Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hor K'aw (2)

MM Online - In Kepong, DAP tells Chinese voters ‘rocket’ still round, but vote ‘blue eye’ (extracts):

poor Lim Lip Eng burdened by an imposed additional task 

KEPONG, April 15 — DAP is trying hard to help its supporters remember that they would have to choose the PKR logo on polling day next month, and to reassure them that the party is here to stay, despite not using its own logo this time around.

In DAP’s first-ever ceramah for the Kepong seat for the 14th general election (GE14), the crowd in the Chinese-majority seat was last night repeatedly reminded that a vote for the PKR logo with the colloquial nickname “blue eye” would be equivalent to voting for the DAP’s iconic logo — “the rocket”.

ballot paper WON'T be in colour but just in black & white 

Hor K'aw (for meaning, see my post Hor K'aw below).

But I hope Lim Lip Eng will win despite the confusion among DAP more elderly supporters. Lip Eng is a good bloke. And that confusion has been brought upon by "someone" in DAP, and I bet, arbitrarily too..


  1. the chinese vote dacing for many years y no confuse one? the elder is much smarter than ks daughter, she is the real confused one, y still not joining the honorable penyamun n pencuri gang after talk big?

  2. Pakatan should have gone for a common logo long ago, befitting an alternative government to BN.

    But it should have been a new logo, and they left it too close to the elections.

  3. If the ballot is in Black and White, to avoid confusion, wouldn't it be better to say "Vote any moon from Chuai It (1st day of Lunar Moon till Chuai Chap (10th day of Lunar Moon) unless they have forgotten about Buddists, Taoists among the DAP supporters?

    1. Chuai It, Chuai Chap
      Nostradamus, you sounded very Teochew, wakakaka. BTW, I am Teochew but Penang Hokkien would say "Chay" rather than "Chuai"

    2. Forgot that the area in question is in Kepong, a Cantonese populated DAP area. Should read "Chor Yat to Chor Sup".

      How shit muddled can you get as the GE comes nearer.

    3. you think only people in Kepong are confused? how about Penangites

    4. Where got "Blue" Moon on a White and Black ballot paper? It's a Black Moon Chor Yat or Chor Sup Moon.

      Now, where the hell did we ever had a Black Moon?

      It gets more muddled when you are asked to put a Holy Cross on a Black Moon.

    5. When thinking about the moon, there's only one Moon. Vote for the Moon!

    6. My area in Penang, no confusion problem.

      PKR ADUN , PKR MP. DAP supporters well understand who to give their votes to.

      Gerakan now playing reverse psychology, begging people not to feed them Eggs. Effective Opposition is a necessity.

      Actually, I agree...wakakaka...

  4. Are you implying majority of DAP supporters are illiterate?
    BTW Australian ballot papers do not have any Party Logos allowed. Sequence of appearance at random.

  5. So actually kaytee is a gerakan man all this while.....hahaha