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Time to remove Mahathir the Destructive


Mahathir’s halfway leadership

M Bakri Musa  |  Published: 
LETTER | During the polio epidemic of the 1950s, ingenious engineers created the iron lungs and saved many lives, while skillful surgeons crafted nifty operations and salvaged countless paralysed limbs.
Those advancements, though impressive, were what physician Lewis Thomas referred to as "halfway technology". True technology came when Salk and Sabin produced their vaccines. Halfway technology is not only expensive but also does not address the basic problems.
Likewise with leadership; there is the true version and then there are the many halfway varieties. Halfway leadership too does not solve problems; in fact, it compounds them. It is also expensive both in terms of the direct damages inflicted as well as in the lost opportunities.
Malaysia was blessed with a few true leaders during her first half. Tengku Abdul Rahman inspired the multiracial population, hitherto (and still is) suspicious of each other, on a single pursuit – the country’s independence – and successfully negotiated for it. Thus the nation was spared its war of independence and Malaysians today are unabashed admirers of their former colonisers.
Economist Ungku Aziz leveraged the powerful religious aspiration of the Haj to make Malays save. In the process he ushered them into the modern economy, making Tabung Haji one of the region’s biggest financial institutions. Chief justice Suffian Hashim elevated the country’s judiciary to be the envy of the region.

late Chief justice Suffian Hashim 

During Malaysia’s second half, Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s leadership dominated, from 1981 until he retired in 2003. Then in May 2018, at 92, he toppled the ruling coalition that he once led. Its leader, Najib Abdul Razak, was Mahathir’s protégé and chosen successor. The irony!
A visitor today would be impressed on landing at Kuala Lumpur’s gleaming international airport. The smooth, undulating freeways into the city, beautifully landscaped, make you feel as if you are still in the First World. The glut of five-star hotels adds to that aura.
Impressive though those may be, they are but halfway developments, showy artifacts of modernity. They cannot hide the stark realities that often intrude, like hideous acne through thick makeup. Malaysian schools and universities for example, are an embarrassment. Education minister Mahathir initiated the decline in the late 1970s. Later as prime minister, he greased the slide.

