Friday, June 23, 2017

Lim Kit Siang ain't no Simon Weisenthal

From Wikipedia (selected extracts):

Simon Wiesenthal (31 December 1908 – 20 September 2005) was a Jewish Austrian Holocaust survivor, Nazi hunter, and writer.

He ... was living in Lwów at the outbreak of World War II. He survived the Janowska concentration camp (late 1941 to September 1944), the Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp (September to October 1944), the Gross-Rosen concentration camp, a death march to Chemnitz, Buchenwald, and the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp (February to 5 May 1945).

After the war, Wiesenthal dedicated most of his life to tracking down and gathering information on fugitive Nazi war criminals so that they could be brought to trial.

In 1947 he co-founded the Jewish Historical Documentation Centre in Linz, Austria, where he and others gathered information for future war crime trials and aided refugees in their search for lost relatives.


He played a small role in locating Adolf Eichmann, who was captured in Buenos Aires in 1960, and worked closely with the Austrian justice ministry to prepare a dossier on Franz Stangl, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1971. [...]

Adolf Eichmann 

Wiesenthal spent time at his office at the Documentation Centre of the Association of Jewish Victims of the Nazi Regime in Vienna even as he approached his ninetieth birthday. 

The last Nazi he had a hand in bringing to trial was Untersturmführer Julius Viel, who was convicted in 2001 of shooting seven Jewish prisoners. [...] 

Wiesenthal retired (c.2004), saying "I have survived them all. If there were any left, they'd be too old and weak to stand trial today. My work is done".

For close to 60 years he hunted Nazi war criminals.

The Forex debacle under Mahathir's government is only 20 years old, where close to 100 billion ringgit at today's value was said to be lost. 

I wonder whether that would be in addition to the RM100 Billion that Barry Wain wrote of Mahathir wasting and losing in his 22-year reign as PM. Think Maminco, Forex, Perwaja, etc etc etc.

Many criticised his cabinet at that time of the Forex debacle for not saying anything.

But as we know, who dared to question Mahathir in his actions, unless he was prepared to leave the cabinet or even UMNO, as had Ku Li, Musa Hitam, Anwar Ibrahim (expelled for corruption, then jailed for sodomy) and AAB (releasing Anwar from jail, crooked bridge affair)?

Oh, isn't it interesting to note that Malaysiakini reported:

After more than two decades, DAP veteran lawmaker Lim Kit Siang has finally got his wish - a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on Bank Negara's foreign exchanges losses in the late 80s and early 90s.

However, Lim is not thrilled.

I wonder why, when Lim KS had even written a book on the Forex Naughtiness and criticised Anwar Ibrahim as Finance Minister for evasive answers in Parliament?

Wakakaka. What a shameful act of putar-belit-ism!

Time for Lim KS to retire.

Oh, BTW, Lim Kit Siang in his heydays (when I idolised him, wakakaka) wrote the following books:

  1. Malaysia in the Dangerous 80s (1982)
  2. Constitutional Crisis in Malaysia (1983)
  3. The BMF Scandal (1984)
  4. Human rights In Malaysia (1985)
  5. BMF – The Scandal Of Scandals (1986)
  6. The North-South Highway Scandal (1987)
  7. Prelude To Operation Lalang (1990)
  8. The Dirtiest General Elections In The History of Malaysia (1991)
  9. The Bank Negara RM30 Billion Forex Losses Scandal (1994)
  10. Pendedahan Skandal Kewangan – Siapa Petualang FELCRA? (1994)
  11. Land Acquisition Act – Abuses, Injustices, Reform (1994)
  12. Economic & Financial Crisis (1998)
  13. Political & Economic Crisis in Malaysia(1998)
  14. The Budget That Was Never Passed (1999)
  15. Constitutional Case of the Millennium (2000)
  16. BA & Islamic State (2001)
  17. No To 929 (2002)

In case you don't know No 17, please read Lim's rave and rant against Mahathir in the 929 & 617 Declarations where Lim also said:

... the DAP CEC would consider proposal to take Mahathir to court for his “929 Declaration” and his “617 Announcement” that Malaysia is an Islamic fundamentalist state.

Younger people today have unfairly criticised one of DAP's greatest stalwarts, Lee Lam Thye, for retiring from partisan politics and then taking up roles in government and NGO appointed posts without realising the monumental contribution by Lee, and what he had done for the rakyat. Those critics should shut their rotten gaps and grow more pubic hair.

