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Our professors, our universities!

In 2012 Professor Dr Khoo Kay Kim dismissed the belief that the Malay much-vaunted hero, Hang Tuah, had ever existed, stating there was not a reliable source (other than stories) to support the belief in the popular myth.

an un-named Malacca grave allegedly that of Hang Tuah

Sun Daily - Khoo: Show me proof that Hang Tuah existed

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 18, 2012): Renowned historian Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim has asked critics disputing his findings to show proof that legendary Malay warriors such as Hang Tuah existed.

"If you don't agree with me, bring out the sources to show I am wrong. You cannot simply say you don't agree (but) on what basis?

"I am saying that these things were not true because no reliable sources confirmed they existed," Khoo told reporters when met after the at the Global Movement of Moderates conference at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre today.

The Universiti Malaya don on Monday created a stir when he said in a radio interview that there is no written record of Hang Li Po, Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat and the stories that have made it into the history books are just myths.

Three days later (also in 2012) Malaysian Archaeologists Association president Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Nik Hassan Shuhaimi Nik Abdul Rahman stepped into the debate and was reported by The Borneo Post as follows:

"I believe he existed but we can’t be sure of the era; if we look at the Hang Tuah tales, he existed during the era of a sultanate. The name ‘Hang’ does indeed exist in the Malay world."

"However, further studies on his four peers (Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu) may be needed. The name ‘Hang’ exists in Padang Lawas Sumatra, Indonesia.”

He said although there had been no specific studies carried out on the matter, indirect ones indicated that the warrior did indeed exist.

“And then there is also the Hang Tuan tomb. We can’t deny that it is not. Although there is no specific name written on it, it is from the 15th century,” he told reporters at a convention on the Malay cultural roots here yesterday.

Historian Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim had previously said that Hang Tuah might be mythical and that there were no strong evidence to prove the warrior’s existence.

Dr Nik Hassan said DNA tests on the remains in the tomb might prove to be difficult due to religious sensitivities.

“This is a Muslim tomb. We don’t want to disturb this tomb because there may be sensitivities involved in terms of religion. We can perform tests on pre-historic findings,” he said.

For a start, I find it difficult to accept that said unnamed tomb belongs to Hang Tuah just because it's from the 15th Century. Was Hang Tuah the only person existing in 15th Century Malaya? I'm quite taken aback that an archaeologist would lean towards such an assumption.

And even if Islamic authorities permit a DNA on corpse, how would that be done? More of this soon so please hang on for a wee while, wakakaka.

Then late last year Dr Rohaidah Kamarudin, from the Malay Language Department, Faculty of Modern Language and Communication, Universiti Putra Malaysia, asked for funding of more than RM1 million to continue with its project to prove the existence Hang Tuah.

She said: “The fund is needed because there are a lot more to be done to prove Hang Tuah’s existence, including to look for the necessary evidence, like in Indonesia, Turkey and Japan, and to conduct DNA tests on them.

The Japanese connection is about a keris there, which is believed to belong to the Malacca Malay Sultanate and thus may have connection with the existence of Hang Tuah.

While Hang Tuah's keris, as legend tells us, was appropriated by Tuah after he somehow killed the Javanese warrior Taming Sari (the original owner of the keris who gave his name to the legendary keris), it is also believed to be now in the possession of the royal House of Perak.

which one is the real Taming Sari? 

A wee digression - The keris Taming Sari is said to have magical properties and would always ensure its owner would be protected from harm, thus I wonder how then in the world did Hang Tuah defeat and kill Bapak Taming Sari, its original owner, who was then holding the so-called magic weapon?

On top of that, when Taming Sari was in the possession of Hang Jebat, how did that so-called magical keris allow him (the then-owner) to be defeated and killed by Tuah?

These are typical kaytee questions that had gotten me, when I was a young laddie, slapped or at the very least angry stares for asking such annoying, irritating and difficult to answer but quite reasonable queries of logic, as I mentioned in my post Midnight at Batu Lanchang published in my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok. Wakakaka.

But back on track to Dr Rohaidah Kamarudin's request for RM1 million to conduct research which will include a DNA test, I believe that she and archaeologist Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Nik Hassan Shuhaimi Nik Abdul Rahman were the ones who mentioned DNA testing to identify and confirm the existence of Hang Tuah, and not Dr Khoo as alleged by the following news:

FMT - No need for DNA test to prove Hang Tuah’s existence:

MALACCA: There is no need to prove Hang Tuah’s existence through deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing as the legendary Malay warrior’s existence has already been proven through various studies by local and foreign historians, about 60 years ago.

Malaysian Institute of Historical and Patriotism Studies (IKSEP) chairman Professor Dr Mohd Jamil Mukmin said Hang Tuah’s existence was also evident in local books such as ‘Sejarah Melayu’ and ‘Hikayat Hang Tuah’, as well as other documents from abroad.

“There were many world-famous heroes from the Greek empire, China and so forth in the past, but no DNA tests were done to confirm their existence,” he said at a special press conference here today.

As mentioned by Professor Dr Khoo years back, the issue of the Hang Tuah existence has been in the absence of reliable sources testifying to his existence and not about DNA testing - more about the latter soon, wakakaka.

So would Sejarah Melayu and Hikayat Hang Tuah be reliable sources? I'm not sure about the former but I would consider the latter as only story telling.

In ancient Egypt, Greece and China, there were ample documentary evidence and artifacts from reliable sources which may still be found today in the historical-archaeological archives, museums and historical sites of those countries.