our once World-class education standards eff-ed by Mahathir 

Mahathir was also instrumental in the state’s massive involvement in Islamic affairs. Today the religious bureaucracy exceeds the Papal one in budget, personnel, and most pernicious of all, power. While the Pope could only influence Catholics, Malaysian state-employed ulama controls the Malays, in activities as well as in thoughts.
This huge and sinister thing that Mahathir created is now striking back. Witness the current raging and unnecessary controversies over a radical, Indian-Muslim dropout physician-turned-preacher, and the introduction khat (Arabic calligraphy) in schools. Both do not contribute to the economy. On the contrary, they come in the way of improving it.
This huge beast sucks up precious resources that could have been used to tackle pressing social problems, like rampant drug abuse, uncontrolled HIV infections, and the epidemic of abandoned babies. Those appalling social pathologies disproportionately inflict the Malays. In their pursuit of Heaven, those religious types believe in first making Muslims endure hell on earth.
As for Tabung Haji, it had to be bailed out recently. For the judiciary, a high-profile attorney was once caught on videotape aggressively lobbying on the phone the then chief justice.
Under Mahathir, corruption - a necessary lubricant for a creaky bureaucracy - was rationalised. That attitude, and the culture it nurtured produced today’s unbridled venality, with former prime minister Najib and a dozen of his ministers and aides now facing criminal charges of corruption. Mahathir, of course, absolved himself of any responsibility.
Mahathir was and still is a halfway leader. He is ensnared by what the young Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie termed “the trap of a single story.” Mahathir’s self-fabricated sole narrative remains unchanged.
Nor could Mahathir overcome that subtle and crippling Malay cultural trap of terhutang budi (debt of gratitude). His earlier support for Najib had nothing to do with the latter’s talent (Najib had none) but an expression of that old sentiment. In early 1970s Najib’s father, then prime minister Razak, resurrected Mahathir’s crumbling political prospects.
At 94, Mahathir has not much time. He ignores his most crucial assignment – to ensure a peaceful and predictable transition of power. He is back to his trademark destructive trait – fomenting unnecessary confusion and divisive uncertainty, especially with respect to his possible successor.
True leaders believe in their followers. When their initiatives fail, those leaders would reexamine them and formulate new ones, not blame their followers. Mahathir revels in stereotyping and blaming them.
In his book, Robert Kuok, A Memoir, the author quoted Deng Xiaoping at their only meeting. “Mr Kuok, they all say I am the one that is bringing this huge and rapid development in China. They are wrong. When I opened the door for China, they were all pushing me from behind. They are still pushing me.”
A variation on Lao Tzu’s theme – when a true leader’s work is done, the people would say, “We did it ourselves!”
What Deng did not reveal, as evident from Ezra Vogel’s biography of the man, was that there were many who opposed to Deng’s opening of China. His wisdom was in not listening to or heeding them. That’s true leadership, discerning and then encouraging the wise instincts in their followers while ignoring those less blessed.
Mahathir panders to and exploits the raw emotions and base instincts of the Malays. His championing of Islam is not to emancipate the Malays, as the Prophet did for the Bedouins of the seventh century, but as a political tool, and a very dangerous one. Likewise, with Malay special privileges; Malays are fed the illusion of success and reflected glory with the opulence of their sultans and Umno elite, their rent-seeking spoils sold as “entrepreneurial success.”
Mahathir "Version 2" is no enhancement. He is still obsessed with iron lungs and weakened limbs. He does not see the need for a vaccine, much less work on one. Today’s slew of Umno leaders indicted for corruption is only one malignant manifestation of Mahathir’s halfway leadership. His once much-hyped "Vision 2020" is just that – hype. Not a word from him now. It was never a vision, only a slogan.
Mahathir’s last hurrah was in ejecting Najib and his BN coalition. Malaysians are grateful for that. That gratitude however, is not without bounds, and Mahathir is determined to breach that, thus betraying the trust Malaysians gave him in the last election. He is back to his old spiteful self, provoking controversies and then blaming others for stirring them up.
Mahathir wants to burden Malaysia with another Najib-caliber successor in Azmin Ali. Time to stop, Mahathir. Besides, if he could not achieve his goals when he led the nation for 23 years and when he was much younger, there is little hope for him now that he is nearing 95. Time to disabuse the man of his messiah delusion.

King Minus, not Midas 

Mahathir should exit gracefully. Entice him with whatever it would take. Award him whatever title he craves and shower him with all the luxuries he desires. A lifetime corporate jet privilege and rent-free penthouse suite at his favorite Petronas Towers would be much cheaper than the damage he is inflicting and continues to inflict on Malaysia. If those do not work, not-so-gently remind him of the sorry fate that awaits the many Third World leaders who overstayed.
Malaysia deserves a true leader as she enters her 63rd year of Merdeka.

M stands for mendacity & malfeasance


What does M stand for?

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“There is hardly a better way to avoid discussion than by releasing an argument from the control of the present and by saying that only the future will reveal its merits.” 
- Hannah Arendt, 'The Origins of Totalitarianism'
COMMENT | Some folks asked me, what I thought “M” stood for. When I first heard of this film, I thought a group of Malaysians were organising a screening of that great Fritz Lang classic “M”. Sign me up.
When I realised I was mistaken, I assumed that a group of young Malaysian filmmakers were cheekily attempting to start a discourse with a series of vignettes about what M stands for in "New Malaysia". I was wrong again. Apparently, M stands for Malaysia or Malaysians.
But does it? I think M stands for something else. It has too, right? "M" needs to reflect what is happening in Malaysia now, not what we hoped would happen. With this in mind, here is what I think M stands for.
M stands for manifesto – more specifically, the Pakatan Harapan manifesto. The tagline for the manifesto was “Membina negara memenuhi harapan”. I kid you not. Someone actually came up with this tagline. According to the prime minister, the Harapan manifesto was cooked up thinking they were going to lose, hence they made promises that they really did not think they could deliver.
Now some people will tell you that they did not even read the manifesto and they just voted to kick Najib Abdul Razak out. Which is fine, I suppose but it would mean that they believed that saving Malaysia meant kicking out Najib. Really? Memories of some are short, I guess, because the same rhetoric that was used against Najib was also used against the current prime minister and you know what? Malaysia happily carried on with BN getting the majority of votes until the current prime minister decided that Umno needed to fall.

