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Penang snap election will see extinction of state PAS

MM Online - Guan Eng confident of retaining Penang if snap polls held now

GEORGE TOWN, July 25 — Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said today he is confident of Pakatan Harapan’s chances of retaining Penang if snap elections were to be held.

Lim said he has faith in all Malaysians and that they would make the right decision.

“I have faith that the people of Penang want a clean government and not a dirty government,” the Penang CM said.

He said the state polls will not only allow the people to pass their verdict on the two corruption charges against him, but also on the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal.

He expressed his confidence that the people will make the “right decision”.

“Yes, it’s a risk, I’m still confident, and if results don’t side with us, we will accept it as long as the elections are held clean and fair,” he said.

Lim insisted that having the state polls is the best way for the people to send a strong message to Putrajaya.

“If we look at Bersih 1, 2, 3, 4, BN ignored it, and even if there’s a Bersih 5, BN will ignore it,” he said, referring to his political opponent, Barisan Nasional.

Leaving aside my support of DAP (despite some current clowns in that party, wakakaka), I have to say, without being biased (not that you'd believe me, wakakaka), that Guan Eng is right.

All Pakatan (or what's left of it) needs is 21 state seats to retain majority rule in the state and form government. Currently DAP holds 19 seats, PKR 10, UMNO 10 and PAS 1. Out of the 29 seats Pakatan now holds, it only has to defend with success a minimum 21.

Probably DAP's main worry is its maverick Teh Yee Cheu (Tanjung Bungah). Will the DAP retain Teh as its candidate in Tanjung Bungah or use the snap elections to remove him? There is a danger that the locals may resent DAP removing him.

Now this is not to say the DAP needn't worry about Gerakan and MCA but if these two BN component parties are once again eliminated from the Penang political landscape, they'll be gone for good, not just by the will of Penangites but by a disgusted Ah Jib Gor, wakakaka. Thus Gerakan and MCA will be striving their utmost best a la the Spartans at Thermopylae.

But in the main, the DAP will do well. I believe that together with PKR and probably Amanah, the new Pakatan will do better than 21, though I am not too sure, with PAS playing UMNO-assigned spoiler in the constituencies with significant number of Malay voters, if it will affect some of the seats that PKR currently holds and those that Amanah may be contesting for the first time in Penang.

Understandably PKR is the most worried member in Pakatan as it dreads the inevitable 3-corner fights with UMNO and spoiler PAS, with the so-called Islamic party likely to suck away of the anti-UMNO Malay votes which PKR has enjoyed since 2008.

In a way, that of sweet justice, it's fitting worry if not punishment for PKR who had sabotaged DAP in Sarawak by treacherously insisting on 3-corner fights in the DAP's allocation of state constituencies. Reap what you f**king sow.

Over at RPK's Malaysia-Today, from a FMT article, the relevant extracts I have borrowed are as follow:

With PAS in the contest, three-cornered fights between it, Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan would divide the anti-BN vote, as was shown in the Sarawak elections in May and two parliamentary by-elections last month.

“That is an issue which we are facing,” said a senior PKR leader in remarks quoted by Malay Mail Online. “It is quite obvious that it is a given” – that PAS would contest in seats held by PKR and DAP – and that would especially affect PKR.

“We do not want to be giving Umno any dominance, and also we would like to keep our seats,” the PKR source was quoted as saying.

The PAS decision to contest would also affect chances of forming a grand alliance of all opposition parties and a new party mooted by former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who seeks to oust Umno president and prime minister Najib Razak.

There are many issues in above extracts for us to consider, within the context of the next general election which is still some two years way.

Firstly, with Mahathir's new party, assuming it will be collaborating with the current remnants of Pakatan as a loose coalition against Ah Jib Gor's BN and new machai PAS, the divided cake (seat allocations) will become smaller for each of the 3 component parties of Pakatan Harapan - surely Mahathir's new party, Melayu-Bersatu or whatever it will call itself, will demand its share.

Thus, why wait for the newcomer to demand its share, and knowing Mahathir, it will want a lion's share of the Malay-dominated constituencies, which had been assigned (in 2008 and 2013 GEs) to PAS and PKR, and which in a snap election will in general go to PKR and Amanah. Why wait for Mahathir's Melayu-Bersatu or whatever-it'll-be-calling-itself to eat away PKR-Amanah's share?

Secondly, if PKR is still dreaming of having a sweet continued alliance with PAS, Pak Haji Hadi Awang has made it plainly and painfully clear to PKR that there won't be any such collaboration - for more, please read my previous post PAS to contest EVERY seat in Penang. So PKR will have no choice but to deal with guaranteed 3-corner fights with UMNO and PAS, whether in the proposed snap election or in GE-14.

