the steamer moves away
Flower of Malaya, I cannot stay

Make way, oh, make way for my Eastern Rose
Men crowd in dozens everywhere she goes
In her rickshaw on the street or in a cabaret
"Please make way for Rose," you can hear them say

All my life I shall remember
Oriental music and you in my arms
Perfumed flowers in your tresses
Lotus-scented breezes and swaying palms

Rose, Rose, I love you with your almond eyes
Fragrant and slender 'neath tropical skies
I must cross the seas again and never see you more
Way back to my home on a distant shore

(All my life I shall remember)
(Oriental music and you in my arms)
(Perfumed flowers in your tresses)
(Lotus-scented breezes and swaying palms)

Rose, Rose, I leave you, my ship is in the bay
Kiss me farewell now, there's nothin' to say
East is East and West is West, our worlds are far apart
I must leave you now but I leave my heart

Rose, Rose, I love you with an aching heart
What is your future, now we have to part?
Standing on the jetty as the steamer moves away
Flower of Malaya, I cannot stay

Wow, even a Malayan sweetheart was involved. But we can read the so wonderful and beautiful poetic lyrics of the song. Compare the above to lyrics or non-lyrics of today's songs.

But I wonder whether she was the Rose of Rose Chan?

Now that's most certainly Malayan history which may be worth reading and remembering.

Penang's most distinguished poet and 'living treasure', Cecil Rajendra, who is also a lawyer and a human rights advocate, wrote of her in a book titled No bed of Roses, cleverly playing/punning on her name. The Star published an interview with Cecil on Rose Chan in late 2013 (extracts):

Cecil Rajendra

Penang's 'living treasure'

The late Rose Chan was undeniably Malaysia’s Queen of striptease when an accidental “wardrobe malfunction” - her bra snapped on stage - catapulted her to fame.

But to poet and human rights lawyer Cecil Rajendra, who wrote the autobiography
No Bed of Roses: The Rose Chan Story, which was launched on Sept 15, Rose was much more than just a stripper, as she was known for her various philanthropic works, great cooking and feisty attitude.

Rose Chan was born Chan Wai Chang in Soochow, China, in 1925 to acrobat parents. She arrived in Kuala Lumpur at the tender age of six.

Despite having no formal education, she demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit at an early age of 12 by charging her classmates to have their photo taken.

After the failure of her first (arranged) marriage to an elderly Chinese contractor more than twice her age, a 17-year-old Rose became a cabaret dancer at Happy World in Singapore where she excelled as a dancer.

“Right from the beginning, Rose was always pushing the envelope. Even as a cabaret 'Taxi' dancer she was determined to master the Waltz, Mambo, Tango etc. which bore fruition when she was the runner-up in the Singapore Ballroom Dancing Championship of 1949,” said Rajendra.

After being a runner-up in a Miss Singapore beauty contest, Rose then decided to open her own show, touring the whole of Malaya at age 26.

Her turning point in her career came about after the famous “wardrobe malfunction” which earned her the title of Queen of striptease.

“She had absolute contempt for other strippers of the era who knew only how to shed their clothes but did not know how to dance, or tease,” said Rajendra.

“Further, she was not content in being just a dancer, but wanted to be a premier show-woman as well. Thus, her 'strongman' acts of wrestling with pythons, bending iron bars and having motorcycles ride over her body,” he added.

Cecil said that she was also the first woman in the region to have her body decorated with grease paint (to represent a snake) ala Eryka Badu.

“The Queen (Rose Chan) had many competitors but no real challengers for the title,” he said.

When asked how Rose had an impact on Malaysia, Rajendra said: “Sex is a common denominator of all races, irrespective of religion.

“After the horrors of the Japanese Occupation, I believe Rose Chan's shows provided a great unifying factor for the peoples of Malaya.”

Rajendra said that “people from all walks of life, station and religion” from all over Malaysia loved her performances and her shows were always packed.

“Her impact and influence was massive! She was well known not only in Asia, but also in Australia, France, England and America,” he said.

“Remember, she is still the only Asian icon whom a hit song was written; i.e.
Rose, Rose, I Love You, sung by Frankie Laine, which reached the No. 3 spot in the American Pop Charts,” he added.

[For more, read the Star here].

Yes, Rose Chan would appear to be the Rose of Frankie Laine's Rose Rose I love you, where foreigners especially Westerners knew the 'Flower of Malaya' far more than the actual geographical location of the country Malaya.

fabulous Nancy Kwan (as Suzie Wing) 

Well there you are, a kaytee Saturday Special from Arabic tudung to the legendary late Rose Chan, Flower of Malaya.

