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Pribumi is Umno 2.0, Harapan is BN 2.0

Malaysiakini - Frog-jumping: An assault on the fundamentals of democracy 
by James Chai:

[JAMES CHAI works at a law firm. His voyage in life is made less lonely with a family of deep love, friends of good humour and teachers of selfless giving. This affirms his conviction in the common good of people: the better angels of our nature. E-mail him at]

Everyone knows what is going on. The large exodus of Umno members into Bersatu (soon) are driven by lust for power and a desire to avoid punishment for their sins.

These former Umno members made it clear: they wanted to join a party in government so they could better serve the people.

This is a direct confession that this exodus is for power and power only. Because the past regime was ridden with excesses of corruption and abuse of power, we wonder if this exodus was also to cleanse their past sins.

In both cases, they are directly in conflict with the fundamental democratic and ethical principles which we expect our politicians to uphold.

Power-cleansing sins

If the exodus was to cleanse their sins, this is an abuse of power because the government should have no power to decide who gets charged and who is freed.

The process of investigation and prosecution must be independent and impartial, and if the prime minister’s tap on the shoulder could make a difference, then it defeats the whole system.

eff those guppies 

If the exodus was for power, then the voters’ choice of government is immediately frustrated.

It doesn’t matter who the people voted for and who they rejected, because in the end, the faces of government and opposition are determined in the dark backroom by political elites.

This simple yet fundamental notion of democracy is brutally assaulted when there is a large exodus that changes the post-election outcome that voters expected.

For example, if 30 to 40 ex-Umno politicians join Bersatu Pribumi, the people’s votes will be rendered nugatory – an elusive exercise that has no material effect.

It is an insult to the democratic mandate, it is a breach of confidence and it is a betrayal of trust.

Abusing the democratic language

However, the worst thing is how proud certain leaders were in successfully orchestrating this exodus and how disgustingly they have thwarted the democratic language for their selfish gains.

Some leaders said that the exodus was necessary because there were “calls” for Bersatu Pribumi to spread its wings to Sabah.

Some leaders also said that this exodus was what the people wanted. Some leaders even said that this exodus would be beneficial to voters as they will soon migrate from opposition to the government.

By using the language of democracy, by claiming they are doing what the people wanted when it is clear as daylight that it is actually contrary, is to serve their own undemocratic and unethical practice.

Mahathir called the Umno guys ‘useless’ and ‘rubbish'” at a meeting just before the May 9 polls.

Mahathir had also assured the Pakatan people present, including Ronnie Liu and Waytha Moorthy, that he would not accept “frogs” from Umno.

Mahathir is now swallowing back the pompous boastful 'sputum' he had expectorated about Umno frogs

This explains why most people are disillusioned with politics today. You do something clearly undemocratic, but you call it democracy; you do something to defeat democracy, but you say it serves democracy. Smoke and mirrors surround us.

When most Malaysians voted for “change” on May 9, we are sensible enough not to expect instant glory. However, we did expect the bare minimum: that this time it would be different.

In the seven months since Harapan took power, Malaysia Baru has never been more than a concept; now it’s close to being reduced to sarcasm and mockery.

forked-tongue snake

The curse Harapan is under is called “Nothing has changed”.

Most things remain the same

For the ordinary Malaysian, most things had remained the same. In some cases, it became worse.

The general economic outlook remains pessimistic, the cost of living remains high, draconian laws remain intact, race relations remain volatile, manifesto promises remain unfulfilled and U-turns are rife.

The cabinet’s incompetence, indecisiveness, and timidity remain apparent. The only difference seems to be that there is no 1MDB – but we need to apply extremely low standards to be satiated with this.

Against the criticism that Harapan is just like BN, Harapan completes their critics’ task for them.

The large exodus is the perfect recipe to file under the “Nothing has changed” category.

By altering the face of the government by including a vast number of former Umno members, it is now difficult to deny that Bersatu Pribumi is Umno 2.0, and Harapan is BN 2.0.

where's the change? 