Thus, I left a comment at RPK's post that PKR has to realize it's a case of "better sooner than later" in dealing with 3-corner fights involving PAS as the latter will not resile from its intention mentioned in PAS to contest EVERY seat in Penang.

Obviously PAS must have had a secret undertaking with Ah Jib Gor to be UMNO's spoiler in GE-14, or why would it have declared so pompously and rather illogically its intention to contest in each and every seat in Penang.

I personally believe PAS' immediate strategy is not to plan anything ambitious as it has finally realized that with its irrevocable break with DAP it will no longer enjoy its hitherto strong Chinese support and its covert ambition to win some 60 federal seats and thus to dominate the now-deceased Pakatan Rakyat and for a PAS man to be the Pakatan PM.

PAS in its revised but practical pragmatic political strategy seems happy enough to accept whatever assignments UMNO will be devolving to it, principally those to kacau DAP, PKR and Amanah in 3-corner fights for BN candidates to benefit, for whatever quid pro quo Najib might have promised Pak Haji.

Thus, if PKR strikes now together with DAP in a snap election it will fare better than in 2 years' time when the BN with its deep pockets can have time to prepare well so as to do far more damage. And let's not forget the involvement by then of Mahathir's new party - more members, less share.

Additionally there's a lot of ill will currently against Najib thus the adverse radioactive fallout will affect BN candidates. Given time, Malaysians will forget - yes, they forget so easily, the most striking example being Mahathir who's now looked upon as a new Moses to take us into the land of milk and honey.

But surely the most delicious fare on plate for us in a snap election will be the complete erasure of PAS from the political map of Penang state.

Currently PAS holds only one state seat in Permatang Pasir. It's a mixed race constituency, the type Mahathir in his PM days had wanted and got, and as sweet justice had benefited instead Pakatan Rakyat in 2008 and 2013 - blame it on those bloody Chinese who had before 2008 supported BN, wakakaka.

The ethnic ratio of Permatang Pasir's 22905 voters is 73% Malays: 25% Chinese: 2% Indians. Thus 25% Chinese equates to 5726 votes, quite a heft weightage of votes.

The current PAS ADUN is Hj Mohd Salleh Man who in the 2013 GE won 13,479 votes (66.3%) against UMNO's candidate Anuar Faisal Yahaya who obtained 6653 votes (32.7%), thus HJ Salleh enjoyed a winning majority of 6826. By the by, the turnout in 2013 was 88.8% meaning no mahjung game was set up, wakakaka.

If PAS does as it has avowed to do, contests against DAP and PKR, guess how many of the 25% Chinese voters in Permatang Pasir (approx 5700 votes) will cast their ballots for PAS as they did in 2013?

I dare say not one single Chinese vote will go to PAS, unless RTA moves his voting constituency to Permatang Pasir, wakakaka.

Many of the 5700 Chinese votes (assuming no mahjung game will be in play during the snap election, wakakaka) will go to the other parties, whether Amanah (hope it gets to contest in Permatang Pasir), PKR (alternative Pakatan contestant) or even UMNO.

Thus I predict in the snap election we will enjoy the complete annihilation of PAS in Penang.

Yes, PAS may pray for the downfall of DAP but god will see to the demise of a wicked PAS, at least in Penang.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

PAS to contest EVERY seat in Penang

Malaysiakini - PAS to field candidates if Penang state election is held

the rose symbolizing secret or confidentiality stems back to its place among ancient Egyptian & Greek gods

sub rosa (beneath the rose) means an agreement, conspiracy or pact made secretly or covertly

PAS will field its candidates in each state legislative assembly seats, should there be a snap election in Penang.

Its president Abdul Hadi Awang said although the party was not part of the Pakatan Harapan, it would contest in the state election on a stand-alone basis.

"We have the strength in the state based on the history of the party itself that was established in Penang. DAP and PKR should also realise that they depend on our grassroots support to win in the last general election," he said.

Dear Pak Haji, of course your PAS (under you) will, and that's precisely why you have boldly declared PAS will contest in each and every Penang state seat.

People may wonder why in each and every state seat, but then they don't realize you have a vital role to play ..... for UMNO and its machais.

For more of PAS' new role a la sub rosa, please read my earlier post Would God weep?

AG should be sacked

Malaysiakini - Guan Eng's right to explain to public, lawyer raps AG

he knows all about money
afterall he was UMNO treasurer in Kelantan
that's why he will personally lead the prosecution against Lim Guan Eng

Attorney-general (AG) Mohamed Apandi Ali has been told not to "threaten" Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for addressing the public on his court case.

Lim's lawyer Gobind Singh Deo said as chief minister, Lim had a right to explain his stand to the public.

"He is the chief minister of Penang and there is a need for him to explain to people why it is he claimed trial to those charges and why it is he claims innocence.