Friday, November 24, 2017

JAIS jangan tidur

MM Online - Organiser of Muslim-only Christology event apologises, will drop ‘ex-nun’ label (extracts):

The organiser of a two-day Muslim-only event on "Christology" today apologised and said it will remove the “former nun” label used to describe its invited Indonesian Muslim speaker Irena Handono.

Organiser Nur Fitrah said it had received criticism on using the phrase “former nun” by Christians in Indonesia, asserting that this was despite Irena's representative confirming that she was allegedly formerly a nun and chalking this down to a difference in understanding of the label.

Irena was part of the controversial seminar on “Kalimah Allah dan Kristologi Nusantra” in May 2014 that was held at Universiti Teknologi MARA's (UiTM) Shah Alam campus, which drew criticism and attracted police reports over the event's alleged “Christian-bashing.”

Following the 2014 seminar at UiTM, the Bishops Conference of Indonesia was reported by the now-defunct portal The Malaysian Insider as saying Irena was not a former Catholic nun as alleged as she was only briefly with the Congregation of the Ursuline Sisters as a novice and “never completed” her education.

“After that we don’t know where she ended up getting ‘educated’, to the point now where she is speaking at seminars mostly belittling Christianity, especially the Catholic church,” Bishops Conference of Indonesia executive secretary Father Edy Purwanto was quoted saying then.

 Will JAIS arrest her as did JAWI to Turkish author and journalist Mustafa Akyol for allegedly making religious sermons without obtaining credentials from JAIS?

Can a supposedly former Imam hold the equivalent, say, in a two-day Christian-only event on "Muhammad-ology"?

I bet Malaysian Muslims will arise in anger to burn down the said speaker and proposed event.

Why are we even tolerating such a Muslim-only event, one which bashes Christianity?

Can you f**kers leave that job to kaytee, wakakaka?

Didn't I say that the aim of the Rukunegara has been to create harmony and unity among the various races in Malaysia, but of all the 5 rukun it has, it would seem that Rukun No 1, namely,'Belief in god' has been the least helpful to the aim of the national principles?

For more, read my earlier post F-off deputy minister, I'm an atheist.

My message to PKR’s Kebun Bunga assemblyman Cheah Kah Peng

FMT - Penang PKR rep has no idea why Guan Eng sidelined him (extracts):

It is no bed of roses for PKR’s Kebun Bunga assemblyman Cheah Kah Peng after the Penang government decided to leave him out of the process of approving and handing out the RM700 one-off flood aid to his constituents. [...]

State assemblypersons are supposed to receive the applications from flood-hit victims in Penang from Nov 20 and approve them. [...]

In a press conference at his service centre at Rifle Range, Air Itam, Cheah said he first received an email on Nov 20 from state secretary Farizan Darus ... [saying] ... he would be “exempted” from all matters related to the RM700 flood aid. [...]

Cheah said he had asked Farizan why he had been left out but there had been no reply.

“Look, I am not talking about ‘I like you, you like me’ politics here. We are here to help the people.

“Any sensible logical or sane government would not stop its democratically-elected rep from helping the people." [...]

Earlier today, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had said the decision to bar Cheah was due to “internal procedural changes” suggested by Farizan. [...]

Cheah said he would continue to help the people of Kebun Bunga, as it was his “God-vested democratic responsibility” to be with them.

“It is the people who voted for me; no other authority can take it away from me or take me away from them.

I am sorry to read that PKR's Cheah Kah Peng has been, what seems to be, politically marginalised by Lim Guan Eng-led Penang state government which also includes PKR.

But I suspect that bad-blood might still exist between the state government or DAP, wakakaka, and the 'Infamous 5' PKR ADUNs who 'went along' (by abstaining in a DUN vote) with an UMNO motion objecting to reclamation works in the seas off south Penang.

The 5 PKR mavericks were Ong Chin Wen (Bukit Tengah), Cheah Kah Peng (Kebun Bunga), Dr Norela Ariffin (Penanti), Dr T Jayabalan (Batu Uban) and Lee Khai Loon (Machang Bubuk).

What was flabbergasting and very shocking to the Pakatan coalition has been Ong Chin Wen, being the PKR whip in the Penang DUN, (yet) leading a pack of mutinous PKR ADUN to indirectly side with arch-foe UMNO in a motion against the Pakatan state government's projects.

Ong Chin Wen

PKR party whip in Penang Dun, wakakaka

A party 'whip' was/is meant to herd, even ride roughshod, over any hesitant or naughty party members into toeing the party line on a/any motion, yet we saw in the Penang DUN last year such a so-called PKR party whip riding instead with arch-foe opposition UMNO.