I wouldn’t be surprised if disillusionment and disgust are now the common reactions for Malaysian politics because the rakyat, who made their voices heard through the ballot box, have been taken for fools. Why even vote if politicians are able to decide for themselves who is to win power?

More than unethical

Of course, the exodus is legal, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. Such frog-jumping practices are more than unethical because these involve the heavy principle of democracy and the rights of the people.

It stays in the realm of our collective consciousness of knowing what is right and what is wrong. It resides in the unwritten and unspoken law of acting in a way that the people expect according to the standards of honour and integrity.

Seven months ago, these principles would have been celebrated by the Harapan coalition that comprises men and women we believed in. But now that power is in their hands, their voices are muffled.

This rude awakening reminds me that money and power do the talking.

When it is raining frogs, do we need a meteorologist to tell us the weather is bad?

Golden Poison Frog (Phyllobates Terribilis)
most posionous animal alive

lots of such 'creatures' in Malaysian politics

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Seletar ILS solution - Kaytee Kaitak Konsep

FMT - Enough said on airspace issue, says Loke (extracts):

SEPANG: Transport Minister Loke Siew Fook says technical experts from Malaysia and Singapore will negotiate on the publishing of the Instrument Landing System (ILS) for Seletar Airport in Singapore.

In a press conference after an event at klia2 today, Loke declined to comment further on the issue, saying “enough had been said” on the ILS, which has seen him and his Singapore counterpart engaged in a war of words over the past week.

“Let the two sides sit down and negotiate, both sides will meet in mid-January.

“I will leave it to the technical experts on both sides to sort it out,” he said.

Yesterday, Singapore said it had informed Malaysia of its need to put in place instrument flight procedures for both the northerly and southerly approaches into the republic’s Seletar Airport at a Nov 29 meeting between the civil aviation authorities of both countries.

Loke had previously proposed that Singapore amend the disputed flight path for the southern-end entry to the airport and withdraw the announcement on the ILS approach as it allegedly encroached on Malaysian airspace, prohibited the construction of tall buildings in Pasir Gudang, Johor, and subjected the Pasir Gudang Port to higher risks and multiple restrictions

what Sing wants for its ILS approach into Seletar Runway 21, but which will prevent Gudang Pasir from erecting tall structures in the descending flightpath 

This proposed IFR* approach concept into Seletar via its runway 21 (from the north) is more to help the Sings more than Malaysia. That's because Anthony Loke can give the 'bird' to the Sings and they can do eff-all to prevent Malaysian from erecting high-rise buildings and other high structure in the approach path for an ILS into Seletar Runway 21, wakakaka.

* IFR - Instrument Flight Rules, meaning flight in conditions less than prescribed for visual flight (see & be seen rules), in other words, in 'murky or cloudy conditions 

KT's proposed IFR approach will avoid the Gudang Pasir arena.

The proposed track starts from reporting point 'TEKONG', at a VOR* station at Pulau Tekong.

* don't worry too much what a VOR station is, other than it's a radio transmitter (of very high ferquency band) which the aeroplane has radio-equipment to receive and locate its bearing from the station.

Naturally all IFR approaches will be controlled by Singapore Air Traffic Control (ATC), probably with radar monitoring.

Above map shows us that Seletar (aeroplane symbol) is around the 1.30 to 2 o'clock position, and Pulau Tekong (where the TEKONG VOR is) is at the left-hand edge of map.

The proposed flight path is from TEKONG VOR to Seletar via Johor Straits, avoiding flying over Malaysian land.

Nearing Seletar, in the old days the pilot would have been required to look for a sign (flashing strobe) or perhaps a chequerboard (as at the old Kai Tak airport, now no longer used for airlines) or a DME* distance (as published) before turning left for Seletar.

* DME - Distance Measuring Equiment (an electronic distance measuring device)

Kai Tak Runway 13 Approach

Kai Tak Runway 13 to abrupt right (90 degrees) of this hill

Kai Tak approach for Runway 13

note abrupt right turn depicted top left of diagram 

airline aircraft making abrupt right turn for Runway 13 after sighting chequerboard at correct distance

much later, the Kai Tak Runway 13 approach included an IGS (instrument guidance system)

extracts from The Aviationist:
The world famous approach to RWY 13 brought the aircraft in a descending path above Western Kowloon and the extremely densely populated building around the harbour.