"I call upon the AG to stop threatening my client, failing which I will not hesitate to move contempt proceedings against him in the Penang High Court," said Gobind in a statement today.

Noting that Apandi said that he had cautioned Lim through his lawyers, Gobind refuted the matter.

“I challenge him to produce evidence to this effect. I have not spoken to him since the day my client was charged and at no time has he ever raised any concerns with me personally over the matter until now in the press,” said Gobind.

He reminded Apandi to conduct himself as befits his role and office.

“He must remember that his role is now as public prosecutor conducting the case before the High Court and I lead the defence team for the chief minister.

“There are rules which apply at the bar. If you have a problem, you should raise it with counsel on the other side and if there are disagreements, then there are ways by which those issues can be properly dealt with,” reasoned the legal practitioner.

He added that the charges had been read out in open court and widely reported in the media.

"I take the view that every accused person is entitled to explain his position in response to charges against him.

"It would be absurd to suggest that the public prosecutor can prefer charges against anyone, but they cannot say anything in response except and until their day in court," said Gobind (photo), who is Puchong MP.

Apandi today issued a "final warning" to Lim to stop commenting on the corruption charges that he is currently facing.

This is apparently over comments made at a press conference yesterday in which Lim criticised the AG.

Aiyoyo, either the AG is thin skin or just plain persecutorial.

If his is so thin skin as to be unable to accept or tolerate standard public responses by Lim Guan Eng, of course within the remit of legal discourse, to the official charges of corruption against the CM of Penang, and had threatened LGE against speaking out, then he has abused and misused the powers of his public office to persecute (not just prosecute) LGE.

Thus he has been persecutorial and should resign or be dismissed from that office.

OTOH, if he had believed he's high and almighty and could be persecutorial against a person he has just charged, then he is also not fit to be in that office of great public responsibility. He should be sacked.

Either way, he is not fit to be the AG.

Furthermore, based on Gobind Deo's statement, Apandi had lied when he said he (Apandi) had cautioned Lim through his lawyers.

In not following proper legal procedures, he did exactly what JAWI did to Nik Raina, warning the person under charge directly instead of through the defence counsel.

Just how could an AG not follow legal procedures? And also lied!

Malaysia Boleh.

It's utterly disgraceful that the nation's AG has just been reprimanded by a lawyer, for him (the AG) to conduct himself as befits his role and office.

Cap tiga kepala - sangat low class ler.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Belakang pusing

In Malaysia in recent times, the word 'belakang' generally draws smirks and from sweet ladies some quiet giggles - more crude men guffaw. But let's not go there, wakakaka.

But the term 'belakang pusing' is a military command for soldiers on drill parade to turn about - indeed the drill parade order in English is 'about turn'.

And please don't annoy me with the use of mathematical terms such as turn 'X degrees' around, because some reporters of a number of news media must have played truant in school during maths class, writing in their news report that, as an annoying example, 'So & so' made a 360 degrees turn in his political stand'. And pray, dear reporters, where would a '360 degrees' turn have taken that bloke's political stand to?

if you are facing north, and make a 360 degrees turn, guess where you would end up? 

Those mathematically-challenged reporters should be banned by their editors from ever using maths terms in their news reporting, wakakaka.

So let's stick to 'belakang pusing' or if you like French, volte-face, which incidentally was borrowed from Italian's voltafaccia. Volte-face has been included in the English vocabulary. I hear rumours that the Malay equivalent being proposed to replace belakang pusing is 'makan dedak', wakakaka.

Anyway, as we know in politics Malaysians can only see in two colours, black and white, wakakaka. But many don't realize that in between black and white there is the disturbing boleh-factor of 'belakang pusing', to wit, a shameless propensity for volte-face in political allegiance or alliance.

Yes, the colours remain as black and white even as they belakang pusing, but then what they had previously seen (eg. 'so & so' or a particular position) as awfully-horrendously black, on the following day that horrendous black would miraculously assume lily whiteness, so white that it puts to shame pristine newly fallen snow.

belakang pusing sayang 

I wonder why or how people could change their political perception so fast and so radically volte-face?

In a way it indicates the lack of maturity, stability and consistency in our political outlook. We don't have our political philosophy or values anchored firmly in our conviction, scruples and inner strength.

For example, once Mahathir had been the political Devil Incarnate, today he is Moses leading the Chosen Ones out of Egypt, but I wonder into what? Canaan the Promised Land or the Wilderness?

belakang pusing sweethearts 

As for above, once Anwar Ibrahim was once the despised arrogant ABIM-ish deputy to Mahathir, whose educational policies initiated a chain of events leading to Ops Lalang, but metamorphosed overnight into Bapak Reformasi despite the reality there was never an ounce of reform on his political records when he was a high flying UMNO minister.