Lee's post-political jobs are not unlike a Gerakan senior politician in Penang being appointed by the DAP-led Pakatan government in 2008 to handle the government's businesses, because he was/is most qualified, yet I haven't heard anyone from the Pakatan side condemning that former Gerakan politician.

Haven't Lim Kit Siang become relatively far worse (and justified in his case) than Lee Lam Thye?


Jangan mempunyai double-standard lah, you pack of mongrels.

Wakakaka again.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Will Chinese vote for an anti-Chinese?

In a way it's good that Pakatan Harapan (PH) is still unable to name a person as its preferred PM.

f**k him 

It means the component parties are of or near-equal strength in the leadership power-struggle, a leadership power struggle that have been strongly affected by (i) bad history among them, (ii) distrust, (iii) suspicion about future intents, (iv) personalities a la 2 tigers can't live on one mountain, and (v) motivation.

Though the DAP is still the biggest component party in terms of numbers of MPs and ADUNs, and will probably still be after GE-14, we need to leave it out of the power struggle as it is in a very weak position to offer a PM-designate because its leading experienced personalities are mainly non-Malays.

This brings us to the cruel reality that Malaysian politics had been, has been, is and will be about race, namely, the Ketuanan status of Malays.

Only a Malay can be PM of Malaysia for at least the next 100 years.

And that's why Mahathir has named his party as Pribumi, offensive as it might have sound and probably insulted the non-Malays, as he wants to (a) assure the Malay Heartland of his bona fides to lead them, and (b) to keep the party 'pure' and uncontaminated.

Whatever, the DAP as represented by Lim Kit Siang (though I have doubts about his role as the '100% accepted' representative of the DAP) has already sold its political soul to backing Mahathir, so we can ignore its preference which is a given that it (or rather, Lim Kit Siang himself) will be pro Mahathir.

Last chance for the
 Septuagenarian after half a century of diligent work but finishing off poorly with 3 lamentable last years.

Now, what stands between Mahathir and the PH top position are, no, not the DAP as you would have once expected, but (a) a segment of PKR and (b) the Malaysian voters.

The Chinese voters must remember 1969 when Mahathir told them to f**k off with their votes as he needn't need Cinakui's support.

The Chinese voters must remember the 1950's when he opposed Tunku's agreement to offer Malayan citizenships to the Chinese and Indians.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

93 by GE-14?

FMT - PKR Youth tells Mahathir not to stand in GE14 (extracts):

GEORGE TOWN: PKR Youth wants former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to assure everyone that he will not contest in the next general election or offer himself as prime minister-designate.

PKR deputy youth chief Dr Afif Bahardin wants the veteran leader to make way for “vigour, charisma and new blood”.

Dr Afif said PKR Youth had the highest respect for Dr Mahathir for joining the opposition pact, but felt it was better for the “next generation” to take over Putrajaya.

He said PKR Youth respected its de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim for staying out of contention for the post of prime minister if Pakatan Harapan (PH) were to win the 14th general election, but expressed sadness nevertheless.

His statements come in the wake of talk that Dr Mahathir would become interim PM if the opposition were to win in GE14, as its original PM-designate Anwar is currently in jail.

In Dr Afif Bahardin saying PKR wants the veteran leader to make way for “vigour, charisma and new blood” and for the next generation to take over the reins of Putrajaya, he was reminding everyone that Mahathir is not only 92 years old, but also a former PM who:

  • trashed the Constitution,
  • emasculated the Senate and Judiciary
  • controlled the EC & BTN, and 

... wasted billions, yes billions and not mere millions of ringgit, in:

  • Forex trading as if Malaysia was a casino player,
  • Maminco as if he could outwit the Poms,
  • Perwaja in his unrealistic dream of having heavy industries under his reign,
  • Bakun Dam,
  • Proton car, his pet toy.

not true, I support BR1Malaysia though I may restrict it to pribumi's only 

He even 'persuaded' Petronas to build (at that time) the world's tallest building because he liked/likes silly records of 'biggest, tallest, longest, thickest, etc etc etc - money no problem when there's Bank Negara and Petronas.

What an expensive way for Malaysians to see him as a former PM indulged in his likes and dislikes. As for dislikes there was Memali, Ops Lalang, Sabah election 1994 and various allegations of Ops Blue IC.