What does this tell you? It tells you that the country was not on the brink of collapse then and you should not buy into the propaganda that more time is needed now to reform the system.
M stands for mendacity – okay, so the manifesto was unrealistic but this does not mean that Harapan can’t carry out reforms that many Harapan political operatives know would actually save Malaysia. Instead what Harapan does is stall reforms and pander to the far-right and religious extremists in this country.
Klang parliamentarian Charles Santiago says that Harapan needs to “reconnect with the people with a narrative that reflects their aspirations,” but so far the narrative coming out of Putrajaya is the same old narrative of the “social contract” of racial and religious privilege.
Policy is not determined by progressive ideas but rather what would not spook the Malays. Meanwhile, progressive Malaysians who were hoping for a "new Malaysia" are told that things take time and the delivery of reforms is predicated on how long it would take to convince the base of the opposition coalition.
Does this make sense to anyone?
M stands for manipulation – let's face facts. "New Malaysia" is a con. Harapan political operatives like to wax lyrical about this "New Malaysia" when it really does not mean anything. What about the people who did not vote for Harapan? Those people who support PAS and Umno? Are they living in "Old Malaysia"?
Umno and PAS partisans send me social media snapshots of Harapan partisans, these so-called “progressive” voices of "New Malaysia", claiming that the Malays will crawl back to Bersatu for dedak. Do people understand how dumb this statement is? This would mean that Bersatu has replaced Umno and that the system of racial and religious privilege would continue, which would mean that there really is no "New Malaysia".

I happen to think that Umno/PAS supporters will carry on supporting Umno/PAS because the Harapan regime will continue pandering to the far-right and religious extremists so supporting Umno/PAS is like having your cake and eating it.
There are people who believe that Harapan needs decades to fix what BN did. Harapan will not have decades. If people think that they can comfortably slip back into the old ways that sustained the democratically-elected BN regime for decades, they are mistaken. The political terrain is different now. The means of communicating propaganda are different.
M stands for malfeasance – the racial and religious kind. Whenever Harapan panders to the racial and religious extremists in this country, they are not hurting the non-Malays. The non-Malays have seen their public and private spaces eroded by decades of racial and religious intrusions. This is nothing new. In fact, what was hoped for was a cessation of state intervention into our private and public spheres.
The community that really gets hurt are the Malays. What’s more, they are really hurting young Malays. Unemployment, religious control, lack of avenues to express dissent and the continued efforts to label individuals or groups as “deviant” have resulted in a community which not only fears the “other” but is also suspicious of their own kind.
M stands for malaise - I get so many e-mails and texts from people who have this sinking feeling that this is – was – our last chance to do something. So why aren’t the people we elected doing something? I get calls from educationists hoping that they would be called in to help craft a new education policy which would help the younger generation in the new world they are going to face. Nobody called.

Policy wonks who assumed that their ideas would be welcomed in the new administration, and who were willing to discuss new ideas instead of the same old formula for racial and religious equilibrium. Former bureaucrats who were put in cold storage or shafted, who hoped the new administration would call them because these people know how to work within the system to get things done. Never happened.
That sinking feeling you are getting is the feeling many of us have. The more political operatives ask for time, the more you know they are just stalling for time.
The question is, what new form of devilry will emerge from voting for the devil you know?

S THAYAPARAN is Commander (Rtd) of the Royal Malaysian Navy. A retired barrister-at-law, he is one of the founding members of Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan.

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Police abuses its powers to bully


Suaram slams Khalid Ismath’s late-night arrest

PSM’s Khalid Ismath was arrested at 10.30pm on Friday under the Sedition Act 1948 for an alleged tweet on the Raja Permaisuri Agong

(Facebook pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) today slammed the arrest of Parti Sosialis Malaysia activist Khalid Ismath under the Sedition Act 1948 over an alleged tweet on the Raja Permaisuri Agong.