For example, the Chinese classical literature Romance of the Three Kingdom is only a work of fiction authored by Luo Guanzhong but based on the (real) historical Three Kingdom period in Chinese history (AD 220 to 280), which existence, events and personalities have been supported by ample and reliable historical documents, artifacts and historical sites.

Alas, one glaring example in Egypt (or its omission) has led to the now questionable existence of the Hebrews in that ancient land, where the Bible is its only source but a religious document, one which scholars don't automatically rely upon because of its 'unreliability' in the academic world, but for kaytee this has to be another story, wakakaka.

However, in the meantime for your reading pleasure about reliable historical and archaeological sources, the following extract was from an article in the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz written by a Jewish World blogger, Josh Mintz, in 2012:

The reality is that there is no evidence whatsoever that the Jews were ever enslaved in Egypt. Yes, there's the story contained within the bible itself, but that's not a remotely historically admissible source. I'm talking about real proof; archeological evidence, state records and primary sources. Of these, nothing exists.

It is hard to believe that 600,000 families (which would mean about two million people) crossed the entire Sinai without leaving one shard of pottery (the archaeologist's best friend) with Hebrew writing on it.

It is remarkable that Egyptian records make no mention of the sudden migration of what would have been nearly a quarter of their population, nor has any evidence been found for any of the expected effects of such an exodus; such as economic downturn or labor shortages.

Furthermore, there is no evidence in Israel that shows a sudden influx of people from another culture at that time. No rapid departure from traditional pottery has been seen, no record or story of a surge in population.

Indeed, apart from the fact that the ancient Egyptian who were fastidious, meticulous and prolific in keeping all sorts of records, from flooding, droughts and bountiful (or lousy) harvests to royal coronations to war and victories, births and deaths, and religious and secular-political issues, etc, yes sir, in a land of such fastidious recording of events, there was NOT one single line of hieroglyph or hieratic or demotic in Egypt’s famed and vast repository of recording and artifacts, mentioning the existence Hebrews or Israelites, let alone their slavery or their mass exodus from Egypt.

Only the Judeo-Christian Bible has that.

But DNA testing to prove the existence of Hang Tuah interests me lots, wakakaka. However, instead of writing my own views on this so-called academic approach, why don't I copy and paste a few comments (extracts only) on subject from Malaysiakini of 2012, as follows:

James Khor: ... How can DNA testing prove that the remains from the tomb in Tanjung Kling are those of Hang Tuah?

To determine the origin you need another verifiable sample as cross reference. Is there such a sample? Can such a sample be found?

There is no one living today who can conclusively prove they are even remotely related by blood to Hang Tuah.

So without such persons to collect a sample from, how can you prove that the remains in the grave are those of Hang Tuah's? Do please enlighten?

Multi Racial
: ... Prof Nik Hassan Shuhaimi Nik Abdul Rahman's argument is based on the assumption that Hang Tuah is a Malay warrior and his tomb has been found. Therefore he existed.

In the case of Prof Nik's argument, even if we manage to exhume the remains of the so-called Hang Tuah grave. How are we going to prove it is Hang Tuah?

And the best of the lot, I thought, would be:

HangTuah: What are you going to do with the DNA sample from the grave? Compare it with a sample from Hang Guan Seng of Prangin Road Market, Penang?


Yes sir, I wonder about our universities!

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Wonderful sex

Sweet dahleeng kaytee is just like all Malaysian red-blooded males, in that we love ... er ... sex, yes we do, though not to the extent of discussing our 'love' in public, wakakaka.

Thus in a way I admire the Muslim clerics who talk openly and publicly about yummy and not so yummy sex.

In Malay Mail Online's Muslim husbands can’t ‘pull out’ during sex without wife’s consent, says Perlis mufti, we have been informed by the mufti that:

... a Muslim husband is obliged to fulfil his wife’s sexual desires, to the point that he should not even perform coitus interruptus without consent from the wife.

Weighing in on the marital rape debate, the Perlis mufti said that despite the obligation, sexual relations between husbands and wives must happen in a “harmonious situation” without physically harming each other.

“Rough and painful sex is forbidden in Islam. Therefore, all couples must find the best sexual method that fulfils the personal desires of both parties,” the mufti said on his official Facebook page.

“Although the act is allowed in the hadith, it must receive consensus from the wife since the wife might have yet to savour the intercourse. This shows that forced and rough intercourse that is not enjoyed by one party is indeed forbidden in marriage,” Mohd Asri said of coitus interruptus.

By the by, MM Online tells us that 'Coitus interruptus refers to the act of withdrawing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation as a form of birth control during sexual intercourse.'

It's just marvelous that Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin is looking after the interests of women on matters of conjugal union. Contrast his balanced advice to the one from Kelantan about 10 years ago.

Yes if can recall, in 2006 the mufti of Kelantan, Mohamad Shukri Mohamad, then only as the deputy mufti of Kelantan, told Berita Harian that wives would be deemed to be unjust and abusive if they cannot satisfy their husbands' sexual needs.

See the difference with Dr Asri's caution to hubbies?

Wakakaka, and which has been why I applaud Dr Asri's advice because prior to his recent statement, it's always women who have been blamed and bullied, even on matters of conjugal interaction.

Mind, the Kelantan religious edict was not unlike what our world-famous Perak Mufti, Harussani told us, that Muslim men can always have sexual intercourse with their spouses even if the latter did not agree, saying that a Muslim woman has “no right” to reject her husband’s demand.