Once royalty was feared and to be avoided (admittedly because of a few less-than-admirable examples - should I include the Perak constitutional crisis among their unforgivable faults?) and where there was much rejoicing when the heroic Dentist removed their ferocious feral fangs, yet today many ampu them for political reasons, begging them to intervene in politics.

belakang pusing tangechee

For gawd's sake, who wants royalty intruding, intervening and interfering in politics?

We Malaysians haven't learn from our own short history, and as George Santayana said, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

We should only pay attention to those politicians who set credible values, live by them and who stick to those values consistently, and more importantly who don't politically-flirt outrageously like sluts or like one particular party, buka kaki kang-kang, wakakaka.

She moves ulama's to pray

Friday, July 22, 2016

Dr Siti Hasmah's most 'telling' revelations

Malaysiakini - Siti Hasmah: I thought Mahathir was being too harsh on Najib at first (extracts):

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s wife Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali initially thought that her husband was too harsh on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak after he was sworn in as the country’s top leader in 2009.

In her autobiography 'My Name is Hasmah', Siti Hasmah related how signs of a rift between Mahathir and Najib had appeared as early as after the latter became prime minister.

A dinner was then arranged at Seri Perdana for the two to patch things up.

But when Najib reappeared soon after the meeting, Hasmah knew that this was not a good sign.

Najib, she said, had confirmed this, informing her that Mahathir wanted to leave immediately.

Asking what had happened between the two at their home later, Mahathir said he had told Najib that he was doing a terrible job as prime minister.

“I was a little shocked. Najib had only recently assumed office and while I too was concerned with how he appeared to be managing the country, I couldn't help feeling that Mahathir had been too harsh on him.

“He was still fairly new to the job,” said Hasmah, adding how Mahathir himself had encountered a difficult start as deputy prime minister.

It's interesting that she revealed her husband wanted to leave immediately after the first meeting with Najib as PM.

She learned from hubby that Najib as a new PM was doing a terrible job as prime minister, when the younger man had JUST assumed office - as Dr Siti Hasmah said “He was still fairly new to the job.”

Indeed! Najib hadn't even warmed up his PM-engines.

look my boy, I would do it this way
I hear you Tun, er ... I'll think about it
what 'think about it'? just do it, understand!?
yes Tun, er ... I'll think about it


So, what was or were those terrible stuff that Mahathir believed Najib did so badly as to estrange their former mentor-mentee relationship?

Remember, Najib had just taken office as PM thus it would not have been 1MDB as this came much later when Mahathir was looking for a trigger to blast his WMD at his former mentee.

Indeed, I dare say it was not much of anything that a new PM would and could have done except Najib's plans, policies and privately voiced (to Mahathir) intentions, thoughts and inclinations.

Yes, that would have been the material sum of stuff to be judged by Mahathir at such an early stage in a new PM's tenure.

And based on what we have read over the years since Najib's PM-ship, would the stuff that Najib mention or voice his thoughts on to Mahathir, those which the more senior man found to be totally unsatisfactory, offensive or perhaps even to his fury some or all of the following?

  • Crooked bridge? - let's not go there as this subject has been done to death already. Personally I don't believe this issue to be back breaking in Mahathir-Najib relationship. It might have annoyed the old man but more so because he saw Sing getting away with 'it', whatever 'it' was in his mind, wakakaka.
  • Too nice to Singapore? You know how Mahathir gets all so twisted up in his bowels whenever he reckoned Singapore had gotten the better of Malaysia.

    Oh, I wonder whether Najib had then foolishly or bravely informed the 'Emperor' of Malaysia that he was going to sell off the KTM land in Sing and develop that jointly with Sing? My Oh My, how that would have affected Mahathir's ulcers, poor heart and blood pressure, wakakaka.
  • Too accommodating to Chinese Malaysians? An old story of Mahathir and the Chinese - when he needed them, he smiled, when he didn't he snarled. But most annoying of all to him, I bet, was when the Chinese 'delivered' for him, as in 1999, when deep in his heart he must have snarled furiously (at the f**king need to be 'grateful', wakakaka, to those bloody 'ungrateful' Cinapek) even as he smiled on the outside.
  • Najib acting dunno when his erstwhile mentor brought up the subject of 'Crown Prince' Mukhriz's ascendancy in UMNO?

    I bet Najib would have mumbled, something to this effect, "Err Tun, I'll think about it", wakakaka.

    I wonder how the conversation would have then proceeded, wakakaka. 

Najib my boy, about my Mukhriz ...
... Najib, are you listening?


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Takut takut takut!

MM Online - Penang snap polls could trigger other states to follow suit, Penang Umno claims

calm before the storm? 