But we read in Malaysiakini that Dr M: It will be churlish not to accept PM post if... (wakakaka):

In an interview with Channel News Asia, the man who believe the delusion he is Emperor of Malaysia said:  "If, in the end, nobody comes forward, nobody agrees to any candidate and they point out to me, it'll be churlish of me, just because I want to retire and rest and all that, not to respond to them.

"If there are no more candidates and if all the parties in the coalition agree I should be a part-time, interim prime minister, I'll come back," he said.

Mahathir, however, admitted that he wants to "participate in the restructuring of the nation".

Ya right, of course you can bet your bottom ringgit he wants to "participate in the restructuring of the nation".

And hadn't he already informed us that under a Pribumi government, the PM will have to report all new policies to the Chairperson of Pribumi (which coincidentally he is) for approval before those cabinet proposed policies can be announced and implemented.

By the by, 'churlish' is a very Pommie word, how impressive considering he was known for his 'Look East' policy, wakakaka.

Japanese proverb 蓼食う虫も好き好き
tade ku mushi mo suki zuki "There is no accounting for tastes".

But let's look at some possible seats for him.

When he was warring with AAB, Kubang Pasu played him out, so I wonder whether in GE-14, when UMNO is still under Najib, Kubang Pasu will screw him again?

Pagoh? But then Moody will have to look for a new seat which may be perilous for a future Minister of Oil & Petroleum, wakakaka.

Jerlun, Mukhriz old seat? I heard it's saturated with the Moonies.

Gelang Patah? Wakakaka. Hmmm, I could bring myself to support Mahathir replacing Lim Kit Siang.

Batu? Why not as Tian Chua will be barred from GE-14 unless his appeal against his RM3,000 fine for mouthing obscenities at the police will be successful.

didn't your mum tell you not to say bad words?

But Dr Afif Bahardin and the Youth section may rebelled against Azmin giving Batu away to his Uncle.

He could of course either contest in Pekan (wakakaka) or in Putrajaya (his creation), presumably against UMNO midget Tengku Adnan, wakakaka.

Gayness in Malaysian university

MM Online - Foreign student: Local university tried to cover up sexual harassment (extracts):

sexual harassment occur not only among heterosexuals 

KUALA LUMPUR, June 21 — A foreign exchange student has accused a university here of attempting to suppress his alleged molest by another student.

The Japanese national claimed the university has done nothing about the incident on April 30, when he alleged he was inappropriately touched by another male student, despite multiple complaints.

He said he also lodged a police report over the incident after the university did not act, which he said the university then forced him to withdraw, purportedly to protect its reputation.

The university’s international student centre also refused to help him and even tried to persuaded him to drop the case, he claimed in a post on social media.

He also claimed that he was told by one of the officers that the “colleges reputation is more important than student’s safety”.

The 20-year-old has not heard anything from the university since May 25, and has left the country after completing his law degree, but added that he will return to pursue this case.

When contacted, the university confirmed the existence of the case but declined to share details.

Do you remember my post 7 days ago titled Sodom dalam Selimut?

In that post I wrote (extracts):

In Malaysia, there was a not-quite-similar allegation about Malay males, that there have been many sodomites among them, yang suka main belakang, although unlike the Australian case, no percentile ratio was mentioned.

Needless to say, true or otherwise, the sodomy issue has been given prominence by a very senior politician. And as we have been informed by RPK (wakakaka) there are more than one well-known sodomite in our nation, including a prosecutor, so on, so forth.

Once, a very prominent former civil servant (Indian) mentioned that sexual activities among males themselves would likely exist in boys boarding schools like MCKK, etc.

Thus I wasn't surprised to read MM Online's Three boys sodomise fellow inmate in Melaka rehab school, assuming they are Malay boys.

And my narration led us to the sad tragedy of T Nhaveen, an 18-year old Indian teenager bashed so mercilessly until he went into a state of comatose, where the doctors pronounced him as brain-dead and then completely dead.

Yesterday in my post 'Man up' was lie I wrote that those bullies of T Nhaveen, prior to his hospitalisation and death, sodomised him by inserting a bottle-like object into his anus. That's definitely not to 'man-up' Nhaveen but to brutalise him for what those bullies saw as his seeming effeminate mannerisms.

