Monday, April 30, 2018

Zahid: Wǒmen shì yī jiārén

MM online - Zahid delights Bagan Datuk Chinese voters with Mandarin phrase (extracts):

BAGAN DATUK, April 29 — “Wǒmen shì Bagan Datuk rén, Wǒmen shì mǎ lái xī yǎ rén. Wǒmen shì yī jiārén hé Bagan Datuk rén shì wǒ de péngyǒu,” said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in Mandarin at a gathering with the Chinese community here today.

The simple phrase which meant “We are all the people of Bagan Datuk, we are all Malaysian citizens, we are one family, and the people of Bagan Datuk are my friends,” endeared him to his audience. [...]

He spent more than a hour talking to the voters, moving from shop to shop, meeting the voters, and assuring them that Barisan Nasional was the party which could deliver in terms of economics, education and security.

In his speech, Ahmad Zahid inserted several simple Mandarin words like tajia hao (how are you?) and buyao (don’t) and spoke Malay with a Chinese dialect, to which he received thunderous applause.
The mood was certainly different from the official functions which he had to attend.

Addressing himself as a ‘local boy’, the closeness that Ahmad Zahid has with the local folks, some of whom are old friends, including many Chinese and Indians, were clearly an advantage to him.

Bloke has come to imitate Anwar Ibrahim in sprouting Mandarin to Chinese a la manmanlai, wakakaka, which BTW is Cantonese.

I prefer Canto as it has more delightful swear words like Tiu and Niamah


Just in the same way as Princess Permatang Pauh was doing during a Pakatan Harapan rally at the Penang Esplanade a couple of days ago when she was rumoured to have said Wǒ shì yī zhǐ māo (我是一只猫). Aiyah, probably fake news lah, wakakaka.


Zhēn de, wǒ shì yī zhǐ hàipà de māo

caution: fake news above - read at own discretion

My oh my, pŭtōnghuà has gained more popularity in recent days, especially with the election just around the corner.

In China and especially HongKong, Mandarin language is referred to as pŭtōnghuà (普通话), which literally means common speech or language.

But in Taiwan it's called Guóyŭ(國語) which means national language.

Malaya in its colonial days used the same expression as the Taiwanese and in addition also Zhōngguóhuà (language of the Middle Kingdom)but obviously with the Independence of Malaya in August 1957, those words were no longer correct as Mandarin (or Middle Kingdom lingo) were/are NOT the national language of our independent nation.

Trust the Chinese Malaysians to come up with a politically correct alternative, by calling Mandarin as Huáyŭ (华语; 華語) which is translated as the Chinese language. Sing, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines do likewise.

But Western countries, especially the USA, use instead Hànyŭ (汉语; 漢語) which means the language of the Han tribe.

I am not sure what Mahathir will call it, wakakaka, considering he once warned and threatened Dong Jiao Zong about the UEC exams?


zhēn de ma?


  1. I think Najib will win big so that kaytee can finally come back to Malaysia......hahahahaha

  2. Pity this Zahid is not born or have qualities of a General nor Leader. More of a Pak Turut foot soldier.

    Seeing his party drowning now even before the GE, all directed at his Master's misdeeds,he should have staged a coup de tat and saved UMNO and BN with a possible chance of winning.

    If he is planning to do so after winning GE, then he is even a fool and not a strategic political player.

    He will drown together with his Master, his party and BN.

    What a waste of his political career to go down like this.

    More Coffins, please.


  3. wo men bu yi yang, mei ke ren tou you pu dong te cing yi, wo men cai ce li cai ce li teng ni.....wakakaka

  4. BNUMNO's recent heavy-handed maneuverings are a sign of weakness, not of strength.

    Likewise Ktemoc's desperate efforts on behalf of his Boss Najib.

  5. Zahid is ACTUALLY trying hard to say

    非我族类,其心必异 (fēi wǒ zú lèi,qí xīn bì yì)

    But being uneducated in Mandarin, was conned to say

    “Wǒmen shì Bagan Datuk rén, Wǒmen shì mǎ lái xī yǎ rén. Wǒmen shì yī jiārén hé Bagan Datuk rén shì wǒ de péngyǒu,”

    Wakakakaka… ketuanan freak IS ketuanan freak to the core! Nothing can change it even if it whispered sweet nothing to the ear.

  6. "UEC exams"

    when my daughter found out najib visit her school officiating new building n talk abt uec recognition, she said no one (student n parent) really care, its just the school administrator n politician rhetoric. their uec cert is good enough, no need msia govt recognition.

    n u can read one f5 student write in his fb, najib n bn has zero contribution towards kc new building, n cis, not sure y he was invited to officiating the event.

    tis r students view, of course we know y najib was there, n the school mgt difficulties.

    since u wanna add in mahathir in a irrelevant article, i talk najib la, what he did to cis in the last 8 years? i remind again all chinese pls vote him out in 509, along with his pet dog mca n gerakan.

  7. It's quite simple really. Go with your heart (and a little of your brain). Judge a government based on what it has done, especially if it has been in power for 60 years. If you are happy vote them in again, if not vote opposition. In 5 years time, rinse and repeat.

    1. Bull lah!

      What needs to be completely exterminated is that bigoted culture championed by umno.

      So, follow the destructive process initiated by mamak & see it through & through. Hancurkan umno habis-habisan!

      This is the START.

      Only then, rinse & repeat whatsoever election process that's been created with yr heart & brain!