Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Stop sale of bumiputera assets

FMT - Dr M: Govt must reduce wealth gap, stop sale of Bumiputera assets:

From the blog of Anwar Ibrahim 28 Nov 2009 (extracts):

... the Malaysian government was believed to have lost US$500 million in an attempt at Mahathir’s urging to corner the London tin market through a company called Maminco, driving the world price of tin from US$4.50 per tonne to US$7.50.

It then sought to cover up the loss by establishing a US$2 company called Mukawasa from which allocations of new share issues to the government’s Employees Provident Fund (EPF) were diverted. Mukawasa expected to sell the shares at a windfall profit to hide the tin speculation.

For more, read post stated above on Anwar Ibrahim's blog.

Don;t forget, I did not say it, t'was Anwar, wakakaka.


  1. Hahahahahahaha......i truly admire kaytee tenacity and perseverance.

    Hence i say that we must die die ensure that pakatan harapan win big so as to facilitate the coming of the 3rd messiah

    Ktemoc kali kong, son of kali

    Hahahahahaha! With najib around, kaytee cannot come back. Lets us fulfill his dream


  2. whats wrong with what mahathir n anwar said? u disagree?

    1. Focus in attacking kaytee ok.....Anwar says so

    2. Ktemoc is a Batu Api agent , secretly working on behalf of Very Poweverful forces in the shadows.

  3. Aiyoh, Kaytee. Past issues of He said, she said, I said can fill another 100 articles and never end if you take 20+ years of Malaysian political stories.

    Not relevant to the current time and events, woh.

    What are the real current issues? Let's start with the coming Malay or Malaysian Tsunami issues and what are they?

    Like that is called more Focus, woh.