It was to punish Nhaveen for what they didn't like about him, maybe because they hate effeminate young men, maybe because the Health Ministry moronic anti-LGBT campaign has encouraged them or maybe they possess LGBT tendencies themselves which they dare not admit.

I reiterated my suspicions that the worst abusers of LGBTs have been closeted LBGTs themselves. I suspect latent gayness had at times arose in forms of violence, employed to mask the sexual proclivity of the offenders who subconsciously could be ashamed of their own sexual proclivities.

The MM Online article shows the university's terrible and in fact criminal-inclined governance in attempting to cover up a case of gay sexual abuse.

But more importantly (since we know our universities or rather their administrators are not institutions to be respected in most aspects), there exists gayness among Malaysian males.

It's not a sin to be gay, though in Malaysia when the Health Ministry could come up with a moronic anti-LGBT campaign, it is considered by the religious and thus secular authorities to be, and also a possible crime under some quaint medieval laws.

Gayness is in your DNA. You've either got it or you haven't.

One of my visitors worked it out that there could be one Malay gay male in every 25 males whereas in Australia it's estimated (by word of mouth) it's one in every eight males.

It's not your fault if you are gay but if you abuse others sexually, then you are a criminal not so much for your gayness but for your criminal sexual abuse.

The key word towards non-criminality is 'consensual sex' although it has to be said Anwar Ibrahim did not benefit from that status, which has made us wonder why or how Saiful has manage to escape the arms of the law.

Anwar was charged under Section 377B of the Malaysian Penal Code which states:

Punishment for committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature. “Whoever voluntarily commits carnal intercourse against the order of nature shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to twenty years, and shall also be liable to whipping.”

If it had been non-consensual sex with Saiful, meaning he raped the victim, then Anwar should have been charged under Section 377C which states:

Whoever voluntarily commits carnal intercourse against the order of nature on another person without the consent, or against the will, of the other person, or by putting the other person in fear of death or hurt to the person or any other person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term of not less than five years and not more than twenty years, and shall also be liable to whipping.

But as Anwar was charged under Section 377B, it implies said sodomy was not without consent nor against the will of the other participant, in short, a probable consensual act.

[there was also a suspicion that Section 377B had been more convenient and easier to charge and prove than Section 377C]

Nonetheless, while you ponder or/and rage over that question, wakakaka, the authorities must shrug off the medieval arm-lock of the Islamic religious authorities and consider medical-psychological and social-community support for Malay and Malaysian males and females, in fact the entire group of LGBT.

Take care of god's children. Embrace not ostracise them. He bestowed upon then that unique DNA so if you don't like them blame Him.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

'Man up' was lie

Mariam Mokhtar asked in Malaysiakini, Is Nhaveen a casualty of hate campaign against LGBT? (extracts):

COMMENT | Was the Ministry of Health's recent competition, to "prevent homosexuality", a contributory factor in the attack against 18-year-old T Nhaveen? Did his bullies beat him to make sure he was macho and a "real man"?

When it was first announced, activists warned the authorities that the LGBT community would be further traumatised and that there would be increased hatred and loathing for them.

This competition offered cash prizes, ranging from RM1,000 to RM4,000, for those who could produce the best anti-LGBT videos. There is no doubt that the videos helped fuel more intolerance against the LGBT community.

Well, the Malaysiakini news headline have been a bit outdated because Nhaveen has passed away due to the serious beatings he received. It should instead have read Was Nhaveen a casualty of hate campaign against LGBT? 

And apart from the mafulat-ish moronic competition held by the Health Ministry (which subsequently back-pedalled by removing the terms 'gender confusion' and 'LGBT' in the video competition, but which Minister Subramaniam must nonetheless explain), we need to examine further the claim by some that those bullies beat Nhaveen to make sure he was macho and a "real man".

Another term people like those loved to use was 'to man the pondan up'.

That's utter bullshit.

this one by Education Ministry and you wonder why none of our university ever reaches top 100 ranking in the world

If they had wanted to 'man up' Nhaveen, those bullies would have taken him for a piss-up at a bar or to the brothel for a screw.

Instead they sodomised him by inserting a bottle-like object into his anus. That's definitely not to 'man-up' Nhaveen but to brutalise him for what those bullies saw as his seeming effeminate mannerisms.

It was to punish Nhaveen for what they didn't like about him, maybe because they hate effeminate young men, maybe because the Health Ministry moronic anti-LGBT campaign has encouraged them or maybe they possess LGBT tendencies themselves which they dare not admit.