Noting that Khalid was arrested at about 10.40pm on Friday, Suaram executive director Sevan Doraisamy said the night arrest for an alleged offence of a political nature “is nothing more than intimidation” by the police.

Khalid’s track record of providing full cooperation to any police investigation made it absurd for the investigating officer to detain him overnight, Doraisamy said.

“The Royal Malaysian Police are often said to be overstretched and under-resourced, so why is they wasting personnel time and resources in such a manner?

“The Raja Permaisuri Agong has also been reported to have commented on the matter and expressed her frustration over the arrest.”

Doraisamy urged the police to refrain from seeking further remand for Khalid and to “conduct their investigation professionally without resorting to intimidation tactics”.

He said Suaram reiterated its call for the Sedition Act 1948 to be repealed.

“A moratorium must be imposed until the abolition of the Sedition Act 1948 to prevent further abuses by the Royal Malaysian Police,” he said.

Failure to do so would further stain the Pakatan Harapan’s reputation as an administration that was seeking to reform Malaysia, Doraisamy added.

This has been reminiscent of Kempeitai and Gestapo modus operandi, the midnight raid and arrest.

In this respect the Malaysian Police has been a disgrace and it's now quite clear nothing has changed much even with a so-called "new" Malaysian government, though it has to acknowledged the PM is still the same old rotten dictator of Ops Lalang infamy.

The Home Minister, if we recall, is the same old UMNO politician and the new IGP has not done much other than to drag his heels on matters of import of the rakyat, eg. M Indira Gandhi's missing daughter, the murder of Teoh Beng Hock, the missing Pastor Koh and Amri Che Mat, and ...

... even lesser issues of interests like the gay sex video, the Zakir Naik controversy and how police have been assisting him in a civil case by interrogating real genuine Malaysian citizens for a bloody undesired foreigner who is an alleged criminal in his homeland of India.

Not that I blame the police on the last case when we have the PM of this nation setting a rotten example by consorting with an already Thailand-convicted blackmailer.

But nonetheless, it shows the dark side of the police which can only bully innocent people but lacks the ability to do the important stuff.

On the police arrest of Khalid Ismath, Star Online reported:

Raja Permaisuri Agong Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah has reactivated her Twitter account to express disappointment over the arrest of an individual who had allegedly posted a seditious tweet aimed at her.

In a series of tweets on Saturday (Sept 14), the Queen explained that she had deactivated her Twitter account for personal reasons, as opposed to cyberbullying.

She also expressed her disappointment that the individual accused has been detained by the police.

"I am truly upset that the police have detained those people. Through the years, my husband and I have never made any police report on bad things said about us.

"It's a free country," said Tunku Azizah.

She continued to explain that she had heard the news that someone has been arrested, and decided to reactivate her Twitter account immediately as she was "angry and upset".

"I myself told the Pihak Istana to inform the police to not take any action. I repeat again, I did not deactivate my account because of them.

"My husband and I have never made police reports, and I have never been sad (when I read comments about me); instead I laugh because Allah knows who I am!" said the Queen.

