Sunday, April 22, 2018

The more humble CM

In FMT's DAP tells why Nga and Liew named for Cabinet posts, which as we all know, have been someone's arrogant tok-kok, I have been more interested in another issue (extracted):

Chow Kon Yew 

Chow [Kon Yew] said the party’s decision not to field eight-term MP Tan Seng Giaw to defend the Kepong federal seat was part of a “natural renewal” process in politics.

He said although Tan had served DAP well, he failed to get elected to a state or central-level post within the party.

“There are candidates who have been dropped after serving one term. In politics, things are fluid and can change”

At least Chow Kon Yew has been far more courteous and less arrogant than someone so easily slighted over a small issue of Penang's disappointing green record.

Tan Seng Giaw blamed for not 'sexing up' PAC's 1 MDB investigation to Pakatan's requirement

TP teflonised a la King David in remaining mum in his role as a PAC member should be made to explain

Chow did the polite thing to attribute the dropping of veteran Tan Seng Giaw as the euphemistic 'natural renewal' process in politics, and also to praise Tan for serving the DAP well (though this might not make the Hell-Hounds happy). He'll make a more humble CM.

Though I have to say, with the Hallelujah Mob in Selangor, I am not surprised Tan Seng Giaw failed to get elected to a state or central-level post within the party. 

But I agree there should be a 'natural renewal' process which I strongly believe should start off with a nyanyok raja-belakang-pusing 77-year old.

When one starts to forget one should go retire.


  1. Again it's you who demanded for shadow cabinet from Pakatan. Now it's you that says people are arrogant by pre-empting cabinet posts for DAP folks

    Hantu also you. Tuhan also you.

    Kaytee is truly a Malaysian version of Rumpelstillskin. Too many fuking straws right......cheebye......hahahaha

    Go go go demand cincin, bracelet or first born child from Rosmah la....

    Guess what happen to Rumpelstillskin at the end.......hahahahaha

    Seriously, I say it's time to let Pakatan Harapan win big because

    If kaytee didn't perform ritual seppuku, I bet kaytee would come back to Malaysia with underwear wearing outside in saving Malaysia again......hahahaha

    I have faith in Pang shim let Pakatan especially all DAP selected parliamentarian and state assemblymen win

    1. what shadow cabinet? where is it? who are in it?

      Don't simply tok-kok

    2. You did say. If i prove it how, you expose yourself in malaysia with photos. I am not going to be your monkey....come back to malaysia and sue me cheebye.

  2. "Tan Seng Giaw failed to get elected to a state or central-level post within the party."

    Just goes to show that long before the current controversy, Tan Seng Giaw was already out of touch and not in good standing with the majority of DAP Selangor members.

    Its not just matter of Hallelujah types. The majority of DAP members are still ttaditional Chinese.

    The state party elections are conducted democratically , No ?
    Or you only accept the results when certain candidates win ?

    1. Well.....he made a wrong move but since dont wanna lose face, blame here blame there

      Just like kaytee the rumpelstillskin.

      In this case, i am not beholden to this cheebye. I just push kaytee into yellow river to ensure his reputation is mampus. Provided that his skin is not thick

  3. can agree with the last 2 para, he can always come back if the country need him eventually, or else it give a impression dap is managed and lead by a never retired emperor.

    cky is fine, remind me of ktk, humble n always try talk factually. but he is a little bit not honest tis round, wtf natural renewal he is talking abt, tsg is a turncoat, let him rot along with the pencuri n penyamun.

  4. "Natural Renewal"?

    Sounds like "God Glory and Power" to me.

    I am still puzzled why the AG report on 1 MDB is not released when everyone outside Malaysia seems to know except Malaysians.

    Will it be released just before 9th May (polling day) or kept under OSA until kingdom comes?

    1. So now you are puzzled? What a nostro pig? Go ask kaytee la

    2. It will only be released by a new Pakatan federal administration or possibly by Najib's BN successor , if he is keen to make a fresh start understanding himself from Najib.

    3. Why i am saying, I'm puzzled is becos if what TSG says is correct then releasing the AG report would have exposed everyone in PH as liars, would it not?


    4. Hehehe......then why ag report not released? Perhaps nostro pig

      So this piggy is kaytee side kick now. What a fucking revelation

    5. Precisely. If the report can show with solid proof no hanky panky, no wrong doing, why hide it from public viewing ? Even a child knows that only shameful things needed to be hidden away ? The issue does not deal national security or anything of that sort, so why OSA-ed ? Not a single dedak mercenary blogger and propagandist, with all their slick spinning, including that most monstrous one in Manchester, can answer or give a good reason for that, hehehehehe.

    6. The thing us this cheebye kaytee never reveal his face. Show his documents and credentials. Tell us his occupation.

      Who is kaytee cheebye mor? That singapore historian gone through 6 hours of drilling under singapore parlimentary select commitee over the historian bizarre comment on pap role over operation cold store.

      Come on! I expect by now kaytee should come clean. Else just fuck off from blogsphere and world wide web

      Kaytee cant have the cake and eat all of it. If he expects accountability from people like lks and calling him all kinda of nae, shouldnt kaytee be subjected to same accountability.....

      Harold wilson did warn about these self appointed samurais. The only thing is kaytee would never perform ritual seppuku once exposed.