And it may be timely at this juncture to remind ourselves of what Dr Asdri has just said, that “Although the act is allowed in the hadith, it must receive consensus from the wife since the wife might have yet to savour the intercourse. This shows that forced and rough intercourse that is not enjoyed by one party is indeed forbidden in marriage.”

But alas in Perak, to pound home his authoritative warning to wives, the Mufti just had to drop names, that of the Prophet (pbuh). Quoting the Prophet (pbuh) Harussani said that couples, even when riding on the back of the camel, have to have sex whenever the husband demands of the wife an immediate conjugal "union" - no ifs nor buts.

dromedary camel 

Yes, our remarkable mufti was talking about doing it right on the back of the dromedary, and not about dismounting (excuse the unintended pun) to "roll in" the hay desert sand. After all, the camel is also known as the ship of the desert, thus it would be a "romp" on a "love boat".

In this sense, Chinese Muslims have an advantage - stop dreaming Ridhuan (wakakaka) as I'm referring to those in NW China - as the camels that live in their domain are Bactrian camels and not the dromedary species which the Arabs have - see photo to know what I mean, wakakaka. The Bactrians are virtually built like 'love machines' and true 'love boats' of the desert, wakakaka

Thus, if mufti Harussani is thinking of importing camels into Malaysia to make his point in any 'show & tell' I would strongly recommend the Chinese- Central Asian Bactrian camel, where one can get two humps (excuse the unintended pun, wakakaka) instead of a mere one, wakakaka again.

Of course Harussani also said that there’s no such thing as rape in marriage as that silly belief was conceived by European people and therefore there was no necessity for Malaysians Muslims to follow such a stupid idea.

But let's now return to the Kelantan religious edict on wives being potentially abusive to their hubbies' sexual needs.

In his (note ‘his’ and not 'the') most brilliant exposition of Islamic doctrines, mufti Mohamad Shukri Mohamad explained that in a marriage, it's not always the wives who were abused as it could also happen to the husbands. He advised that Islamic laws protect both women and men.

He warned: "Thus wives who do not provide proper care for their husbands, including not fulfilling their sexual needs, can be considered as being unjust and abusive towards their husbands."

"These women can be charged under Section 128 (1) of the Kelantan Islamic Law Enactment 2002, which provides for a fine of RM 1,000 or jail of up to six months or both upon conviction."

But in a manner not unusual of either important big shots (CEOs, ministers, preachers, etc) or impossible big bullshitters, he skipped the details, yup, by neglecting to elaborate on how the syariah courts would determine any husband’s claims of his wife abusive failings to satisfy his sexual needs as per, wakakaka, Section 128 (1) of the Kelantan Islamic Law Enactment 2002.

As we know, some husbands may have excessive sexual needs, so the poor wives could be required to perform to super-human standards, you know, 'above and beyond' the call of duty.

Dahleeng, use a Kryptonite to 'soften' his super sex needs


If their wives cannot satisfy their super sexual needs, would those poor wives be still deemed as unjust and abusive by this mufti as per, wakakaka again, Section 128 (1) of the Kelantan Islamic Law Enactment 2002?

But truthfully, I would be very interested in how he would impartially gauge that a husband has attained sexual satisfaction in his legal act of consummation.

I've been informed that in the West it's supposedly measured by how loud the man (or woman) screams 'OH GOD', wakakaka again.

perhaps inspiring the drafting of an Enactment


Or would he just rely on the hubby's say-so, that the undutiful wife should be jailed for 6 months while hubby gets a new young doll of a wife?

Poor Malaysian Muslim women.

And it seems SEX SEX SEX would always be in the picture if you were to read Malaysiakini's K'tan deputy MB admits error on 'unnatural sex'.

We gather from Kelantan's Deputy MB Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said last year that: "Some scholars argue that since wives belong to their husbands, their husbands can do as they like."

The wife belongs to the husband and he can do as he likes? Wow. Incidentally, the deputy MB of Kelantan was referring to anal sex between the married couple.

And he added that this wife-as-a-chattel (mere property) comes from the differences of interpretation of the Quranic verse which states that "wives are tilths for their husbands", and therefore, they can approach their wives in any sexual manner they choose.

And on that let me remind wives that the Mufti of Kelantan, Mohamad Shukri Mohamad had already warned that "... wives who do not provide proper care for their husbands, including not fulfilling their sexual needs, can be considered as being unjust and abusive towards their husbands."

"These women can be charged under Section 128 (1) of the Kelantan Islamic Law Enactment 2002, which provides for a fine of RM 1,000 or jail of up to six months or both upon conviction."

I've to admit I'm jealous of Muslims as they have such wonderful priests standing strongly as their Guardians of Men's Sexual Needs.

Ain't sex just wunderbar?

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Sarawak political unpleasantry

Adenan Satem plays a clever and cunning political game.

Though he is virtually guaranteed a big win in the Sarawak state elections, he wants to crush the opposition completely, in preparation for the federal elections (GE-14) to support Najib's BN.

Thus his principal target is Chinese votes. And he is abetted in this by federal ministers - see my previous post Chinese beautiful once more?

First, he did a clever stunner by saying Sarawak will recognize the UEC certificate, a vernacular education qualification so much valued by the Chinese community and their educationists that they (the Chinese) would have rushed into their respective bathrooms on hearing of that "Adenan's good news" to do whatever people do when they're terribly excited and want to bring their excitement to a "boil", wakakaka.

Adenan even became a local Chinese hero by criticizing Putrajaya's stand against the UEC as 'stupid and senseless'.