hopeless Bador 

Anwar Ibrahim - time to crack PKR whip, & expel the Dwarfs


Anwar is giving too much face to Azmin and gang

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COMMENT | There is no more necessity to deny it. No matter how Anwar Ibrahim tried to put on a brave front and claimed that all is well in PKR, it is clear there is an intense power struggle in the party.
So dear Anwar, it’s time to own up that factionalism exists in the party which you lead. There is no point to dismiss or hide the problems any longer.
Even the village idiots in Lenga, Johor, or Baram in Sarawak, know the truth. Do not lie to your party members in those far-flung corners anymore. They are not blind to what is going on in the party.
As the party president, it is understandable for Anwar to resort to damage control. He has attempted to project an image of unity and solidarity within the party. That is well and good.
However, by doing so over such a long period and achieving nothing in the process, Anwar could be giving the other camp in the party too much "face" which they probably don’t deserve.
That has been going on for almost a year since Anwar assumed the PKR presidency. It is clear his noble intention has been futile. It’s now time for the party president to face reality.
At least, Zuraida Kamaruddin has been more forthcoming. The PKR vice-president is among the first senior leader to publicly concede that there are serious problems besetting the party.
Zuraida Kamaruddin
Zuraida is telling the truth, of course. Her detractors have described her as a “loudmouth” and given her other demeaning names but to me, Zuraida is being honest.
That is her plus point on this issue and she deserves credit no matter what her motives might be.
You can clearly see the fighter in Zuraida. She is a political animal, able to handle the shots coming her way and returned fire with fire.
Anwar and PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution were recent recipients of her fierce salvoes.
When Anwar issued a stern reminder to his deputy Azmin Ali and gang to attend party meetings, Zuraida shot back.
“Call the reconciliation meeting first," she told Anwar, insisting that her president respond to the three letters she wrote to the leadership requesting the meeting be held.
When Saifuddin replied, Zuraida told him she would not recognise a response from a non-elected party official (the PKR secretary-general is appointed).
To outsiders, those Zuraida salvos could be deemed awkward, disrespectful even, especially to Anwar who is the party president. It also appeared that Zuraida and her group are prepared to burn bridges with the leadership.
Saifuddin Nasution
In the case of Saifuddin, he could either feel awkward or humiliated by Zuraida’s retort. Surely, Zuraida must be aware that the secretary-general is responding on behalf of the president.
If she dares to challenge the party president, who is the secretary-general to Zuraida?
So is Zuraida telling the party leaders that “Either you do it my way or no way”? If so, that is a sign of holding the leadership to ransom. This is gross indiscipline which should not be tolerated.
At times, I find Anwar’s tolerance level of Azmin, Zuraida and their camp both incredible and disappointing. Incredible because the party president is giving too much leeway despite the zero efforts to reconcile by the other side.
Disappointing because Anwar is wasting too much time pandering to the dictates of his deputy’s group.
To those outside, they must be asking, “Who is Azmin? Who is Zuraida? Why are they given preferential treatment in the party? Are they so powerful and indispensable in PKR?”
Anwar has to answer those questions. He owes it to the people, and party members certainly, to explain what is going on and what makes Azmin and gang so special, if they really are.
It’s time for Anwar to act tough, stop being nice and come down hard on Azmin and gang.
Disciplinary action must be taken against those who flout the party’s regulations. There should be no two ways around that.
In a political party, no leader or member is above the rules of the organisation. The regulations must be enforced on all, irrespective of party position.
Ordinary Malaysians are not interested in the internal struggles of political parties. What they know well enough is that such conflicts are caused by greed for power and position.
In this case, it does not bother me whether it’s Anwar or Azmin who wins in the end because both men are crazy for power and position. Their ultimate target is to be prime minister. Tell me I’m wrong!
If Anwar is unprepared to clamp down on party dissenters despite giving them more than enough time and leeway to make good, that will cast him as a weak and indecisive leader.
The way Anwar has been handling his party problems does not speak well of him. Strength, vigour and courage are lacking.
And that does not give Malaysians much confidence in the incoming prime minister.

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH heads the Movement for Change Sarawak (MoCS) and can be reached at

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DAP Grassroots Beh-Tahan Liao

Anwar to take over May 9 next year?

In a FB post, Ronnie Liu writes that Anwar Ibrahim will take over as the country's eighth prime minister on May 9, 2020 “Towards a New Malaysia” 

PETALING JAYA, Sept 13 (Sin Chew Daily) -- DAP central committee member and Sungai Pelek state assemblyman Ronnie Liu posted a picture of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on his Facebook early yesterday morning.

In the post, he wrote that PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would take over as the eighth prime minister of the country on May 9, 2020 “Towards a New Malaysia”.

Liu has earlier wrote that he hoped Tun Mahathir would draw up a timetable to hand over his duties to Anwar in a bid to quash the conspiracy theory.

He also believed that Tun Mahathir would honor the PH agreement to hand over the baton to Anwar after two years.

The DAP grassroots ta'boleh tahan lagi, knowing that Pakatan will be annihilated by UMNO-PAS in GE15 if Mahathir continues in his position as PM to perpetuate his old Mahathirism.

The sooner Mahathir exits the better, though Ronnie Liu has been kind enough to suggest a deadline of 09 May 2020.

