Friday, April 20, 2018

Zaid - new target for the Hell-Hounds

FMT - Zaid: I’m not angry, just disappointed with ‘arrogant’ DAP leaders (extracts):

Summary - The DAP member reveals the communication between him and the party over the possibility of contesting a seat in GE14 and his unhappiness over the DAP leadership's attitude.

Zaid said he had been offered the Gelang Patah seat 12 months ago by DAP, but that three months later he was told the offer was “conditional on something else”. He did not say what the condition was.

“It was later withdrawn. Then a second-liner in the DAP leadership told me that I could go to Bentong if I was interested. I said it was not a constituency that was suitable for me. I am not a giant killer and have limited resources since I have been unemployed for the last eight years.

“There was total silence on the subject of the election and seat allocation in the last six months. In fact, I was not very involved in the party’s activities.

When I sent a text message on March 27 this year to the party’s key men to ask if there would be any seat for me to contest. I was not even granted the courtesy of a reply. So it’s not the issue of not having a seat that bothered me, but the attitude that was shown.”

Using what happened to him as an example, Zaid extrapolated that what was lacking in the Malay-Chinese relationship at the political level was the right balance of civility and respect.

death of courtesy 

“The problem with MCA was that they became too compliant and submissive in their relationship with Umno, and that’s why they lost the support of the Chinese. I am now equally convinced that the arrogance of the DAP leadership will never secure them deep Malay support. Somewhere in between lies the right balance that I was trying to find.

“Anyway, I hope DAP leaders do not try to prolong this matter and stop telling people that I was offered a seat which I then refused.” Zaid said he, too, would not broach this subject again, adding the important thing was for solidarity to ensure victory for the opposition.

That missing courtesy, also seen in the obvious marginalisation of Dr Tan Seng Giaw on the night Lim Guan Eng announced the DAP candidates for Selangor, has been a wretched behavior in the current DAP leadership.

the party victim

the party running dog is someone consorting with Mahathir

It smacks of, as Zaid mentioned, arrogance and also what I have noticed, a biadab-ish dismissal of those members perceived (by the current leaders) as "useless" party-junks.

It's not just piss-poor Chinese-Malay relationship or the cultural difference. Lack of courtesy is recognised adversely for its abysmal characteristics in most culture, though it has to be said Asians are more expected to show exemplary courtesy as a result of their traditional cultural-valued upbringing.

Throughout history, Chinese have been known and admired for extending exemplary courtesy even to their enemies. I believe the Western word for it is called 'chivalry'. But that's in Chinese history, the type of value-system that a person like Koh Tsu Koon grew up with but most probably not so for Tony Pua.

DAP's current leadership has unfortunately not been an example of the best of Chinese-Asian traditions or culture - see my post un-Chinese Tony Pua.

Replying to a query by a party member is expected and shouldn't be ignored because that would signal bad manners, arrogance and poor upbringing, a drastic insult to our ancestors.

With such revelation, though not the party confidential information has not been completely exposed, I believe it is the end of the road for Zaid's career in the DAP.

But it'll be the beginning of attacks on him by the Hell-Hounds which feral obnoxious creatures will relish savaging, vilifying and abusing him.


  1. Zaid Ibrahim is toxic material after his run-in with Royalty.

    DAP needs to steer clear of placing him as an election candidate, else it will create image problems , equivalent to shooting itsef in the foot.

    Time for the rolling stone to move moss picked up in PKR, Kita, or DAP.

    1. Rolling Stone's going to become Hindraf's Director of Malay liasion next.

  2. don't tok-kok. What about Aziz Bari who by comparison to Zaid is seen as more anti-royalty

    1. No no no.....kaytee talk cock skill is the best

  3. Pasir Gudang, don't want. Bentong, also don't want. Where do you think, he wants?

    Kota Bahru? Marang? Wakakakaka

    1. No 1 Hell-Hound has just warmed up, wakakaka

    2. Although Nostradamus had only joined in here recently, one can see he's what most people would call " duduk di atas pagar" type, the one I think most likely to bring out his mahjong table on 9th May, wakakakkaka

      So by just airing a bit of a comment about Zaid which has more than a whiff of sarcasm there, already he's being consigned to "Hell-Hound" ! wakakakaka. So even "neutrals" cannot hantam both sides or all sides if there's more than 2 sides as far as Ktemoc is concerned.

    3. From UMNO to PKR. PKR to KITA. KITA to Twilight Zone. Twilight Zone to DAP. Where next?

      PBBM, Amanah, PAS, Hindraf can are?

      Reminds me of the story "Journey to the West".

      This demi-god looks like "Journey to Nowhere".


    4. On top of his royalty controversy, he is known to be a chugger.
      Won't go down well with Muslims / Malays.

      All in all DAP is right to keep him off the candidate list.

    5. Jj, beware of such fellas. I would shoot them dead in the event of war

  4. Ktemoc...No. 1 Hell-Hound.

    Anti-PKR , Anti-Anwar Ibrahim Anti-DAP (now) , Anti-Mahathir , Anti-Lim Guan Eng, Anti-Lim Kit Siang. Anti-Tony Pua, Anti-Rafizi Ramli..

    24 hours x 7 days. ...

    Najib ? Dayus....
    ( Look up Malay Dictionary if you don't know "Dayus" meaning)

    1. 'dayus' means I have been cuckold-ed, namely, someone f**k my wife - is that what you want to tell me?

    2. You are very right matey and Monsterball is wrong. Certainly Stanley Augustin is not a dayus.

    3. Anything for hadi awang. No wonder nik aziz is cursing u