GEORGE TOWN, July 21 — Holding an early election in Penang could cause other states to also conduct premature polls, Penang Umno Liaison Committee chairman Datuk Seri Zainal Abidin Osman asserted today.

As such, he told DAP not to use the snap polls as an attempt to absolve Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng of two corruption charges, saying these could only be decided in court.

“If the Penang state assembly is dissolved for early state polls, this move might be followed by other states and the people will be dragged into continuous political campaigns and elections the whole year through which will affect the government’s development programmes,” he claimed.

The above further confirm what I and my visitors commented upon in my earlier post Why is BN scared of a snap election in Penang?, that BN is really shit scared of the rumoured snap polls the DAP may call for.

There is actually a Penang term for such fears, namely, kiasu, though it's in the very sense of the term (takut kalah, fear of losing) rather than the insult of 'must win at all cost' which RTA frequently labels his bete noire, the DAP.

As my visitor Teo Akbar advised: It is alway correct to do the things which your opponents and their NGOs try very hard to dissuade you from. It only means that it will hurt them much. Go for it DAP. Your true friends and fake friends will surface soon.


Meludah ke langit

Malaysiakini - Don’t listen to Najib’s version alone, hear ours too: Dr M implores rulers

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has requested the rulers to grant him an audience to explain about the situation in the nation instead of just listening to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

"We hope the rulers will give us a chance to explain things to them because so far we have not been given the chance to do so.

"The only things they hear are from Najib, but he is the one being accused of many acts which are not legal," the former premier told a press conference in Putrajaya.

This comes after the US Department of Justice announced yesterday that they have filed a civil lawsuit seeking the forfeiture and return of US$1 billion, which are alleged to have been laundered through 1MDB.

Amazing to hear this man appealing to the rulers to hear him out, when in 1992 he and his UMNO side-kicks whacked the raja-rajas kau kau (open slather).

Mind you, most Malaysians then believed he was not wrong, because one royalty at that time went too far and forgot he was only a constitutional monarch and not the 13/14th Century Sultan Mahmud. The royalty forgot that 20th Century ordinary citizens enjoyed basic fundamental rights as much as he did, such as protection from lawless thuggish big shots.

Mahathir then became very very popular, standing up as the much admired people's hero, although the real reason for him and his UMNO cohorts bashing the sultans were more for his unobstructed rule as PM, wakakaka. The royalty's naughtiness was the excuse Mahathir needed. 

But I wonder whether the sultans remember end of 1992?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Why is BN scared of a snap election in Penang?

Minister Abdul Aziz said it's not necessary nor wise for the Penang CM to call a snap election as it'll be a waste of public funds, and for LGE to take pity on Penangite voters.

erakan has advised against having a snap state election. Its party president (who only managed to beat a DAP newcomer, sweetie Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, in his home town, Teluk Intan, in the last by-election by a mere 238 votes - shame on him) grumbled about the snap election being an annoying distraction and an added burden because of the associated financial cost ... yadda yadda yadda.

Minister Rahman Dahlan also mentioned the non-necessity for a snap election in Penang as it will unnecessarily involve wasting public resources, and that PKR will be the one to lose most if such an election were to be held. He gave the same warning to the DAP.

It's amazing that Rahman Dahlan has been so concerned about loss of seats to the PKR and the DAP, wakakaka.

The common denominator has been that all the component parties in BN don't want a Penang snap election.

And we all know the BN is hardly an altruistic entity, worrying about losses to its political foes, public resources or extra footwork for the Penang voters.

They show they're shit scared to meet the people's might.

[Note: PKR seems scared too]

Currently, of the 40 Penang state seats, DAP holds 19 seats, PKR 10, PAS 1 and UMNO 10.

Gerakan, MCA and MIC makan telur itek.

Telling isn't it, with such an abysmal standing in the Penang DUN, the BN has been responding to the rumours of a state snap election with a most bizarre lack of enthusiasm, when such a snap election will be an early opportunity for them to claw back some seats off DAP and PKR? After all, the BN is already at rock bottom so where can it go except upwards?


Would God weep?

Malaysiakini - The mendacity of Hadi Awang by Commander (Rtd) S Thayaparan (extracts):

I consider PAS a religious sect masquerading as a political party and a component party of Barisan National.

Many PAS members who still hold allegiance to Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat’s pragmatism, if not his religiosity, tell me that Abdul Hadi Awang should just come out of the closet and swear fealty to Umno. This way there would be a modicum of honour in how they conduct themselves in the upcoming elections should Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak have the courage to roll the dice and see where they land.

Hadi’s claim that non-Muslims would embrace syariah law because it showed Islam was fair and just is laughable, not because of the idiocy of the statement but because Malaysians, and this includes Muslims, have very little faith in the current “secular” system in place.

