Saturday, April 21, 2018

Blue Moon anger

Star Online - Group of PKR members do not want Dr M to use party logo:

PETALING JAYA: A group of so-called PKR members held a protest rally against Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad using the party's logo in GE14.

The group protested at the party's headquarters here on Saturday (April 21).

Claiming to represent PKR members across the country, Bukit Gantang PKR Youth chief Muhamad Faisal Zainal said they are giving the party's leadership until April 26 to reverse their decision to allow the Pakatan Harapan chairman to use the light blue "eye" logo.

He added the party was formed to fight against Dr Mahathir's "tyranical" rule.

"Allowing him to contest under the party logo is against our principles.

"Even worse, he was nominated as the future prime minister," he said.

Can't blame them and Mohd Faisal has been correct, that PKR was formed precisely to battle Mahathir, so how could PKR stalwarts tolerate their arch-foe, the Mahafiraun, huddling behind their Blue Moon. F**k off lah.


  1. Spin harder spin harder.......

    Rumpelstillskin.......or cheebye kaytee moc

  2. It's a blue-eye logo, a symbol of the fight for justice.

    The Najib shill trying to mis-characterise it as a Blue Moon.

  3. Kaytee......can you tell me your address so that I can send the mirror to you personally

  4. keadilan already win wrt mahathir since the latter join pakatan. tis faisal talk like a bodoh n sound like a bodoh, perhaps he is really a bodoh.

  5. these pkr members can't see their own nose cos anwar's nuts are hanging over their eyes..honestly they are that dedicated

    they should be asking how and why Maddy have to resort to using their logo, don't they realize that harapan would prefer to use the unified logo if not for ros actions

  6. PKR's Logo is an Eye logo except for Kaytee who seems to see only a small blue Moon. Eye means wake-up to Reformasi.

    So, what the shit are those PKR protestors talking about? They want Reformasi or not?

    I think Dedak made them forget about Reformasi.

    1. Some call it split-moon. So, it can mean a split party.

    2. Dont worry. Allah will surely destroy pas. Nik aziz told me