Sunday, April 29, 2018

Nurul Izzah doing a 'Azmin-Ali'?

FMT - Nurul confident she can draw PAS members to support her (extracts):

BUKIT MERTAJAM: PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar remained cautiously optimistic over her chances in the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat, despite it being a PKR stronghold for the past two decades.

She is concerned over a low voter turnout due to the Wednesday polling day and those voters who have not made up their minds on who to vote for.

To counter this, she said 60% PKR’s machinery was concentrated in Malay-majority areas. [...]

She said despite PAS claiming to wield a stronger election machinery, she was confident many of them will vote for a change, especially in Permatang Pasir. We will not take a confrontational stance against them,” Nurul said.

Permatang Pasir’s Amanah candidate Faiz Fadzil agreed with Nurul, saying the PAS grassroots in Permatang Pauh were divided.

He said Permatang Pauh was home to many PAS moderates and will support a Pakatan Harapan candidate to defeat Umno and BN. [...]

Faiz said brave PAS members have even quit the party to join Amanah, which he says has a membership of 1,000 in Permatang Pauh alone, compared with PAS’ 2,000 members.

This was what Azmin Ali had been trying to do in Selangor, slutting with PAS though the Islamic Party has proclaimed total political severance with PKR, DAP and of course Amanah.

a balanced diet requires some greens

The way Nurul has said it, it appears she wants to ape Azmin Ali's work in Selangor (which won't surprise me if Azmin has worked out a covet kowtim-isation with PAS, wakakaka).

But yes, Nurul has cause to be concerned about, namely, the white moon in the green sky. I wonder whether she has already kowtim-ed the 'arrangements' with PAS?


  1. More Ktmoc prejudiced anti-Nurul bullshit.

    What she was saying is about a hand of friendship out to PAS members, not some sinister secret alliance with PAS party.

    THAT sinister alliance is between your boss Najib and Hadi.

    1. so, according to Monsterball:

      (a) arrangement between Najib and PAS = 0% hand of sinister friendship
      (b) arrangement between Nurl and PAS = 100% hand of sincere friendship


    2. Friendly Outreach to PAS supporters and members <> Pact with the PAS Party.

    3. Ah.. he who is the kingmaker will win the game in PP. Period.

  2. slut is still better than turncoat like lee traitor n raja liar, that could sell their mothers for some ringgit.

  3. No harm to be friendly to those liberal PAS members who have not joined Amanah and getting their support to achieve in winning the War.

    That's called politics.