“Bollywood is filled with closeted gays who pretend to be straight”

says Kirron Kher

Yes, the worst abusers of LGBTs have been closeted LBGTs themselves.

'Man-up' was a bloody blooming bastard of an excuse to bash poor Nhaveen, an excuse totally incongruous with the sickening brutalities perpetuated on him.

Dear Leader made KT applaud PKR

MM Online - Dr M: PKR mistrust an obstacle to Pakatan registration (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, June 20 ― Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has claimed that former political rival PKR’s suspicions of him are hampering the registration of Pakatan Harapan as a formal coalition.

According to a Channel News Asia report, the former prime minister said the level of mistrust was such that the Opposition parties were even having trouble deciding on what his position should be in the pact.

“(I think some of them) worry, they distrust... they feel like I’m still in the show, hijacking the party ― this kind of thinking,” he was quoted in the Channel News Asia report. [...]

“They find it difficult to even decide on the name for me. I’m not asking to lead or anything like that, but it is them who requested,” he said.

Dr Mahathir said there was another proposal to refer to him as executive advisor, which he labelled as ridiculous.

I would never have thought that PKR becomes truer to its party ideology and principles than the DAP in not trusting Mahathir, a despicable draconian dictator who persecuted Anwar Ibrahim and would-be reformers.

My applause for PKR does not cover Azmin Ali who I am sure supports his Uncle kau kau and who is likely to have personal ambitions beyond and above Anwar.

But it shames me immensely to see PKR members sticking it out against their arch foe, while someone in the DAP unbelievably sucks up to Mahathir with even preposterous glowing acclaims. Pathetic! Chow kau!

To be fair to the DAP membership in general, its shameless volte-face belakang-pusing-ing on its policy stand has largely been driven by the personal power-lust of one man, who hungers for power at his career twilight years, whatever whichever however it takes. Read also the 929 & 617 Declarations.

I despair of his song-sang treachery to the party's ideal and principles.

Read also:

Bullies are born!

MM Online - Families of Nhaveen’s attackers fight lonely battle (extracts):

grieving Shanti, mum of murdered Nhaveen 

GEORGE TOWN, June 19 — Families of the five suspects accused of beating teenager T. Nhaveen to death are said to be unable to find legal representation.

A brother of one of the suspects said none of the five families were successful in hiring defence counsels as the legal fraternity had practically abandoned them.

The five suspects are expected to be charged for murder today where the mandatory punishment is death.

The brother suspects that public sentiment had gone against them, influencing professionals such as lawyers and politicians.

Former counsel V. Parthiban stood in for them during the remand process, and has since declared that he would no longer represent them because there were no new instructions from them.


The brother claimed he had also received threatening calls after his identity was revealed to certain quarters.

He added that the entire neighbourhood in Gelugor seemed to have forsaken them, and it was sad that innuendo and presumption had come to influence society as a whole.

There is a “herd mentality” in this case, the brother said, urging people to remain calm and to allow justice to take its course.

He said that he was disappointed that the common belief where a “man was innocent until proven guilty,” was not observed.

My simplified answer to the/his belief 'a man is innocent until proven guilty' would be there's no such thing in reality, as the average human beings living in society are generally suspicious, prepared to believe in the worse and plain damn bloody nasty.

And it seems, from the complaint that the families of the four charged with murder have being unable to find legal representation, my reckoning would also cover the legal fraternity in Penang.

Since the recent happenings of alleged murders of young men resulting from bullying, beating and torturing, either by fellow students or by an assistant school supervisor, there have been all sorts of pontificating articles sermonizing that teachers share part of the blame as do parents, as do society in general, namely, that we are all to be blamed for the non-reporting and condoning of such bullying, that we failed to raise those bullies up decently, that bullies are not born but 'made' through piss-poor adult behavioural examples, etc etc etc.

Kaytee's reaction to all above is yes, that might have been 'some' iota of truth in those (above) pompous pontificating pathetic self-flagellation, but the reality is that, for example, 'serial killers were not made but born'. Thus, similarly, bullies were not only made but also born. You can't 'un-made' such bullies.