The 'Infamous 5' talked nonsense when they claimed they voted (or abstained) according to their 'conscience', because conscience voting is NOT allowed unless the coalition approves that, when and where ruling coalition members would be allowed to cross the floor (meaning even vote against their coalition stand).

Basically the 5 had either lacked knowledge of proper party (or coalition) parliamentary procedures (which I doubt) or acted rebelliously, and quite treacherously too as even PKR Penang had no warning of their pro-UMNO intentions.

Some observers commented that the '5' had received 'special instructions' from elsewhere (hostile to DAP) which deliberately bypassed Penang PKR leaders.

But that's old hat by now, and I personally feel Lim Guan Eng should no longer marginalise Cheah Kah Peng as he seems (other than his act against the ruling coalition last year, wakakaka) quite a good bloke. Let bygones be bygones.

But one item I just read which fills me with an unpleasant feeling has been Cheah Kah Peng saying (obviously merajuk-ishly) '... as it was his “God-vested democratic responsibility” to be with them' [ie. the people of his constituency of Kebun Bunga].

Cheah, please leave your 'God' out of Penang politics when such 'divine involvement' is too much complicated already in Malaysia. Malaysia or at least Penang is a secular state so omit your God-business from politics. It's your personal issue so keep it that way.

Secondly, you may of course believe in and adore your God but take it from me, your God or any Almighty God does not vest democratic practices as any omnipotent deity is the most authoritarian or if you like, dictatorial entity there is.

I hope you realise it has been the rakyat-people of Kebun Bunga who vested that democratic-responsibility in you. Don't you ever forget that.

Take your pulpit away with you and store it safely away somewhere in your own home.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

F-off deputy minister, I'm an atheist

MM Online - Putrajaya: Freedom of religion does not equal freedom from religion (extracts):

A deputy minister today claimed that atheism is a “very dangerous” ideology that goes against not only the Rukunegara that prescribes “believe in God” as one of the tenets, but also the Federal Constitution.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki alleged that the freedom of religion in the Constitution which guarantees the freedom to worship does not include the freedom to not believe."

“We have to understand that in the Malaysian context, our Federal Constitution states that the freedom of religion does not mean freedom from any religion because that is unconstitutional."

“This means we cannot incite someone to leave a religion or promote not having a religion. We cannot order or promote a belief of not having a religion, that is against the Federal Constitution.”

Stop bullshitting that 'freedom of religion' does not mean freedom from any religion. You are a Muslim where you are NOT free from your religion, namely, you MUST remain being a Muslim, BUT you are NOT allowed to shaft your belief down my throat - that's what 'freedom of religion' means, dumbo.

Stop your nonsensical personal interpretation of the Constitution. 

The Rukunegara was formulated in 1970 by the Tun Razak's government after the May 13 racial riots, and was shafted down our throat without our consent. You f**kers have a habit of shafting your belief and concept etc down our throats, just because you believe you're the ketuanan creed.

We know from popular rumours that the late Tun Ghazali Shafie, who was very much favoured by Tun Razak, was the author but regardless of whether indeed Ghazali had been the author, it was apparent that person was inspired by the Indonesian national ideology of Pancasila which in reality was inspired by the Buddhist 5 daily precepts (Pancasila or 5 personal undertakings).

late Tun Ghazali Shafie 

Pancasila Indonesia 

Pancasila agama Buddha 

So what was shafted down our throats have been the Malaysian Rukunegara as follows:

WHEREAS OUR COUNTRY, MALAYSIA nurtures the ambitions of:

  • Achieving a more perfect unity amongst the whole of her society; 
  • Preserving a democratic way of life; 
  • Creating a just society where the prosperity of the country can be enjoyed together in a fair and equitable manner; 
  • Guaranteeing a liberal approach towards her rich and varied cultural traditions; and 
  • Building a progressive society that will make use of science and modern technology. 

WE, HER PEOPLES, pledge our united efforts to attain these ends guided by these principles:


Look minister, the aim of the Rukunegara has been to create harmony and unity among the various races in Malaysia, but of all the 5 rukun it has, it would seem that Rukun No 1, namely, 'Belief in god' has been the least helpful to the aim of the national principles.

The most notorious examples have been the persecution of Catholic Churches in Sabah in the 70's, ...

... the oppression of Buddhism in Penang in the 70's where the 'original' proposed giant statue of Kuan Yin was forcefully truncated as a compromise to appease conservative Muslim objections and the almost continuous proselytism of children of parents with different religions of which one has been a Muslim. There have been more but these 3 suffice as examples.