Syariah, as I have argued before, would just be the cherry on top of the fascist cake that the Najib regime and PAS are baking because of the scandals plaguing the former. The funny thing is, Hadi’s conduct would be condemned and judged harshly by the Islamic fanatics he wishes to emulate.

In a speech to various right-wing Malay groups, he said, “When they see that syariah law is better, they (non-Muslims) will automatically choose syariah and this is what is feared by those quarters (who oppose the amendments to the Act).”

This is a blatant lie and Hadi knows this. Hadi knows very well that during Tok Guru’s tenure, the opposition pact was playing hide and seek with hudud - agree to disagree and the various rhetorical permutations gave way to open hostilities that led to the break-up of Pakatan Rakyat after the passing of the PAS spiritual adviser.

He knows very well that most non-Muslims have very little faith in the legal system in this country when it comes to disputes where Malay/Muslim “rights” are questioned or challenged. This covers everything from conversions to marriage, and under the Najib regime where criminal acts are turned into racial issues, the Low Yat fiasco a case in point.

Furthermore, in Malaysia, this question of syariah law has been an impediment to any kind of cohesive opposition alliance. An “Islamic” law the world has proven to be bigoted, unjust, cruel and detrimental to societies that have been dragged into this system by mendacious clerics who ignore the privileged class it creates and subject the rest of the population to its brutal edicts.

In addition, countries shackled by “Islamic” laws are neither functional nor contribute in any way to the development of cordial international relations. Most sane Malaysians - Muslims and non-Muslims - realise this.

Hadi was duplicitous when he claimed that “the syariah court only affects Muslims and has nothing to do with non-Muslims”. Everyone knows that anything to do with Islam in this country has an effect on every Malaysian regardless of his or her professed religion. Everyone has felt the harsh glare of the kind of Islam that was used as a tool by Umno to shore up Malay support and constantly remind non-Muslims that they were interlopers in this country.

The civil service, the security service, the education system, nearly every state apparatus, is a reminder of the influence of Islam on every Malaysian citizen. The Arabisation process favoured by Umno and slavishly followed by PAS is a triumph of form over substance and the rail on which the gravy train runs on.

In other words, Pak Haji has been fibbing on a number of issues regarding syariah laws and non-Muslims attitude towards (and fear of) it. To reiterate what Aneh Thayaparan has written above, Pak Haji fibbed:

(i) when he said, “When they see that syariah law is better, they (non-Muslims) will automatically choose syariah and this is what is feared by those quarters (who oppose the amendments to the Act).”

Remember, he was talking about how non-Muslims, not Muslims, regard syariah. His brazen bullshit is remarkable.

(ii) when he conveniently ignored the Nik Raina's case, how she was both prosecuted and persecuted by JAWI even when it was f**king crystal clear she was innocent.

Oh, those JAWI clerics had the lust to punish a Muslim, kau kau someone, somehow, somewhere, and poor Nik Raina was the convenient Muslim working at Borders which sold a book which JAWI banned 6 days AFTER the sale. For more on Nik Raina's unjust case, please read Why should taxes from non-Muslim sources fund JA-organizations?

And that's what led Aneh to pen "An Islamic law the world has proven to be bigoted, unjust, cruel and detrimental to societies that have been dragged into this system by."

(iii) when he claimed that “the syariah court only affects Muslims and has nothing to do with non-Muslims”.

Aneh wrote: Everyone knows that anything to do with Islam in this country has an effect on every Malaysian regardless of his or her professed religion. Everyone has felt the harsh glare of the kind of Islam that was used as a tool by Umno to shore up Malay support and constantly remind non-Muslims that they were interlopers in this country.

The civil service, the security service, the education system, nearly every state apparatus, is a reminder of the influence of Islam on every Malaysian citizen. The Arabisation process favoured by Umno and slavishly followed by PAS is a triumph of form over substance and the rail on which the gravy train runs on.

(iv) he pretends PAS is an independent political party when it has, under his leadership, effectively become a component party in the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional (BN), a machai for Najib so to speak.

Aneh narrated: I consider PAS a religious sect masquerading as a political party and a component party of Barisan National.

Many PAS members who still hold allegiance to Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat’s pragmatism, if not his religiosity, tell me that Abdul Hadi Awang should just come out of the closet and swear fealty to Umno. This way there would be a modicum of honour in how they conduct themselves in the upcoming elections.....

I use the word 'fib' to describe the recent actions of Pak Haji because I am a kinder, less stern, wakakaka-ish person than Aneh.

Fib means 'a small or trivial lie; minor falsehood', whereas Aneh's big word 'mendacity' is the noun of the adjective 'mendacious' which means 'telling lies, especially habitually; dishonest; lying; untruthful' where unlike my fib, there's nothing small nor trivial about his lies, wakakaka.