But I sense he has been cunning because his promise may yet turn out to be an empty promise as Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) has given the two-fingers to that proposal, refusing to recognize the UEC as a recognized entry qualifications for any 
degree course in UNIMAS.

TMI (long gone but this news reported by Yahoo News) said (extract):

Datuk Fatimah Abdullah, the Sarawak minister holding a watching brief on education for the state cabinet, said she is puzzled and does not understand why the state’s public university Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) issued a position statement that it would not recognise the independent Chinese school's Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) as an entry qualification.

The state welfare, women and family development minister said what she understood from Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem's announcement that the state would recognise the UEC, was that holders could now use the certificate to apply for jobs in the state civil service and for entry into the two private universities which the state has a stake in – Curtin University in Miri and Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak campus in Kuching.

She said nothing was said about using the certificate, which was not recognised by the ministry of education, to get into Unimas.

Unimas vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Mohammad Kadim Suaidi on Friday issued a statement that the university could not accept UEC holders at the moment as it was “bound by regulations of the higher education ministry”.

Kadim had said Unimas, being a public university, is obliged to follow directives from the ministry regarding the national education policy towards UEC and also the current admission requirements to public universities.

And has Adenan said anything since the VC for UNIMAS said f**koff to the UEC?

However to be fair, we need to first ask whether Curtin University in Miri and Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak campus in Kuching are governed in their admission requirements by what the UNIMAS VC had stated?

hope not but alas, as I had posted in Bad-Blood Brothers that some of our higher education policies have been much influenced/governed by the 'Promote & Suppress' stratagem, an evil pincer strategy, so I would not be in the least surprised if my fears regarding the admissibility of the UEC for Curtin and Swinburne local campuses are realized. But let's hope my suspicions have been completely unfounded and I apologize in advance for my hope-for error and unwarranted suspicions.

Nonetheless I trust he will keep his promise to accept UEC holders as civil servants in the state government. Let's hope his promise is not a clever but cunningly cheap promise, one of no value at all.

Then he unashamedly bars opposition leaders from Peninsula from entering the state, abusing the apparatus of autonomy that Sarawak enjoys under the merger agreement but one for an entirely different reason.

And he knows he would get away with that draconian worse-than-Peh-Mor measure because, I am sad to say this, most Sarawakians would silently approve of his decision as they too dislike (or even hate) Peninsula Malaysians. Now, should I even be using the now-apparently useless term 'Malaysian' in this context?

Just a casual reminder especially to Sarawakians: many Peninsula Malaysian police and servicemen shed their blood and lost their lives defending Sarawak from the Indons during Confrontation and the communist menace during the Emergency years back. Don't forget their sacrifices.

Annoyingly Adenan also plays a nasty threatening game, warning Chinese Sarawakians that only BN Chinese politicians elected will be the (Chinese) voice in the state government.

While it's plain obvious that DAP and PKR Chinese (elected) ADUN won't be part of his cabinet, has there been a drastic necessity to make such a crude racially oriented threat? Besides, opposition ADUN are also legitimate 'voices' of the people, so Adenan might have gone too far in his unnecessary warning. I had hopes he wouldn't descend to such gutter levels in his political campaign.

We all know that DAP and PKR will definitely be the state opposition even if they don't compete in 3-corner fights in the 6 seats mentioned in my previous posts, but Adenan's warning smacks of a racially disagreeable unpleasantry, perhaps showing his true colour.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Chinese beautiful once more?

Malay Mail Online - BN will not cease wooing Chinese community, says Nazri

ni men hau ma?


Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz said (as reported by MM Online):

... Chinese support was important for the community to be represented in the government and have their voices heard.

A strong government is a government that represents all the communities in it. Therefore, we hope that the Chinese community would join us in forming the government.

FMT - Nazri: BN never abandoned those who voted Opposition

KUCHING: The Barisan Nasional never abandoned those who voted for the Opposition in the previous state election, Nazri Aziz claimed.

“We are not a vengeful government,” the tourism and culture minister told reporters during a walkabout at China Town here. [...]

He went on to claim that he was unhappy when a government was made up mainly of Bumiputera members.

“We want a multiracial government. No race should be excluded.”

dei, I grew up in a Chinese family and slept with an Indian in university

apa lagi lu mahu? 

MIRI: Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he will ask the state government to appoint more Chinese ministers and even a deputy chief minister if the voters pick them over the Opposition in the May 7 state election.

He said Chinese voters should support the Chinese BN candidates as it will help them in the long run.

“If many Chinese state assemblymen are elected, I will whisper to the state government to appoint Chinese as ministers or even assistant ministers.

“If more win, then I will whisper loudly. Now is the time for a deputy CM to be appointed from among Chinese,” he told the crowd at the Saberkas Night Market today.

NST - Needs of the Chinese given priority, says DPM Zahid

MIRI: The needs of the Chinese community will continue to be given priority and the RM500,000 allocated for the upgrading of two Chinese schools here is a good indication said Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

The Deputy Prime Minister who is in the state to provide support for the state Barisan Nasional said Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Pei Min and Sekolah Kebangsaan Pujut Corner were allocated the amount to provide a more conducive environment for the children to study.

Meanwhile, back in Peninsula, it's said that Mahathir has now relied mostly on the Chinese for his Save Mukhriz Malaysia campaign to overthrow Najib.

Damn it, why are we Chinese shoved into the spotlight again, where certain outcome may yet precipitate that angry 'Apa lagi Cina mahu' outburst?