Furthermore, stop bullshitting that the Constitution is against atheism - jangan buat suka sendiri saje, you syiok-sendiri-bandit.

In fact, law professor Shad Saleem Faruqi has just advised via Berita Daily's ‘Nothing in constitution that makes atheism unconstitutional’ that (see as follows):

Professor Shad Saleem Faruqi 

There is nothing in the Federal Constitution which makes atheism unconstitutional in Malaysia.

While belief in God is in the Rukunegara, atheism is neither permitted nor prohibited in the Federal Constitution.

Professor Shad Saleem also raised a question on freedom of religion in Malaysia, especially for non-Muslims, to wit, “The million dollar question now is, does freedom of religion includes freedom not to belief? For Muslims it is a crime but for non Muslims, it is not."

[may I humbly correct the English of the phrase "... includes freedom not to belief?"]

[It should either be "... includes freedom not to believe?" or "... includes freedom not to from belief?"]

The good professor added: “Under shariah laws, there is no right for disbelievers because Islam is about submission to Allah. Non Muslims have always been given a choice to belief.”

He said this in reaction to deputy minister in charge of Islamic affairs, Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki who said (see top of post) that Freedom of religion does not equal freedom from religion in Malaysia.

Then the professor went on to clarify matters which we understand but which the dumbo syiok-sendiri deputy minister does not, saying that there were many religions practised in Malaysia that did not have God, particularly in Buddhism and Chinese religions such as Confucianism.

Confucianism has instead sets of values (ethics) from inspired prophets such as honesty and integrity [which by the way are sorely needed in Malaysia, wakakaka].

Professor Shad Saleem also said that the government should not be imposing the concept of submission to God in Islam to followers of other faiths, just like what the dumbo deputy minister had tried to do.

He added what I have been saying over at Malaysia-Today, “Instead of searching for the devil that doesn’t exist, non Muslims should be left alone”, to wit, Satan (and Iblis) belongs respectively only to the Christians (and Muslims), wakakaka.

Berita daily also reported:

The Universiti Malaya-based professor also pointed out that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights also included the right to not belief.

He also dismissed the notion that atheism would lead to public disorder.

“It is a sensational statement. Atheism hasn’t created public disorder for 60 over years. There is a doctrine of clear and present danger in US. In this case, there is none.”

Looking at a bigger picture Shad said that there were countries without religion practising humanism.

“What is wrong in practising values such as honesty?”

He added that Asyraf’s claim that atheism can lead to public disorder was NOT supported by corresponding social data.

Chinese more loyal?

This year, between May and June 2017, the Singapore-based ISEAS-Yusof Shaf Institute, in investigating the political preference of Johoreans found that 88% of people from this state identify as 'Bangsa Johor' rather than 'Bangsa Malaysia'.

Quite surprising from what many would expect, it has been the Chinese in Johor who are most state-proud in being identified as “Bangsa Johor”.

Their numbers in the community who consider themselves Bangsa Johor were 90.5 %, while the Malays came in second at 88.2% and the Indians at 81.7%.

By contrast, when you read Malaysiakini's Najib-Anwar visit - a Rorschach test of Malay politics by Commander (retired) S Thayaparan (my Aneh), you would wonder at that so-called famed 'Malay loyalty' where instead you find Machiavellian back-stabbing a la Hang Tuah killing Hang Jebat or a la Tunku Abdul Rahman being politically assassinated by Malaysia's Cassius and Brutus or a la the 1998 events, wakakaka.

It seems that in loyalty-to-leaders, the Chinese beat Malays hands down, wakakaka.


I wonder whether that could be due to Chinese DNA containing 'loyalty to raja dan negara' genes for more than 5,000 years.

Or could it be because of their revolt of this man?

It's only their devotion to the 'agama' that Chinese lose out to Malays, wakakaka.

Another over-burnt Kajang Satay?

MM Online - Portrait of the average Malaysian Opposition politician (extracts):

after my f**k-up Kajang satay, I'll make you into delicious satay for would be criminals

hey don't thank me, I'm after all 'brilliant'

Half of the 26 politicians from the Pakatan Harapan (PH) Opposition pact who recently declared their assets are millionaires on paper, while the rest were generally worth more than the average Malaysian.

The least moneyed politician on the list of mostly incumbent federal and state lawmakers from PKR, Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) and PAS who publicly declared their assets to Invoke, a big data outfit run by PKR vice president Rafizi Ramli, was retired naval officer and Lumut MP Mohamad Imran Abdul Hamid, with a net worth of RM45,000.

The other 25 Opposition politicians have net worths (assets minus liabilities) ranging from RM124,000 to RM4.7 million. This is in contrast with the general Malaysian population where only about 10 per cent earn enough to pay income tax.