Of course Aneh has been spot on when he decried Abdul Hadi Awang's mendacity, hypocrisy and buat-ta'tahu in not just coming out of the closet to swear fealty to Umno, as told to Aneh by what his described as many PAS members who still hold allegiance to Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat’s pragmatism if not his religiosity.

But you know kaytee as a kind-hearted person who still has a bit of respect for Pak Haji, purely due to his age and not his behaviour or politics, wakakaka, thus I have tried to find reasons for his closeted behaviour (not the AI variety, wakakaka, but one of already sucking up to UMNO). Let's start by examining PAS' federal performance over 4 general elections and the likely cause for its good or poor achievements, namely:

1999 - won 27 seats, riding on the back of Barisan Alternatif - DAP's LKS and Karpal lost their federal seats in the election due to Chinese perception of the DAP playing footsie-tootsie with PAS.

2004 - won 7 seats in a solo bid - there was no coalition like in 1999 - DAP went on its solo way after suffering the ouster of LKS and Karpal from parliament in 1999

2008 - won 23 seats (riding on the back of Pakatan Rakyat

2013 - won 21 seats riding on the back of Pakatan but I suspect that because its Kedah MB frightened the nons, it didn't do as well as it did in 2008 - in fact PAS lost the state of Kedah.

Thus PAS only did well when it was in a coalition. Without being in a coalition, and support of non-Malay votes it was nothing more than a provincial political party.

Aneh also wrote: In one of my numerous articles on PAS, I wrote, “The only reason PAS has enjoyed a political resurgence is because of its affiliation with the former Pakatan Rakyat. Their resurgence is not based on any cultural or social shift but rather the compromises made in joining mainstream Malaysian politics.

“And PAS was not the unwanted stepchild that it makes itself out to be, but rather contributed valuable logistical and public relations support to a newly resurgent opposition pact that greatly benefited from its politics of inclusion, somewhat flawed it may have been.”

There are many pragmatic voices within PAS who do not view an alliance with Umno as anything but disastrous to them in the end. This is why there are so many contradictory voices in Hadi’s PAS. This is why PAS fears Amanah. Amanah did not fare as badly as the Umno “advisers” predicted in the last by-elections.

Coincidentally 4 days ago, I had penned my take on why Pak Haji went over to Najib in my post Quo Vadis DAP? in which I stated:

Despite the news that PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man is also keen to form a united opposition against Najib, I believe that PAS president Pak Haji Hadi, having realized his erstwhile dreams of riding on Chinese support to a 60+ federal seats victory is now kaput, being kaput-ized by his own too-eager and thus premature announcement of his hudud-aspirations, has accepted and prepared a more achievable and also more beneficial role for PAS in 2018, that of a spoiler in triangular contests in relevant electorates in covert support of UMNO candidates.

Yes, Pak Haji Hadi and Najib might possibly have done a sub-rosa deal for 2018, one in which Najib has devolved 3rd party demolition tasks to PAS. I actually dread whatever political-legislative quid pro quos both of them might have kowtim-rized a la 'bisa diatur'.

Before we close, allow me to quote another extract of Aneh's article, as follows:

PAS thinks that Najib is weak and that concessions could be extracted from his regime. The problem is that Hadi is in a weak position himself. PAS seems oblivious to the vagaries of dealing with Umno and Umno is every ready - especially now - to use PAS as just another of its outsourced political thugs, or as one Umno insider told me.

“Do you really think that hudud is going to happen here in Malaysia?” She continued, “Hudud and Hadi are convenient fillers to break the news cycle. Nobody takes them seriously. How could anyone take them seriously?”

Pak Haji thinks he's another clever LKY and can ride the wounded UMNO-Najib tiger, but in reality his party is a wounded pussy cat and it won't be long before the UMNO tiger turns around and swallows it as had been done several times before, wakakaka.

But in the end it seems that for all his religiosity, Pak Haji is not above fibbing as Aneh's article has shown. It kinda makes me sad because I have to ask (again), is there no morality and honesty even among so-called men of god?

Monday, July 18, 2016

Is DAP a Christian or Secular political party?

The Star Online - Think before you leap by Wong Chun Wai (extracts):

The problem with many politicians is that they lack the courage to apologise when they fumble. Sorry is simply the hardest word for them to say, and acknowledging a mistake is probably next to impossible.

That sums up what Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming is like. If his intention is to portray himself as a pious Christian, then he should know, like every faithful follower, that he must never use God’s name in vain.

No matter what excuses he can come up with now, any rational-minded Malaysian knows that what he has done is simply mind boggling and to put it bluntly, plain stupid.