Hoe liao men 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Treachery in Pakatan must NOT be tolerated

I don't know why but I have to grudgingly admit I've always had a wee bit of the 'hots' for Joceline Tan of the Star, wakakaka. Maybe it's her way or style of writing that has set me into bouts of reading orgasms, wakakaka, pro BN as her articles might have been, or maybe it's her pixie-like looks (once a jealous sweetie lambasted me for this thought, wakakaka), but though I don't always agree with her views, I love to read her Star essays.

In her recent article titled DAP - PKR feud could boil over she wrote that Batu Kawah and Batu Kitang are among the hot seats to watch in the polls. The rivalry between DAP and PKR has been simmering for some time and it has finally boiled over.

Indeed it (the rivalry) has.

And dear Sweetie has correctly predicted that The DAP-PKR face-off may involve only a few seats in the election but the ripples will spread beyond Sarawak.

But more of that later, perhaps in another post, wakakaka.

In this post I just want to write on Batu Kitang.

The state constituency was borned out of the recent (and standard questionable gerrymandered) re-delineation of a previous DAP stronghold, thus making it the 'son' of a DAP blue ribbon seat, and by political logic, a sure win (blue ribbon seat) for the DAP.

This was confirmed by the Merdeka polling survey, a RM100,000+ joint project financed by PKR and DAP (but on the insistence of Tian Chua of PKR), to decide which of 6 state seats in Sarawak in dispute between the so-called allies should go to whom.

The pollster survey confirmed Batu Kitang would be very very winnable by DAP where a humongous 60% of those surveyed chose the Rocket-Party while only a mere measly meagre 8% had voiced their support for PKR. The pollster’s findings also favoured DAP in all but one of the surveyed constituencies, wakakaka.

So Tian Chua, there's some truth in the old Chinese advice that 'Don't wish for something to find out it's not what you really want', wakakaka.

Thus a jealously irated PKR went into its merajuk brat-ish immature rant, rolling on the floor and kicking away furiously until DAP gave way to it in its blue ribbon seat so as to avoid 3-cornered fights in other seats in the state May elections.

One of my visitors commented that both PKR and DAP are equally to be blamed as rogue operators in this Pakatan embarrassment which has led Lim Kit Siang to apologize to Sarawakians. He (my visitor) further said that 'those taking either of the sides are purely based on partisan thinking'.

But I assess in saying so he has been too preemptively defensive for PKR, wakakaka.

No matter how invincible his bias might have been in refusing to correctly identify the treacherous party, there are still immutable facts/events for us to review to come to the sad conclusion, as follows:

(a) Prior to the so-called signed agreement between PKR and DAP on two-party allocated seats in Sarawak, PKR had much much earlier UNILATERALLY announced it was going to stand in 40 seats, and that 15 of those seats were NON-NEGOTIABLE - for more see my post on 07 December 2015 titled
PKR signals war to DAP in Sarawak.

Apart from its usual style of unilaterally staking its claims on 40 seats in Sarawak its spokesperson Dr Jeyakumar said on behalf of PKR elections director Nurul Izzah that 15 seats were deemed "non-negotiable". This was way ahead of talks with partners DAP and Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) in Pakatan Harapan but why should we be surprised as I have often written, that that would be the usual style of a feral greedy selfish and most kiasu PKR.

Really, the term 'non-negotiable', especially directed at its supposed allies, had been undeniably combative, arrogant and preemptively neutralized any options for cooperative discussions or comprises.

It smacked of a lamentably nasty 'ketuanan' mentality, but then again, PKR has this selfish habit of making unilateral public announcement on seat allocations which have never failed to get the goat of its allies, wakakaka.

Apart from an avaricious propensity to seize the lion's share of Pakatan seat allocations, PKR has been known to want a monopoly on mixed ethnic constituencies (on whatever nebulous basis it has claimed as its party credentials) while at the same time avariciously eyes and demands the attractive blue ribbon seats with Chinese majority in which DAP has traditionally contested.

Thus, we would expect PKR in claiming it's a multi-racial party to want most or all of the Mahathir-ized mixed-ethnic seats while at the same to also demand a sizable chunk of the blue-ribbon Chinese-majority seats as well, two humongous gluttonous bites of the cherry. It thus behaves like both UMNO and MCA (but usually ends up like PPP, wakakaka).

(b) Nonetheless, despite its preemptive declaration, an agreement on two-party allocated seats in Sarawak was subsequently finalised and signed at the highest PKR and DAP party levels, BUT alas, trust PKR's Team B (with its intra party schism) to disrespect its own Team A president's decision on that agreement, and to renege on it.

(c) It has been reported by an PKR insider that Azmin Ali and his faction, in particular his kiasu lieutenant Tian Chua had egged Bian Baru to whine and whinge away and UNILATERALLY stand in the 5 seats already allocated to DAP under that agreement, namely Mambong, Simanggang, Murum, Mulu, Ngemah - see my earlier post Half-past -six Harapan cooperation in Sarawak.

Bian Baru should not be excused for being a gullible victim as he is known to be a willing captive of their egging-on, this from his bitter statements witnessed during the previous state elections, especially in its aftermath, wakakaka.

(d) OK lah, so with the malodorous treachery reeking away like a cesspool just prior to nomination day, DAP gave PKR until midnight of the eve of election nomination day to repent and honour the signed agreement, in order for Pakatan to avoid any 3-cornered contests.

DAP Sarawak Chief Chong was crying out appeals to PKR on that eve, but PKR ignored him completely, presumably having already decided to stand in the DAP allocated seats of Mambong, Simanggang, Murum, Mulu, Ngemah.