And that's precisely why you have bullies, abusers, sadists, torturers and alleged murderers of T. Nhaveen, Zulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain and Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi, as we had such people in the past before, in fact, all over the world.

the late Joyti Singh

in India in 2012

As an earlier report on The Huffington Post noted Wednesday, the young woman, reportedly a paramedical student, was brutally raped by up to six men on Sunday. The sexual assault spanned several hours and left the woman close to death. Her friend, described as a “male companion,” was also attacked, reportedly beaten with metal rods. Both were assaulted after boarding a private bus and were eventually dumped on the side of a road.

A Hindustan Times report on Thursday has revealed more shocking details about the assault. The paper reports the woman was not only raped and beaten, but was also “violated with a metal rod.”

“It appears to be that a rod was inserted into her and it was pulled out with so much force that the act brought out her intestines...

That is probably the only thing that explains such severe damage to her intestines,”
said a doctor at Safdarjung Hospital where the woman is being treated.

Indian prosecutors revealed shocking details about a recent infamous gang-rape. A juvenile suspect was the most brutal abuser: He reportedly pulled out the victim’s intestine, and offered to toss her out of the bus. He may avoid capital punishment.

I know of brothers where three have been good men but one (the fourth) would be real nasty, naturally nasty with a lust for heckling, hurting and harming people.

I have personal experience working with such an evil man (Chinese, no racism involved) who just loves to be a really bad bad bad batu api, to fabricate tales to harm his office colleagues, to poison the Boss' mind against them.

He came from a good family but unlike his family, he was a real bastard, a man so bad and black in his heart I have to call him evil in the very sense of the word.

Part of his poisonous campaign against his co-workers was for his self-promotion but I could see part of it was his perverse sense of delight, a man with a terrible toxic pool of Schadenfreude within his black soul.

Bullies are born!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Zaid's cabinet

From Malaysiakini:

Zaid Ibrahim proposed certain PH members as his choice to be in the PH cabinet. 

But before we read his list, let's check on what is meant by the 'inner' cabinet?

It is said to be a group of the most important members of the cabinet, who may meet with the Prime Minister (PM) and decide policy away from the rest of the Cabinet.

In the USA, the 'inner cabinet' consists of the [I will use the equivalent British and/or Malaysian terms in square parentheses]:

a. Departments of Justice [no equivalent but consider it as the AG cum Law Ministry],

b. Treasury [British Exchequer/ Malaysian Finance],

c. State [Foreign Affairs], and

d. Defense [Defence].

The Secretary of State [Foreign Affairs], Secretary of the Treasury [Finance], Secretary of Defense [Defence], and Attorney General are also known in the USA as 'The Big 4'.

I would say the British and Malaysian governments have more or less the same ranking with perhaps one addition, Home Affairs, though the Battle of Order, or the ministry relative importance, in the 'inner cabinet' of the Malaysian government [apart from the PM and DPM] would in my opinion be:

a. Home Affairs [USA - equivalent maybe Homeland Security cum Police cum Immigration etc]

b. Finance [USA - Treasury]

c. Defence

d. Foreign Affairs [USA - State]

Yes, in Malaysia, Foreign Affairs is quite low in its importance in the 'inner cabinet' compared to the USA's State Department, while I believe Home Affairs is an extremely important ministry which comes next only after the PM and DPM.

Each country has its ministerial pecking order where I think in Australia, any ministry dealing with Rural affairs and Aborigine affairs would have greater importance.

Thus in Malaysia, with our history of insurgency and political turmoil, Home Affairs has a very important role. The ministry controls many important agencies such as police, security intelligence (CIA cum FBI), immigration, etc.

In the earlier years, the Education Ministry was vital to any aspiring UMNO person wanting to be PM because it provided grass-root support from the highly politically-involved and politically-minded Malay teachers who would be mostly UMNO members. Mahathir, Anwar, Najib all went through this ministry.

But today Podah to Education, UMNO members want contracts (money) which would come from the Finance Ministry which has been why it was held by Mahathir, AAB and still is held by Najib.

Our dear Zaid has recommend the following PH pollies to the 'inner cabinet' inclusive of PM and DPM:

PM - Mahathir (Pribumi)

DPM - vacant

Home - Pribumi tied post

Finance - Azmin Ali

Defence - Mat Sabu

Foreign Affairs - Pribumi tied post 

Nice going, Zaid. 

Oh, BTW, Moody has been recommended by Zaid to be Minister of Oil & Petroleum (Pribumi), wakakaka - very sheik and very nice.