The airplanes flew the first part of the approach with the help of an Instrument Guidance System (IGS), a modified ILS. Then, upon reaching the middle marker of the IGS, the approach was no longer instrumental and the pilot with the visual reference provided by the small hill sporting the famous checkerboard in red and white, had to begin a right visual turn (“Hong Kong turn”) to establish.

The turn began at a height of about 200 meters and ended at around 45 meters, even if as pictures show, some 747s or MD11s, began and ended the procedure at lower altitudes.

Some aircraft did not have the time to line up and almost hit the runway still performing the 47° bank turn, especially when crosswinds required crabbing and decrabbing of the aircraft before touch down. As the prevailing wind direction in Hong Kong was more or less in the N-S direction, this thrilling approach was used most of time at Kai Tak

that abrupt right turn onto Runway 13 Kai Tak

(in reality a curving descending right turn, allowing for the humongous inertia of a massive airline aircraft)

But in today's modern aviation world, the aviator can and should rely on GPS waypoints (positions) to track from TEKONG until positioning the aeroplane for a quick left turn into Seletar. Then the pilot has to do a 'Seletar turn' (akin to the 'Hong Kong turn') but of course to the LEFT for Seletar Runway 21.

Coordination with traffic from Changi and Paya Lebar  towards the north will be the problem of Singapore ATC, wakakaka.

It won't be a full IFR approach into Seletar Runway 21, but that's the best I can do for both Sing and Malaysia's requirements.

No no no, don't thank me as I consider it my civic duty to save Sing from a 'loss of face' when Malaysia gives them the 'bird' and builds highrise structures in Gudang Pasir that will eff the Runway 21 ILS flightpath, wakakaka.

Pribumi Party, the new disgraceful taxi-sapu

FMT - Is DAP afraid of stronger Malay voice in Parliament, T'ganu Bersatu Pribumi asks (extracts):

Pribumi ta'ada prinsip democratik, maka jgn cakap ayam bila kami sapu katak UMNO 

Terengganu Bersatu has hit out at DAP for criticising the party and its chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad for taking in Umno MPs who quit the party.

State Bersatu chief Razali Idris, who is also a senator, questioned why DAP was so worried about Umno leaders joining Harapan through Bersatu.

"Are they worried that as more MPs join Bersatu, this will cause the Malay-Muslim voice to become stronger in Parliament?

"Bersatu will become stronger even if it doesn't take in Umno leaders.

"But if the opportunity is open for Bersatu to increase its numbers in the Dewan Rakyat through party hopping, why should this be opportunity be closed?" Razali said in a statement today.

He further claimed that DAP was out to curtail Bersatu's growth to maintain the balance of power in Harapan

Pribumi is NOW showing its TRUE colours, to wit, its colour-consciousness, in accusing the DAP of attempting to curb its Malay-Muslim voice from becoming stronger in Parliament through the taxi-sapu-ing of UMNO frogs, and fCk the voice of the voters who hate Pribumi Party and had voted otherwise.

Car No 3? 

Mahathir and his Pribumi have inherited the '916 spirit' (demonic bullsh*t spirit, that is, wakakaka) of Anwar Ibrahim who has today thankfully discarded his old naughty ways to be a better man than his old archfoe and oppressor Mahathir.

'dah serah semangat 916 kpd seorang tua, yg sgt tua, wakakaka

Will he be cleared of all charges?

Malaysiakini - Dr M's political secretary implicated in Isa's corruption charges:

Zahid Md Arip, the political secretary of Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been implicated in corruption charges against former Felda chairperson Isa Abdul Samad.

Zahid, who was Isa's former special officer, is mentioned in nine of the 10 charges against the latter for receiving RM3 million in kickbacks from Felda's purchase of a hotel in Kuching.

