Tuesday, April 24, 2018

If only (1) - 2018

If only Karpal Singh did not leave us so suddenly, the 'spiritual leader' of the DAP would have kept the 'avaricious mob' in line with the party principles.

His tragic death marked the end of the original DAP and the beginning of the Lim's dictatorial dynasty where grasping sheer power was everything, even unto sleeping with the enemy. 

O Karpal our dear Bhai, why did you leave us
To fester in the current field of unfettered greed
But nonetheless rest in peace, ignore our fuss
Of DAP's principles the Dynasty pays no heed


  1. Nah! Karpal Singh will still stood by Lim kit siang

  2. if u dun wish yr reader to state our not so nice view abt the dead, which u claim cant defend himself, u better dun start one.

    1. as an anti dap person, I know you are raring to tear into the late karpal, such is your character

    2. U r just acting like a vicious running wild rabid anti-ph's Hell-Hound lah!

      For jibby, ANYTHING goes.

    3. me anti dap? i anti dap authoritarian, i anti dap arrogance n lack maturity big mouth that always put pakatan in difficult situation, which u now label them as asshole n tokong.

    4. your Mansor was the one who called LGE tokong, I OTOH call father & son assholes or the way they treated TSG and suck up to Maddy

  3. Karpal Singh was willing to accept the alliance with Anwar Ibrahim, in spite of ongoing differences , no ?

  4. And you are not anto dap now. And you are always dap supporter. Fuck you la. If I believe you cheebye kaytee, female pregnant pig will climb up the tree.

    You know what! I met Karpal Singh before. Wanna challenge, show me your credential, photo and IC. Mr Kaytee

  5. Let's speculate a bit what the late Karpal Singh with his principles would do or not, agree or not, ok?

    For reference his children views and actions must be taken to derive at a better judgement, ok?

    So far 2 of his children seems ok with what the party General is doing and 1 is not ok with it. And 2 of them are going into battle while 1 is staying at home.

    So, most probably the late Karpal Singh would have followed along The Retiring General in his last battle towards achieving "God, Glory and Power" for his Tokong son.

    It's already too late to still talk about principles when the War Drums are being beaten and The Crusade has started.

    Does the enemy has principles in the first place?

    1. Nostro piggy, what is there to speculate? He is dead for goodness sake. Anyway, knowing who karpal singh really is, he will personally shoot kaytee with his bb gun

      Ot karpal singh will say to cheebye kaytee....

      I have no time for this small boy