Why must Invoke be the authority to report to?

Invoke is just Rafizi Ramli's think-tank? Who does Rafizi report to?

And while it's not a crime or sin to become rich through legal means, exposure of politicians' personal wealth to the public (instead of a more secured over-sighting body like a parliamentary select committee - 50% ruling party, 50% opposition members) has been what some of them feared, that now they personally may be at risk to possible security threats, eg. PKR’s Ijok assemblyman Dr Idris Ahmad who has a gynaecology practice, who has been reported by MM Online via Invoke as:

... the richest of the 26 who declared their assets to Invoke — was the only high net worth individual on the list with a net worth of RM4.7 million.

According to Dr Idris’ asset declaration, he has four properties (one of which was a bungalow purchased in 2006 for RM3 million), two land lots and three vehicles — a Volvo XC70, Honda CRV and Toyota Camry — all of which were above RM100,000 in current market value.

Rafizi's has Kajang-satay-rised his piss poorly and potentially dangerous managed attempt for Pakatan politicians to declare their personal assets purportedly to win the hearts of the voters.

Let's wait for Mahathir and son Mukhriz to do likewise. Sh*t, teh father & son coudl turn out to be as poor as retired naval officer and Lumut MP Mohamad Imran Abdul Hamid, with a net worth of RM45,000.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

City-Hall not always wrong

FMT - Car-clamp issue: ‘Officers were just doing their job’ (extracts):

Mayor Maimunah Mohd Sharif 

Penang Island’s mayor has praised the two officers who clamped the car of a woman who was with her wheelchair-bound mother, saying they carried out their duties diligently and honestly but that their communication skills could have been better.

Penang Island City Council (MBPP) Mayor Maimunah Mohd Sharif said the officers could have calmed the woman down and explained that she had committed an offence by not having a handicapped parking sticker or ID on her car, which was parked in a lot for disabled drivers.

“The officers did a normal a job, they saw no OKU (disabled person’s) card or parking pass on a car parked in a lot meant for the disabled, so they clamped the car.

“I met the two officers, I said next time if you have this kind of situation, you have to be firm but polite. As public servants, we must keep calm. They should calm the other person down and explain to them that they have committed an offence and not respond to provocations.

“I also told them that they must call their boss if faced with similar situations, so that we do not have a repeat of what happened,” Maimunah told reporters after visiting a construction site at Bukit Kukus in Paya Terubong today. [...]

Maimunah met the woman yesterday and assured her that her parking summons would be voided and her disabled parking pass application expedited, as long as she provides an OKU card.

This has been a case where the public sympathies have gone to the wrong party, the woman who violated parking regulations but claimed no wrong on the basis she has a disabled mum.

If she had the disability (OKU) card, she would of course be entitled to use the parking spot for 'disabled people', but she did not, hence her car was clamped by parking wardens.

The situation got a bit messy due to the woman's intransigence and the wardens' lack of inter-personal handling. She even demanded actions to be taken against the two MBPP traffic wardens.

But on the basis of legal fairness which is always to Penangites' benefits, the wardens were only doing their duties, and correctly too. They should not be faulted.

As State Local Government committee chairperson Chow Kon Yeow said: "A wrong is a wrong. We have laws that we need to comply with. I understand the woman may have felt hurt but we have guidelines in MBPP which we must abide."

Chow also explained why the wardens couldn't cancel compound notice as they wished:

"It is a process which internally, MBPP officers must abide with. Ratepayers must understand that the MBPP officers need to be accountable for the compounds that they issue. They cannot simply issue or reject the compounds. They are answerable."

That would prevent 'pungli' nonsense.

I have been annoyed with the MCA holding a press conference for the woman to rant at her grievances against the traffic wardens, just to get at the DAP-led state government.

But I am glad that the Mayor met with and informed the woman that the parking summons would be voided so long as she provides an OKU card, and that the card would be expedited for her.

I am additionally happy that she gave some morale (not moral, wakakaka) support to the two wardens who were performing their duties correctly - likewise with Chow Kon Yeow.

As the military would say, 'Morale is the second most important winning principal war'. It keeps morale high and the troops more willing to do their jobs right.

I caution both sides of politics to avoid holding unnecessary press conferences to sensationalise matters which the alleged aggrieved or more 'noisy' parties may not even be legally right.

If those politicians want to help sincerely and not for political brownie points on issues unjustified, just help the affected party resolve the matter, like MCA's Mr Fit-it-Guy, Michael Chong. Don't sensationalise matters like this.

Michael Chong