According to the charges, Zahid is said to have been the intermediary between Ikhawn Zaidel, a director in Gagasan Abadi Properties Sdn Bhd, and Isa.

The bribes were meant to facilitate Felda's purchase of the Merdeka Hotel & Suites in Kuching when Isa was the agency's chairperson.

The bribes were allegedly given between July 21, 2014 and Dec 11, 2015.

Zahid had previously been arrested by the MACC in August 2017 over the hotel deal and was remanded for eight days.

He declined to comment when contacted by Malaysiakini.

"I have no comments (to make). I feel that it is inappropriate for me to comment while the case is still in the courts," he said.

Zahid is a supreme council member in Mahathir's Bersatu Pribumi.

Zahid Arip's Pribumi Boss

Mahathir’s Pribumi party is the disease in Harapan

From Malaysiakini's Yoursay:

eff you lot, a bunch of guppies

YOURSAY | ‘Bersatu is Umno 3.0 and Mahathir is not much different than when he was PM previously.’

Harapan’s acceptance of Umno defectors is a betrayal of the rakyat

Caripasal: DAP leader Lim Kit Siang and PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim must publicly say that they only recognise the original 13 MPs from Bersatu Pribumi, i.e. the MPs who started the movement to kick BN out on May 9.

The politicians from Umno should have no standing in Pakatan Harapan. There should be no extra bargaining power for BersatPribumi even with their inclusion.

If Anwar becomes prime minister, BersatPribumi will be allocated ministerial posts based on its original number, i.e. 13. The Umno MPs will only matter in Parliament - to support Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

4Malaysia: Mahathir’s BersatPribumi party is the disease in Harapan. It is the only racist party and even wants to undermine Harapan’s component party, Warisan, by recruiting Sabah Umno frogs.

BersatPribumi is Umno 3.0 and Mahathir is not much different than when he was PM previously. He is leading Harapan and the country into a downward spiral.

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Dealing with a double talking PM

FMT - Ex-Puteri Umno chief applies to join PPBM (extracts):

disgusting betrayal of voters 

PETALING JAYA: Masjid Tanah MP Mas Ermieyati Samsudin today announced her decision to join PPBM after five months as an independent.

The former Puteri Umno chief said she made the decision after thinking long and hard about the matter.

“I always want the best for my voters, and I am always looking for more effective solutions to protect their interests.

“On this basis, after thinking deeply about it, I have decided to join PPBM,” she said in a statement

Ronnie Liu 

DAP stalwart Ronnie Liu reminded Mahathir that he (Mahathir) had assured Pakatan people, including Ronnie and Waytha Moorthy, he would NOT accept “frogs” from Umno.

So WTF is Maddy doing now? Exactly what he said he woudl NOT do.

Additionally, Ronnie said Mahathir had already “broken his promise twice” by taking Jeli MP Mustapa Mohamed and Bagan Serai MP Noor Azmi Ghazali into PPBM’s fold.

Bapak Capati 

Ronnie sarcastically jabbed at the old Mr Forgetful: “Well, sir, if they are such useless rubbish, I certainly hope you won’t be a rubbish collector and take them into PPBM.”

Wakakaka. Ronnie Liu certainly has more guts than the DAP sec-gen, YB Encik Lim Guan Eng, who has been described by MKINI columnist Commander (rtd) S Thayaparan as someone with obsequious behaviour when it comes to diktats from the corridors of power in Putrajaya, meaning PM Mahathir - wakakaka.

what do I say now, 'Tuk? 

But the disgraceful part is that Mas Ermieyati Samsudin has been voted by the people of Masjid Tanah as its UMNO representative (MP). By jumping across to Pribumi (now in power) she is a real bloody frog who takes her elected position as Wakil Rakyat (Masjid Tanah) to a party which was NOT chosen by the voters.

But far far worse than this disgusting opportunistic frog has been Mahathir who, in spite of his own pompous declarations NOT to accept frogs from UMNO, has now done so, and repetitively too - showing us his true colours, a person who cannot and must NOT be trusted.