Azmin Ali had earlier said he would contact LGE to discuss but in actuality did NOT contact LGE for days as promised until the very last minute when it was already too late to negotiate or revisit the PKR-DAP signed agreement, the latter of which he had reneged in the first place.

But then, asking PKR to repent for its misdeeds would be akin to asking Azmin to refuse his MB job and to instead re-recommend Wan Azizah for that Selangor CEO post as had been PKR's and Pakatan's original choice and a consequence of Pakatan's constitutional rights - now, wouldn't that have been an honorable, loyal and appropriate act for the deputy president of PKR?

As my blogging matey, Walski 69 would have wryly and dryly commented, lu taan kookoo - tunggu lah selama2nya, wakakaka.

Thus DAP was forced into giving a recalcitrant uncooperative and treacherous PKR a taste of its own medicine - it decided to stand in Batu Kitang as an act of punishment against the treachery of PKR.

Admittedly such acts don't bode well for Pakatan, but then, was DAP going to allow a treacherous brat to get away with it, time and time again, when soon the bloody brat will assume it can always do so and be tolerated. Besides, we're talking about the Sarawak Chapter of the DAP which is less tolerant of PKR than it Peninsula counterpart.

So let's not be hypocritically partisan and pretend-insist both sides were wrong - bullshit and bloody balls to that. Let's have fairness, courage and honesty in showing PKR up for what it really has been, to wit, a so-called avaricious ally that couldn't keep to a signed agreement!

So DAP's candidate for Batu Kitang was a last-minute choice, principally because it though it was going to keep its side of the agreement signed with PKR and not stand there, until it discovered to its horror that PKR on its part had no intention of keeping honorably to the letters of that signed agreement.

OK, so the party swiftly moved Abdul Aziz Isa as its candidate for Stakan to Batu Kitang. DAP believes Abdul Aziz is more guaranteed of a win in Batu Kitang, its blue ribbon seat.The DAP wants, nay, yearns for a Malay ADUN in Sarawak.

Sweetie Jocelyn commented rather discouragingly (wakakaka, after all she's a pro BN journalist - mind you, there's nothing wrong with her political allegiance as we too have pro Pakatan journalist, wakakaka again):

DAP is taking a big risk by putting Abdul Aziz in Batu Kitang although some think it will not have much impact on the Chinese because the rocket is still in their dreams.

Others say that DAP is taking the Chinese support for granted.

“They think the Chinese vote is theirs forever. The outcome may be like in Teluk Intan,” said a Chinese property developer.

DAP fielded Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud in the Teluk Intan by-election and lost to Gerakan.

Dyana Sofya of DAP

my tangkal (amulet) to protect me against the sweet honeyed charms of Sweetie Joceline


Basically Sweetie is saying the DAP may be taking Batu Kitang Chinese voters for granted in over-believing its brand name is sufficient to carry its Malay candidate across the finishing line ahead of its BN-SUPP and PKR Chinese candidates.

I am somewhat disappointed by her innuendo that the DAP would be better off standing a Chinese candidate in Batu Kitang (as has PKR).

I disagree with such kiasu and over-racially oriented views. Yes, DAP might have lost Teluk Intan to a Gerakan Chinese pollie but at least it bravely stood a Malay in that predominantly Chinese constituency as a show of confidence in its Malay candidates - thus likewise in Batu Kitang.

Once I had written that much as I dislike UMNO for its corrupt, and at times racist and arrogant behaviour, I admired its willingness in elections to place Indian rather than UMNO candidates in Malay majority constituencies such as Hulu Selangor in 2010 (kissy hand-some Kamalanathan) and Ijok in 2007 (K Parthiban).

That has been BN-UMNO's strength, though its downside had been its bulldozing ways which made nonsense of the term ‘alliance’ because it just rode roughshod over the views of its so-called allies, MCA, Gerakan, MIC etc.

But recall by contrast PKR's action in the Ijok by-election in 2007. In my April 2007 post Ijok Indians racially marginalised by PKR? I wrote (extract only):

Well, it seems Premesh Chandran’s advice to the PKR, published in Malaysiakini, has not been taken up.

[Premesh Chandran, one of the TaiKohs at Malaysiakini, opined that the PKR would be better off with an Indian candidate despite the Malay majority. Premesh provided an in-depth analysis that drew upon an earlier Chandra Muzzafar’s analysis for the 2000 Lunas by-election where PKR’s candidate Saifuddin Nasution won with a terrific voters swing against the BN]

Premesh added that an Anwar-led campaign for a PKR Indian candidate, supported by Chinese social and educationist movements, would provide the extra hare-koh (petis udang) zing in the opposition rojak for winning over the Malays and the other ethnic voters for a PKR victory.

PKR is likely to nominate a Malay candidate, Khalid Ibrahim, for the Ijok by-election. The PKR Youth vice-chief S Manikavasagam has expressed his unhappiness, pointing out a couple of things to the PKR top echelon, namely:

(1) notwithstanding that Ijok is a constituency with 50% Malay voters, the Barisan Nasional (BN) is fielding an Indian candidate, so why not PKR? and

(2) Khalid Ibrahim is a political ‘parachutist’, having just joined the party less than a year ago while there are capable PKR Indian members who have been in PKR for years and could well be the nominated candidate for the by-election.