As for useless Lim Kit Siang, he is naturally worried about his son's future, but eff him. The rakyat, DAP, and PKR are far more important than his Chye-Chye.

Mahathir - get out, you've failed the rakyat


Yoursay: Dr M is fast running out of rakyat's goodwill

Yoursay  |  Published:   |  Modified: 
YOURSAY | 'The 'M' in the documentary has now come to stand for manipulation and mischief-making.'
MS: So, the granddaughter of Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad produces a film about her long-in-the-tooth grandfather, and mixes it up with the futile struggle of hopeful Malaysians in this long-suffering country.
While her intentions are to be lauded, the ‘M’ in the story has now come to stand for the manipulation and mischief-making the old man is once again known for.
The appointments of his Bersatu gofers like the ‘black shoe’ Education Minister Maszlee Malik, the ‘dinner host’ Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, and the ‘yet to stir’ Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, to wreck the hopes and aspirations of Pakatan Harapan voters are once again brought into sharp focus.
So what does ‘M’ mean to you? It means more misery under Mahathir as he continues to manipulate Malaysians with his khat, the Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik, and other ‘toxic’ wastes. His exit in every sense will not be too soon.
Anonymous 770241447347646: They say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Harapan won because of the massive Chinese, Indian, as well as 30 percent of Malay votes.
All Harapan had to do is to make sure this percentage is taken care of and work on the B40 (bottom 40 percent, many of whom are Malays). This will help to bring in the extra 10 to 20 percent Malay votes for the 15th general election.
Mahathir has forgotten the struggles all Malaysians had to go through to put Harapan in power - the numbers that flew back just to make that change.
Meanwhile, others work tirelessly on the ground. Thousands of others tried to gather as much support as they can through the alternate media, relatives and friends.
This was all done because of the love for the nation that they called home.
In one stroke of his pen, Mahathir introduced khat, protected Zakir Naik and Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali, and sent the Chinese and Indian votes running for the exit doors.
Does Mahathir have his private agenda? The decisions show his ungratefulness to the supporters that put him into power.
Secondly, he is back to playing the same game as before.
Umno had tried to be more religious than PAS by introducing new policies that would win the hearts of the Malays. Now, Harapan is making the same mistake as Umno did.
Religion will not provide food on the table, a reasonable-salaried job, better healthcare, education, or even a cheap and comfortable roof over their heads.
If the focus is given to these issues, the people will realise who have taken care of their basic needs in the long run. They will be grateful and support the party that really paid attention to them.
All these can be achieved if the agenda is genuine and not for some selfish self-interest. Mahathir has to show that this nation really belongs to all Malaysians and not to the selected few.
Anonymous_3f4b: Some are still basking in the aftermath glory of the 14th general election. Get real. The honeymoon is over. People are disappointed and disillusioned with Harapan’s empty promises.
Racial and religious issues are the order of the day. The economy is in a tailspin. Income is low, while taxes and cost of living high. Inane and stupid policies are being churned out, and all this while, the people grouse and suffer.
They are not delivering or seen to be delivering. There is no ‘Malaysia Baru’. It is merely an extension of ‘Malaysia Lama’; maybe even worse. The ‘M’ in the film should stand for ‘Malu’ (shame).
Legit: Mahathir, the majority of Malaysians do not want you as PM anymore. You have done your part and now please resign gracefully.
You are destroying the very fabric of the Malaysian society with your cunning, racist, backhanded and nasty tricks.
Please leave without a fuss and enjoy your remaining years with your good friend, Zakir Naik. Otherwise, Harapan can forget about winning GE15.
Anonymous #33227154: Indeed, Mahathir doesn't deserve this honour.
He wasted his second chance to improve Malaysia, and instead went back to his racist political games. He has lost the respect from Malaysians.
JW: Given that most of Mahathir's family are involved in the making of the documentary, how objective and balanced it is will be an issue.
This is not just about observing certain aspects of making the documentary, like having former Bersih chief Ambiga Sreenevasan make an important comment to end the programme.
It is not really enough. A simple example - why that title?
Sulaiman Bin Che Long: The epic struggle of 20 years of reformasi culminated in the toppling of the rotting and putrid Umno, but unfortunately, the Harapan government is dysfunctional.
Yes, the title is wholly inappropriate. It seeks to appropriate the people's struggle to glorify someone. Is this a Malay trait?
I cringe at the title. If we straighten up the crooked M, we get a H-H for Harapan.
Anonymous_1545592198: It’s interesting how this documentary would be celebrated if Mahathir actually did the job for which we voted him in his second round as prime minister, but sadly all the comments here are negative as he has greatly disappointed those who voted for Harapan.
The rakyat did well to vote for change but the leader greatly disappoints. 