Those of you who supported Mahathir should know by now the old dictator has not changed his sleazy slimy sickening double-talking Machivellian ways.

Timingly, the Star Online reported:

Ramkarpal Singh Deo regards Umno representatives switching allegiance to Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as a “dangerous development” because it goes completely against the will of Malaysians who convincingly voted out the Barisan Nasional government in GE14.

The Bukit Gelugor MP said that Pakatan Harapan would need more principled leaders to carry out its reform agenda

Inshaallah, Hallelujah, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti, Omitofu.

DAP grassroots sock it out to capati-ing Mahathir

FMT - Don’t be rubbish collector, DAP man tells Dr M after Sabah Umno exodus (extracts):

Ronnie Liu 

PETALING JAYA: A Selangor DAP leader has urged Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad not to allow a “reverse takeover” of PPBM by Umno, following yesterday’s exodus of members from the party’s Sabah chapter.

Ronnie Liu, who was voted into the Selangor DAP committee on Sunday, said he recalled the PPBM chairman calling “the Umno guys ‘useless’ and ‘rubbish'” at a meeting just before the May 9 polls.

He said Mahathir had also assured those present, including himself and Hindraf leader P Waytha Moorthy, that he would not accept “frogs” from Umno.

“Well, sir, if they are such useless rubbish, I certainly hope you won’t be a rubbish collector and take them into PPBM,” Liu said in a post on his Patreon page, a subscription content service for online creators.

He added that Mahathir, who is chairman of Pakatan Harapan (PH) had already “broken his promise twice” by taking Jeli MP Mustapa Mohamed and Bagan Serai MP Noor Azmi Ghazali into PPBM’s fold

Good on you, Ronnie, for socking it to the Old Dictator, who never has any qualms about reneging on his own words - a man known to Malays as 'suka meludah ke langit'.

Ronnie, we 'true believers' have to depend on you and other 'true believers' to maintain the old socialist democratic principles, which alas seem to have been abandoned by, save some worthy exceptions, the DAP top leadership and its Tokong Elites (Young Turks).

Meanwhile, FMT also reported in another piece:

Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh today hit out at news that a group of Umno representatives had switched allegiance to Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, questioning how such crossovers would reflect on Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) commitment to reform and change.

In a statement, he said the MPs were part of the system that PH had promised to change.

“In order to do so, we have to first clear the decks, and allowing them into PH would be the complete opposite of this.”

Noting that the people had voted on May 9 to remove Barisan Nasional (BN) from power, he said accepting the MPs into PH would be a betrayal of voters who wanted real change, “not merely a cosmetic one where many old faces are part of the new government”

Good one, Ramkarpal - you're indeed the son of your redoubtable (late) Dad. He (your Dad) would have been furious to see DAP slutting with a Mahathir, more so when the old dictator has NOT changed at all.

Sangeet Kaur - daughter of the late Karpal Singh

Keep the old socialist democratic principles alive and well-practised, especially now that the Tokong Elites seem to have abandoned them.

3rd Vote - Mahathir's Mafulat-ish Monumental Mistake

FMT - MP tells why Umno, PAS should support local elections (in full):

I've known Ong KM for years through blogging

a humble but very dedicated DAP politician, he's an expert on statistics and polling trends, and also very helpful to bloggers like me in providing polling stats for our use 

PETALING JAYA: DAP’s Bangi MP Ong Kian Ming has urged PAS and Umno to support the push for local polls, saying the two Malay-based parties stand to gain the most from the restoration of local council elections.

Ong, who is deputy trade and industry minister, rubbished the notion that local elections would lead to racial strife, saying there was no support for this in the country’s latest demographic figures.

Hadi Awang warned of another May 13 if local elections were to be held (to his perceived detriment of Malay political power in urban areas)

Mahathir warned that local council elections might produce the "WRONG" results, whatever he means by that

but which we all know he implied (like Hadi Awang above) the Malays may be denied political powers in urban areas, which to him and his Pribumi Party is a blasphemic No-No

to Mahathir, it's NOT acceptable that Chinese gain political dominance, no not even in Chinese-majority areas like towns and cities

Referring to a 2015 statement on the issue, he said 2010 census data showed that the Malay population in Kuala Lumpur outnumbered that of the Chinese at 45.9% to 43.2%.