And did it benefit PKR with its play-safe actions in the Hulu Selangor and Ijok by-elections? In HS in 2010, kissy hand-some beat PKR's Zaid Ibrahim by a majority of 1725 votes whilst in Ijok in 2007 MIC's K Parthiban won over PKR's Malay candidate, Khalid brahm, with a majority of 1850 votes.

Precisely because of PKR's less-than-admirable treatment of its Indian members I have just penned Karmic lot of PKR Indians? at my other blog BolehTalk, wakakaka.

Incidentally you should have noted that DAP's Indians and Malays were presented as the party's candidates in Chinese majority seats, wakakaka.

So I'm mighty proud and pleased with the DAP for not being like the kiasu PKR when considering DAP Malay candidates like sweetie Dyana Sofya and Abdul Aziz, and for the party to continue nominating more and more Malay members as candidates for both state and federal general elections.

But there's no denying what Sweetie Joceline has stated, that Batu Kitang will be indeed Teluk Intan revisited, but hopefully this time with better results. But whatever the outcome for Batu Kitang the DAP has already shown its multiracial credentials and election courage. Bravo!

And f**k PKR for its treachery.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bad-Blood Brothers

I have a story to re-tell, or rather re-tell because I have told this before. 'Tis my Uncle's story, one about the busuk hati of an UMNO man. But let us first review the situation in Sarawak between PKR and DAP.

The Malay Mail Online reported today that DAP's Anthony Loke insisted that PKR was the one that reneged on the seat talks and revealed details of the negotiations to prove its claim.

He also revealed that during negotiations, DAP and PKR had engaged pollster Merdeka Center to conduct a survey on six of the 11 seats that both parties had been eyeing for the elections.

According to Loke, the pollster’s findings favoured the DAP in all but one of the surveyed constituencies.

The Seremban MP then said the two had agreed that DAP would take Senadin, Mulu, Murum, Ngemah, Mambong, Tasik Biru, Simanggang and Bukit Semuja, while PKR would contest the Batu Kitang, Marudi, Machan, Layar and Belaga seats.

But at the close of nominations yesterday, PKR and DAP were seen pitted against one another in six seats, namely Mambong, Simanggang, Murum, Mulu, Ngemah and Batu Kitang.

In an earlier report it was said that PKR's Tian Chua had been the one who insisted on the Merdeka survey but when he discovered that the pollster's findings favoured DAP in most of the disputed seats, he reneged on the agreement.

Needless to say, Azmin Ali was right behind him. Azmin of course has now placed the blame in Bian Baru, saying the PKR state leader has autonomy in deciding where to stand, notwithstanding the two party had signed agreement on seat sharing-allocation.

This is sheer bullshit as PKR is known as the party which is obsessed by centralized control from KL - for PKR under Azmin Ali, there is no such words as 'autonomy' for the state branch - we witnessed that in Sabah.

Besides, I've read Rafizi Ramli and Xavier Jeyakumar saying Wan Azizah is the only one in PKR who has the authority to sign off candidates for the Sarawak elections, and that she has NOT assigned her powers to anyone.

Malaysiakini also reported

Azmin claimed he made the decision based on the mandate given to him by party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to settle the seat negotiation disputes.

"I was given the mandate in writing by the president to resolve all outstanding issues concerning the state election, including seat allocations and the candidates," he said at a function in Shah Alam today.

"I was given the mandate by the party. Can you question it? You should not question it," Azmin added.

However, he could not remember when Wan Azizah gave him the mandate.

That's Azmin.

Another Malaysiakini report tells us:

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali was alleged to have authorised Sarawak state chief Baru Bian to issue appointment letters to the candidates of the five contentious seats. This is according to a party source.

This was against the decision of party presidential council, which only authorised 35 candidates to stand in the May 7 state election.

This may see three-cornered fights in five state seats - Mambong, Simanggang, Ngemah, Murum and Mulu - where DAP will field candidates.

"Azmin gave the impression to the state PKR that he could push it at the central level to allow three-cornered fights with DAP in Sarawak," said the source.

He then claimed both Azmin and party vice-president Tian Chua instigated Sarawak PKR to take a hardline stand with the excuse that this would force the party and DAP to re-open negotiations. [...]

The source, however said the party president, who signed the appointment letter for 35 candidates, had turned down the request for three-cornered fights.

"The only one person authorised by the party to sign the appointment letters was Wan Azizah," said the PKR leader.

"She had dealt with the recent developments nicely, she had put her feet down and made it clear that she would honour what has been agreed," he said.

"Thus, even if Baru Bian wanted to issue the appointment letter to five candidates, it is not a valid one," he said.

"The candidates using his signed appointment letter may be disqualified on the spot. They will not stand on PKR's ticket," he said.

But DAP in a bid to maintain Pakatan cohesiveness against BN, had originally surrendered Batu Kitang (a DAP sure-win seat) to PKR despite the polling showing 60% of the voters favoured DAP while only a measly 8% will vote for PKR. I'll bloke on why DAP has been so accommodating to PKR, possibly in the next post. 

Oh oh oh, do you know what happened when the nomination for the PKR candidate in Batu Kitang was being submitted?

Her proposer was found to be an alleged bankrupt, which would have automatically invalidated her candidacy, and gave the DAP blue-ribbon seat to the BN without even a fight.

What was PKR up to, in having an alleged bankrupt as a proposer to a PKR candidate in such an important sure-win seat?

I have my theory but first please read this FMT news item published yesterday, as follows:

DAP: PKR rep for Batu Kitang almost disqualified

Nawar Firdaws | April 25, 2016

Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen says PKR candidate Voon Shiak Ni’s proposer was found to be a bankrupt.