Lim Kit Siang continues to sprout Kerbau's

MM Online:

Kit Siang: Najib, Zahid or Hadi? Who is PAS-Umno’s PM pick?


Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang (left) greets Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi at the PAS Muktamar in Kuala Terengganu September 15, 2018

Picture by Azneal Ishak

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 13 — DAP’s Lim Kit Siang suggested today that the formal alliance between PAS and Umno might be a vehicle for the disgraced Datuk Seri Najib Razak to plot his return to power.

The DAP stalwart questioned who among the two Opposition parties’ leaders would become prime minister in the event they win the 15th general election, noting that Umno’s Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and PAS’ Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang were also prominent leaders.

your DAP & Pakatan are now in a shamble - look into mirror before trying to sh*t on others 

“Will it be Datuk Seri Najib Razak again, with his 43 corruption charges, hanging over his head and his notoriety as a global kleptocrat, saving him from spending the rest of his life in Sungai Buloh Prison?” Lim said in a statement today.

Lim pointedly asked if the formal union between PAS and Umno tomorrow was to pave the way for Malaysia’s return to the days of Barisan Nasional rule, with Tan Sri Apandi Alias as attorney general and fugitive financier Low Taek Jho returning in a “blaze of glory”.

Lim KS loves Jawi 

He also painted an alternative of a Malaysia governed by Hadi, under whom PAS asserted that supporting a corrupt Muslim was preferable to backing “a clean, honest and non-corrupt non-Muslim leader”.

Lim also accused Hadi of working with Umno to spread lies, fake news as well as racial and religious strife.

“As a result, are we having Shariah-compliant lies, falsehoods, fake news and hate speech?” Lim said.

Lim Kit Siang continues on his now-useless role as MenHEN, badmouthing an already fallen Najib continuously on Mahathir's vengeful orders.

Lim Kit Siang does NOT add value to every word he utters nowadays - just a useless macai to Mahathir. He has forgotten the sins, scandals and sleaze of his former bete noire.

Ah Pek Cina mudah lupa atau berpura2 ta'tahu
hati tamak & otak pariah 

It will not surprise me if Mahathir's old crony Abu Sahid wins the PLUS contract which Guan Eng and Khazanah were reluctant to sell off to Maju Holdings but which they eventually and grudgingly acquiesces to Mahathir to make decision (wakakaka). And bet you Lim Kit Siang will still be as silent as a tikus.


(1) MM Online - Khazanah, EPF against Maju Holding’s takeover bid of PLUS highways, Guan Eng clarifies.

walaupun ahli PKR, hati Dwarf itu dengan Parti PRIBUMI

PETALING JAYA: The Government is still in the process of evaluating the merits and feasibility of a proposal by Maju Holdings to take over PLUS or the North-South Expressway (NSE), says Baru Bian (pic).

The Works Minister said the proposal, which involves a significant reduction in toll rates, appeared attractive but the Government had yet to make a decision on this or any other proposals concerning the take-over any tolled highways.

However, he said the ministry will be a report on "The Way Forward for Toll Roads in Malaysia" in Cabinet early next month, which will be based on the final report prepared by an independent consultant in January of this year.

“Only after a Cabinet decision is made would the Government be able to seriously consider all proposals on the taking over of tolled highways in the country, including the Maju Holdings-PLUS offer, ” he said in a statement Monday (Aug 26).

Since 2014, there have been a number of bids to take over the highway.

PLUS is currently owned by Khazanah Nasional Bhd via UEM Group Bhd and the Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

Khazanah has a 51% stake in PLUS, while the EPF owns the remaining 49%.

PLUS is the largest highway concessionaire in the country, operating eight expressways under five concessions.