Out of three city halls, nine city councils and 37 municipal councils in the country, only six had populations where the Chinese outnumbered the Malays – Ipoh, Kuching Selatan, Johor Bahru Tengah, Penang, Sibu and Subang Jaya.

“In other words, 88% of these large urban areas had a plurality and in most cases, a majority, of Malay residents.
“Even in a place like Petaling Jaya, the Malay population (46.2%) outnumbered the Chinese population (39.6%),” he said in a statement today.

Although he did not have updated population statistics, he said the latest 2017 population projects showed that the Bumiputera population in the federal territories was now at 47% compared to 42% Chinese and 10% Indian.

In Penang, he added, 46% of the population comprised Bumiputeras compared to 44% Chinese and 10% Indians.

“The biggest beneficiaries of local elections in this current context would actually be Umno, followed by PAS.”

Noting that Umno had lost power in eight states following the May 9 general election, he said its MPs and assemblymen no longer had formal access to the local governments in these states.
“Having local elections would allow Umno and PAS to gain representation at the local government level and give them greater access to local government positions and policies,” he added.

He welcomed reports that Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin would be studying different models for local elections which would be more suitable for the Malaysian context.

If Umno and PAS were serious about strengthening democracy, he said, this was as good a time as any for them to advocate the restoration of local elections as well.

On Monday, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said there were no plans to bring back local council elections, citing concerns over racial strife due to the possible differences between urban and rural demographics.

He said local council elections might produce “the wrong results”, which could lead to conflict.

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Sing-M'sia fracas over an Instrument Landing System

Malaysiakini - Transport Ministry explains challenge to S'pore over Seletar Airport (extracts):

North is Johor, Malaysia 

The Transport Ministry has produced a video explaining why it is opposing the new aircraft landing protocols at Singapore's Seletar Airport.

The issue stems from Seletar Airport's bid to implement an Instrument Landing System (ILS), which will enable planes to land safely even in poor visibility.

However, the flight path Singapore wants to use for the ILS is over Pasir Gudang, Johor.

As the airport is just 2km across the Johor Straits from Pasir Gudang, the ministry explained that this would negatively impact development in Pasir Gudang.

This is because the ILS requires a height buffer, which at 6km away from Seletar would be 145 metres.

imagine above shows an aircraft over Johor descending on the ILS into Seletar's Runway 21

Runway 21 indicates an approach into Seletar over Johor to land on the northern end of Seletar's runway (with direction towards 210 degress magnetic)

thus the other end of the runway (Runway 03) will be over Singapore land (with direction towards 030 degrees magnetic)

This, in turn, means that development in Pasir Gudang, as well as activities at the local port, would be significantly hampered.

Singapore plans to implement the ILS at Seletar Airport on Jan 3 next year.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke said this move went against the principles
of national sovereignty, as provided for by the Convention of International Civil Aviation

Anthony Loke is correct, that to ensure safety altitude (height) allowance for aircraft on the ILS system flying over Johor into Seletar's Runway 21, the Johor area over which the aircraft using the ILS system flies, must be clear of high buildings and other altitude 'obstacles' like high radio masts or even tall cranes (including those on ships sailing near the area).

Actually Loke is being nice to the Sings because Malaysia could ignore the safety requirements of the Seletar Runway 21 ILS and erect whatever we want on our land.

Of course it's unconscionable for Malaysia to do so without advising Sing. But the ball lies in Sings' hands as to whether they want to have an ILS without safety requirements.

If they are going to remain hard-headed, Malaysia should just inform ICAO and advertise clearly in international aviation gazettes and publications that Malaysia is not bound to ensure the safety protection of a foreign ILS approach over Malaysian soil.

The Transport Ministry has also promoted a video to highlight the dangers of the ILS approach if Malaysia were to build high buildings or other erections - see below: