Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Lying about The Loaf

FMT - Mahathir: Bad economy, so I wanted to sell off bakery (extracts):

ex-Towkay of The Loaf dengan ex-Towkay-soh 

PETALING JAYA: Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he would not have thought of selling his bakery franchise The Loaf, if the country’s economy was in better shape and if it was not under the leadership of Najib Razak.

It was reported that Mahathir had said he decided to sell the franchise to help fund his party’s election campaign, but that he could not find a buyer and, therefore, decided to close it down.

Today, Mahathir said under Najib’s leadership many big business were suffering and had to close down, not just his bakery.

“It would be better if Najib was no longer the prime minister and if the economy improved. Maybe then The Loaf would manage to sustain itself,” he said during a press conference at the PPBM headquarters here today.

The Loaf, which opened its first outlet in Langkawi in 2006, ceased operation on April 12.

If Mahathir did not own the bakery as he claimed a few days ago, how could he sell it off.

If he could sell the bakery off that means he owned it.

If he owned the bakery why tell a lie he didn't own it?

That has been why Hafidz Baharom said Mahathir lies too much, as in his article titled Constantly lying. Extracts are as follows:

Let us not forget, Mahathir was a fellow who wanted to remove Ambiga Sreenivasan’s citizenship over Bersih (Feb 2013), which led to DAP leader S Ramakrishnan calling to revoke his citizenship over “Project IC” (Feb 2013).

There are a million and one contradictions to Mahathir that are somehow being whitewashed right now – the latest one is him denying even owning The Loaf which just shut down, as if we couldn’t just access the Companies Commission and show him lying.

This is the biggest problem with our former prime minister – he lies too much. From saying he “never abused the ISA”, to saying, “he wants to continue tolls” and then backtracking in the PH manifesto, to only apologising for using a certain word due to backlash and fear of losing the Malaysian Indian vote.

After all, Chew forgets the multiple failed projects of Mahathir such as the Plaza Rakyat, the Bank Negara Forex loss, Perwaja Steel, BMF Holdings which even Lim Kit Siang wrote a book against it and is now mum about it, independent power producers (IPP) with jacked up prices, MISC, the Bakun Dam project and many more.

Plus, I do believe Chew forgets that PKFZ was done during Mahathir’s time.

Mahathir has been lying and Lim Kit Siang has been covering all up for him, while Lim Guan Eng has been making impractical non-achievable Manifesto promises which Mahathir revealed in Singapore as unlikely to be fulfilled - t'was more of an impractical socialistic bull.

dei mamak, downsize lah, downsize downsize downsize 


  1. "dei mamak, downsize lah, downsize downsize downsize"

    Wa tak bole tahan again... Wakakaka..wakakaka.. waduh sakit perut aku KT.. cukup la.. wakakaka..

  2. If he's selling due to bad economy why did it took him 13 straight years of losses to do so now? Irony? Coincidence? Or something smells fishy?

    1. he is a old poor man, unlike najib n hadi.

    2. Aisehman Hua Yong... He got three sons who are billionaires lah.. sure can tongkat his father one. Wakakaka..

    3. Old, yes. Poor? Ask yourself if you're capable of sustaining 13 straight years of loses amounting to tens of million RM, and then close it down without declaring bankruptcy. Poor indeed.

    4. the old man always caution the malay not to rely on crutch. perhaps he stick to his word tis round, who knows wakaka.

    5. last round, this round, next round

  3. Come to think of it. Understanding from sima qian, the great wordsmith during han dynasty, there is one guy called lao ai who has a giant penis that satisfy qin shi huang mother

    I think by then sima qian was forced to be castrated.....hence.....not sure kaytee is having such nightmare...hahahaha

    Aiyaaaa.....i am still waiting if kaytee got to guts to break scottish play curse

  4. Methinks THe Black Cobra is selling due to pressure to close down from partners who will turn up later and have press conference like Supermax MD.

    Perhaps all the Banks have decided to recall all credit and loan advances.

    Who knows? Anyway, it's just a small issue whether he closes or sell The Loaf. Few millions only.

    Now back to 1MDB again. When is who is going to sell the Yatch, or whatever Units or Bitcoin?

    1. "Indonesiancourt rules seizure of Equanimity yacht to be invalid"


  5. at least he tell the truth eventually, unlike najib. tis hafidz bodoh seem dun know or pretend dun know abt the problem of current pm.

  6. The Loaf was closed down so he didn't own it anymore, what's wrong with that statement?

    “he wants to continue tolls” and then backtracking in the PH manifesto" because he's no longer a dictator, he cannot dictate the manifesto as he like as other members have a say to it. Logical?

    "apologising for using a certain word due to backlash" show that recognized he was wrong. He has changed isn't it?

    The Plaza Rakyat project was unfortunately caught in the 1997 Asian financial crisis which made the contractor bankrupt, so many others companies and projects including the Bakun Dam also failed during that crisis. Why blame Mahathir?

    Talking about the 1997 Asian financial crisis, wasn't it Mahathir who saved Malaysia economy from bad to worse by implementing currency control? The rest is history.

    The BMF was conned by some crooks inside and outside the bank, again Hafidz is propagating fake news.

    This Hafidz is angry with the government performance because his livelihood was affected but instead of doing something, he acted like a cried baby doing nothing but just wishy washy hoping the system will change better for him! What a loser he is.

  7. In earlier days music was played back on Vinyl records , which had physical grooves for the recorded sounds.

    Occasionally , a groove got damaged or was poorly manufactured in the first place. The record player's stylus could get stuck in the damaged groove and play the bad sounds over and over again.

    That is what Ktemoc sounds like right now...

    1. Yup...his needle got stuck in that groove for so long that we are bored stiff hearing the same sound over and over and over again ad nauseum !

    2. Like general haig repeated strategy in sending his soldiers to their death during ww1