Nga, keep your god to yourself 

He can now shift the blame to others, like the cybertroopers, but the tone was very different when the controversy first started. He actually defended his controversial posting on Hari Raya eve, saying the uproar was “all a misunderstanding” and asked his critics, “What is wrong in trusting in God?”

He reportedly claimed that the poster featured in his posting was meant to promote the Rukunegara’s first principle, Belief in God.

His posting on July 5 featured a large image of an evangelical Christian poster with the slogan “In God We Trust”, an American flag in the background, a lighthouse, an image of hands in prayer, and a large headline saying: “Lord, Guide Our Nation Back To You” at the base.

The visual message design “In God We Trust” was taken from the official page of Christian evangelist James Dobson.

Most who visited socio-political blogs like mine (though of course I'm not in the same league as RPK and a host of other big-timers) are aware of who Wong Chun Wai is, and the Star news media he heads as CEO and MD.

I always have a lot of respect for Wong Chun Wai as he posts very informative and balanced articles, using courteous sensible and civilised language. Despite my knowledge that he is pro BN, which is his democratic right, I have found his articles reasonably well balanced, even for someone who is the CEO/MD of the Star Group. Indeed, his skills at projecting the balance of his opinions and views is second to non including those at pro Pakatan news media.

I believe his above criticism of DAP's Nga Kor Ming is truly justified. Just so you don't think he is only pro BN, he has also criticized UMNO Youth for their noisy unruly protest against Nga in the same article, as follows:

Then there is the Umno Youth protest “to teach Nga a lesson”. Two wrongs don’t make a right, have they not heard?

If the government has been consistent in saying it does not believe in street protests, always claiming it is not a part of the Malaysian political culture, then why were the Umno Youth supporters protesting in the streets, outside the DAP office in Kuala Lumpur?

Last week, hundreds of Umno Youth members descended upon the DAP headquarters to protest against Nga, demanding an apology.

There was no justification for Umno Youth to go to the streets no matter how insensitive an article, greeting or image is deemed to be.

Was a police permit issued to the protesters and if there was none, isn’t that an offence? Surely, the youth wing understands that there are laws and penalties to handle any offences against race and religion.

Umno Youth may be part of the ruling party but they are not above the law. Trying to justify their action by citing religious or racial reasons, and in the process committing another wrong, is just not right.

Malaysia does not need a mob-rule mentality – we should not be quick to retaliate, claiming that we are “under siege” or have been “challenged and insulted”, over an issue.

And again, we like to ask why is Mohd Ali Baharom aka Ali Tinju, the serial agitator, allowed to be on the loose, always?

Malaysia does not need insensitive politicians with their childish racist antics. The people are not amused and surely, there are bigger and more important issues that need our attention, particularly the country’s economy, which has slowed down.

What troubles me far more than the usual disgusting Ali-Tinju-UMNO-Youth unruliness in public, teflonized against police interference or charges, have been the evangelistic propaganda of a DAP man.

I deplore Nga Kor Ming's hallelujah hubristic hullabaloo on his Facebook. If he wants to be a politician in the DAP party which BTW is listed as a social democratic party, a member of Socialist International, and one which has as its ideology social democracy and secularism, then Nga is in the wrong party and he should bloody leave and form his own Christian group, perhaps named Malaysian Christian Ascension (MCA, wakakaka).

And Nga is flabbergastingly self-centred when he could dare ask his critics, “What is wrong in trusting in God?”

Wouldn't that same stupid argument (using god's name in vain) apply equally for Pak Haji Hadi Awang in the latter's promotion of his recent but deferred bill to amend the syariah laws in Kelantan?

That's the bloody trouble with some politicians (Christians, Muslims and 'fasting' Hindus) who lean on their respective religion to project their piousness and hopefully political credibility.

And haven't we heard Pak Haji Hadi Awang virtually demanding that Muslims have to support hudud because it's a mandatory requirement for them? But recently Sudanese Professor Dr Abdullahi A. An-Naim informed Muslims have no obligation to support hudud as the Islamic criminal code is not mentioned in the Quran.

Cease and Desist in your misuse and abuse of religion and the name of your god to promote your mortal political policies.

So they brought it, and He asked them, “Whose likeness is this? And whose inscription?”

“Caesar’s,” they answered.

Then Jesus told them, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

And they marveled at Him.  - [Mark 12:16-17]

The DAP must declare whether it is indeed a secular social democratic party, or a political beehive for evangelistic Christians.

I'm f**king sick of these Christian politicians just as I'm sick of seemingly over-pious followers (politicians and clerics) of other religions who are exploiting religious beliefs for their own political objectives.

If the DAP does not reiterate its secularism, then I have to assume it's a Christian party, which means I will endeavour my best to ensure my relatives and friends in Penang do not vote for a Christian party in GE-14.