Friday, April 20, 2018

WTF is PAS contesting in Sungai Pinang, Penang?

MM Online - PAS makes Sungai Pinang four-way fight (extracts):

SEBERANG PERAI, April 20 ― Penang PAS said it will contest in the Sungai Pinang state seat last night, joining DAP, Barisan Nasional’s (BN) Gerakan and Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) in the race.

Penang PAS state commissioner Fauzi Yusoff, who announced the Islamist party’s list of candidates in Penang, said this is the one seat in Penang that PAS will try to snatch from former ally DAP. [...]

Sungai Pinang's voters are about 31 per cent Malay while the balance are ethnic Chinese (54 per cent) and ethnic Indians (14 per cent) voters ...

white section south of Georgetown city 

The Sungai Pinang seat under the Jelutong parliamentary constituency previously saw a three-corner fight between DAP, Gerakan and an independent candidate in 2013 but DAP incumbent Lim Siew Khim defended the seat with a 4,707-vote majority.

Now, PAS is not only going up against DAP but also incumbent Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu, who is contesting under PSM's banner, and Gerakan, making it a four-corner fight for the urban seat that is located very near to George Town.

There is also talk that state Gerakan chairman and Penang BN chairman Teng Chang Yeow will also contest here.

Teng Chang Yeow

In 2013 DAP's Lim Siew Kim won with a 4.7K majority out of a state constituency of almost 24K, but then there was presumably PAS support for DAP via Pakatan Rakyat. This time there won't be any.

Lim Siew Kim

very Penang-ish name

But I wonder WTF PAS wants to contest there when the Sungai Pinang demographics shows a 54% Chinese: 31% Malay: 14% Indian composition.

We Malaysians are all inherently racist when it comes to politics. as well as nons being f**king fearful of PAS' hudud intention. Thus I'll be a monkey's uncle if the Islamic Party can win in Sungai Pinang. It's obvious no Chinese nor Indian will want to vote for the Moon Party because of its scimitar-threat.

If PAS siphons off the 31% Malay voters, I feel it may f**k up both DAP and BN, but more on the latter, with probably only PSM benefiting, though to what extent it's difficult to say.

The Sungai Pinang state constituency is embraced by the Jelutong federal parliamentary constituency, where my blogging matey Jeff Ooi, MP for Jelutong, has had a wee 'kucing kurap' saga associated with him in November 2013, which might turn Malays against the DAP party, wakakaka.

Jeff Ooi 

As late as 4 days ago, Jeff is still uncertain whether he'll be pick to stand in Jelutong this term (GE14) - see Star Online's Jeff Ooi: I still have four projects to finish. Hope he makes it.

This may possibly advantage Sungai Pinang hometown boy Teh Yee Cheu, who left his former constituency Tanjong Bungah after he exited the DAP in acrimony. Besides, the PSM brand may possibly attract the 14% Indian votes.

Teh Yee Cheu 

Teh has been mucho vociferous on environmental issues such as hill slope development, sea reclamation, flooding and high-density mega projects. I wonder whether these issues may appeal to his Jelutong hometown residents, though their experience of the recent humongous flood might find sympathy with Teh's stand?

However, notwithstanding the Indian votes, the PSM brand is pretty new in Penang whereas the PRM brand (goo t'au tong) is more recognisable by older Islanders. I wonder why Teh did not go for the other socialist party which is actually based in Penang.

goo t'au tong (parti kepala lembu)

Parti Rayat Malaysia

But PAS entry into the contest makes one wonder why when it's unlikely to win nor benefit BN, nor will it disadvantage DAP?


  1. Does it matter? Like I am asking what the hell undirosak folks trying to really achieve.

    Sai hei

    1. singaporeans who lived most time in UK should not interfere with Malaysian politics.


    2. What's your problem with #undirosak?

      The mostly young ones initially have mostly left to vote for PH after seeing The Light at the End of the Tunnel. This is thanks to the EC which made Wed, the polling day and they are rebelling just like what most young ones like to do. Rebel.

      Now, it's being populated real fast by Bigots, Islamists, Govt servants and BN supporters whose minds have gone bongkers between choosing loyalty to religion and party or saving their country.

      Don't believe, meh?

    3. Done that before. Outcome also known. So?

      Reminds me of general haig sending his soldiers to die over and over the same tactics, same strategy

      Meanwhile najib still survive

      I buay i might as well unless everything mampus....better

  2. As to why PAS is contesting a sure to lose ADUN seat of Sg. Pinang , perhaps should ask all those suicide bombers around the world.
    They just can't see the reality of the real world and are wearing blinkers.

    King Makers?

    Looks more like Troublemakers or Gatecrashers. wakakakaka

    1. Again......does it really matter? Shiiiok sendiri only including you nostro pig..

      Its like telling....all mama must be women

  3. PAS takes away the Malay votes, then left Chinese to choose 3 sides. If TYC can take away 1/3 chunks of Chinese votes (must see his strategy) plus Indian votes, then he may win. The uprising Hand of NOD... I mean, PSM will herald.

  4. The Sungai Penang area is overall Chinese majority, BUT there is a large Malay kampong centred round the Sungai Pinang / Caunter Hall area.

    There is Large PAS-fan base there. This morning I passed by a Gigantic PAS Bulan flag. These guys voted DAP in the GE13, but ...they will likely either vote Bulan in GE14 or Dacing.

    1. if they want to vote dacing then they should not put their candidate up. if those malays vote dacing, the dap may be in deep shit

  5. I would love to see PSM win.

    They are the "pure"-est party among the non-BN types. There is a sense of idealism I see among them rarely seen in any longer with the heavyweight political parties.

    1. I would like to see kaytee contesting this election so that I can throw eggs on him

  6. PAS is just a shit-stirrer in Sungai Pinang, BUT it may be sufficient to make things very scary for DAP.

    BTW local Penang people will tell you the Sungai Pinang area is highly haunted.
    Lots of ghosts in the area, especially on election day....