KUCHING: The on-going feud between DAP and PKR over seats both parties were eyeing in the Sarawak election took an interesting twist this evening.

This came after Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen – in defending the party’s decision to field a candidate – claimed that PKR’s Batu Kitang candidate Voon Shiak Ni almost had her nomination disqualified.

“PKR’s proposer was found to be a bankrupt. That’s why there was a delay in the announcement of the candidates.

“If that had happened, it would have given BN a walkover victory in the seat where past results had shown more support for DAP.”

Voon’s nomination was only formalised at 11.30am after the returning officer decided to vet the application of the candidate.

Chong took PKR to task over Voon’s nomination, wondering why the party gave the returning officer the opportunity to almost reject the nomination.

PKR has to answer to the voters in the area as to the reason why it had fought so hard for the seat and yet created such an opportunity for BN to win uncontested.

“As it turns out, fielding our candidate there was the right decision.”

DAP made a last-minute decision to field Abdul Aziz Isa in Batu Kitang, instead of Stakan, as was originally planned, as PKR had refused to reveal five out of its 40 seats.

DAP had warned PKR it would renege on the agreement if the latter decided to ignore the pact.

I wonder whether the EC returning officer would have been that generous if the DAP candidate had made the same mistake.

If the PKR candidate had been disqualified as she should have been, that would have left the Batu Kitang election a straight fight between the BN and DAP, plus a couple of kutu parties or idnependents, but with the kind generosity of the EC returning officer, there will now be a three-cornered fight, chiefly among BN, PKR and DAP - what a wakakaka!

By the way, PKR is now considering legal action against the DAP Sarawak Chief for the above, claiming it's libellous to say the proposer for the PKR candidate was a bankrupt. I await eagerly for this.

In my assessment, PKR knew it would not have won Batu Kitang even with DAP surrendering the seat to it on a silver platter because the pollster findings concluded that PKR could only draw 8% of the voters (DAP polled as winning more than 60% of the votes), thus meaning BN will have around 35 of the votes, a far better chance than PKR.

DAP giving way to PKR doesn't automatically ensure PKR receives the windfall of votes from DAP supporters as in Sarawak there is real bad blood between the two Pakatan so-called allies. It wouldn't be surprising if most of DAP supporters will vote for BN just to spite PKR.

But then, why is PKR so adamant on seizing those seats which have overwhelming DAP supporters, and ones which will unlikely be won by PKR, and as alleged above, nearly losing Batu Kitang, a DAP blue ribbon seat, to BN 'ere the state election begins.

Now, let me bring in my Uncle's story. Years years ago, perhaps during Tun Razak's time or perhaps later, Parliament was debating on the (lack of) effectiveness of the NEP, in particular on higher education and the claimed lack of Malay professionals in medicine, dentistry, law, engineering, etc, in comparison to the nons.

One UMNO MP stood up to say that the Malays would continue to face difficulties catching up with the nons with only the use of the NEP and their near monopoly of Malaysian universities (in those days I think there were only 3, namely, UM, USM and UKM), unless the government also restricted/prohibited the nons from going overseas to study at foreign universities. If you check the Hansard, it's there.

'Twas fortunate for the nons that the PM then and his cabinet were not into that ultra racist draconian proposal, though years later we saw its manifestation in the questionable and sudden de-recognition of the Crimea Medical College when an UMNO minister questioned, words to the effect: "Why are there so many blacks here?" 

That Crimea Medical College was recognized for a period which did not disadvantage the Malays who went there first but alas, only the Indians who followed them subsequently in droves.

And annually we've also heard of nons (despite their excellent educational records) having difficulties in joining degree courses of their choices like medicine, law, engineering but who would be shunted off to less desired study areas.

Some years ago, when the issue of entry into medical degree courses was the hot topic we had a Malay doctor who wanted to introduced a 'blood test' to see whether applicants for the course could stand the sight of blood. Was he himself subjected to such a test as an applicant? What f**king nonsense!

Then we learnt that excellent exam results per se were not good enough but the applicant must also have all sorts of achievements like performance in civic duties, sports, etc, all of which (except exam results) would be subjected to near subjective assessments.

For f**king decades, our best doctors, engineers, graduates were all processed into local and overseas universities solely on their exam performances. Have we detect any deficiency in the performance of those graduates of earlier years? OK, I won't comment on today's graduates.

Alamak as usual I have digress a wee bit, wakakaka, but anyway, to summarize the sinister stealthy strategy, it has been one of 'promote & suppress', that is, promote the favoured and suppress (or disadvantage) the others so that all professions will see at least a staffing of 65 to 75% by the Chosen Ones, save for the MCS, Armed Forces , Police, so on so forth.

'Promote & Suppress', the evil pincer strategy.

I suspect that might have also been the covert objective, to suppress and ensure DAP does NOT become the dominant partner in Pakatan, thus on this argument, it would have been better to lose a seat like Batu Kitang than to even contest it (but only after seizing it from DAP) and to kacau DAP in other likely winnable seats.

At least it has to be acknowledged that during Anwar Ibrahim's days, in this respect he wasn't that bad as he looked only at the big picture, one which saw him as PM, wakakaka. Thus he wanted to ensure there was peaceful cohesiveness among Pakatan members for his march to Putrajaya. Gosh, I'm missing him already, wakakaka.

But what next for PKR and DAP in Peninsula, in Selangor, Perak, NS and Penang? Interesting times lie ahead.