Sunday, April 22, 2018

Making it worse for Tan Seng Giaw

FMT - Seng Giaw a patriot, says Rahman Dahlan (extracts):

KOTA KINABALU: DAP’s Tan Seng Giaw continues to get praise from Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders following his party’s decision to drop him from the coming polls, this time from Umno Supreme Council member Abdul Rahman Dahlan who hailed the eight-term MP as a patriot.

“Although he is with the opposition, to me Dr Tan is a patriot. What he spoke all this while, in or out of Parliament, especially on issues related to 1MDB, those came from the heart of a leader who is sincere,” said the minister in the Prime Minister’s Department. [...]

Prime Minister Najib Razak had recently said Tan was dropped from DAP’s Kuala Lumpur line-up for the coming polls because he spoke “the truth” about 1MDB.

“This is what happens to someone who told the truth on 1MDB and refused to toe the party line,” Najib had said.

Tan, who was the Public Accounts Committee vice-chairman, had said Najib was not involved in 1MDB’s dealings as he was only the chairman of its advisory board.

He had also said that the culprits behind 1MDB’s problems were “the board of directors and management, and those who ran the company”.

Tan recently told FMT that he was standing by his statement that Najib should not be held accountable for the dealings of the state firm.

“The Auditor-General’s Report has not been released to the public. Many people do not know its contents, so for them to comment is baseless,” he added. “I have read it many times.”

In an already unjust situation for Dr Tan Seng Giaw, receiving praise from the DAP's enemy in this pre-election period is like Russia praising Teresa May right now, wakakaka.

Admittedly Teresa May is gentler on the eyes than Dr Tan, wakakaka again.

But the unfortunate part of it all is that BN's praises for Dr Tan will only convinced the current vicious rabid anti-Dr Tan's Hell-Hounds that they have been correct in savaging a DAP veteran for serious crimes to humanity, Mother Teresa and her untimely death (add Princess Diana to this list), the victims of Nanjing in WWII, the extinction of rhinoceros in Malaysia and the moas (Dinornithiformes) in New Zealand [add the Irish Elk (Megaloceros giganteus) in Ireland to list].

extincted Moas 

Of course the BN is not being kindly towards Dr Tan but has been praising Seng Giaw for its own political campaign, but they have thoroughly f**k-up kaukau Dr Tan's reputation.

But be that as it is, Dr Tan's words, to wit, “The Auditor-General’s Report has not been released to the public. Many people do not know its contents, so for them to comment is baseless. I have read it many times” will be ignored by those already indoctrinated with hatred for him.

But I believe the person to verify this should be Tony Pua who was also on the PAC but who of course is in the DAP inner coterie and thus exempt from any abuses by the hell-Hounds, wakakaka.

There were also two PKR and two PAS MPs in PAC. Let's hear from Tony 'Chicken Little' Pua and the two PKR and PAS PAC members.

But our very politicised party supporters are not interested in inconvenient bullshit-to-them like facts, proofs, evidence, etc.

Indeed, on this score they have already sentenced guilty-as-sin Najib and Rosmah to Malaysia's eventual world-first joint hanging for the "logically-ascertained-by-them" murder of Shaariibuu Altantuyaa.

F**k man, it's the only "logical" and deserving end for the most despised UMNO couple, who are undoubtedly responsible for murders, Forex loss and the entrepreneurial debacles of Perwaja, Maminco, Mukawasa, Proton, MAS and of course The Loaf.

Unlike King David who no doubt was guilty of adultery, murder, treason and the most vile crimes in Israelite history but lovingly forgiven by God because he repented, just in the way an old man in Malaysia has been lovingly forgiven because he has repented as well, Dr Tan Seng Giaw must be condemned to eternal damnation for being a "running dog'".

Definition of a 'running dog' - a servile follower, especially of a political system or politician.

Gawd, gosh, omigosh - that definition has opened a can of worms as I can think of "someone" who is a  servile follower, especially of a politician and political system called Mahathirism, and thus a 'running dog'.

No, it's not Dr Tan Seng Giaw. It's another person, wakakaka.


  1. "It's another person, wakakaka" - it's Ktemoc, in favour of Najib..

  2. tsg a turncoat. i guess he is welcome to join the honorable club of pencuri n penyamun.

  3. Patriot means "A person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors"

    Since when Patriot is defined as supporting a party like BN or UMNO or a person?

    Can be called "An upright or principled man" but definitely not a Patriot.

    Politicians are Patriots? Wakakakkakakakakaka

  4. Tan Sent Giaw deliberately ignored the 1MDBs rule that all decisions of the company must be approved by the Chairman of The Advisory board.

    His whitewashing of Najib is premature and not evidence based.

    What about the United States Department of Justice accusation against Malaysian Official One ?
    It is impossible and DISHONEST to dismiss that as Fake News.

    1. If only TSG has verifociously demanding for the release of all documents by Najib, perhaps, he does not receive such whackings. I am sorry to say......He asked for it......aiyaaa

    2. Maybe TSG who is just a doctor, doesn't know the ins and outs of corporate life...maybe he thought the phrase "the buck stops here" refers to some animal like the dear ? wakakkaka. Sebab itu la, dia no faham what is "the 1MDB's rule that all decisions of the company must be approved by the Chairman of The Advisory board ".

      This country is a real joke la....WAKAKAKAKA...manyak manyak lawak dan klentong tiap tiap hari, LOL sampai nak mampus.

  5. A cousin to Ong Boon Hua and also Lee Kuan Yew.

    1. and child of Hadi Awang and one lady from Patani, Thailand

    2. mean now we can watch the battle btw siam vs sporean? interesting.

    3. Sai hei la. I would rather make sure that kaytee exposed nakedly in malaysia. Parading kaytee in public would be fun

  6. tsg has got to be the most innocent politician ever..I refrain from using naive as I believe he is a doctor? perhaps in his busy schedules he forgot to relax a bit and maybe go watch movies about organized crime or read up on the sophistication of covering tracks of crime where the crime boss are never implicated...

    1. Ck, will tell you about one famous genral during the romance of 3 kingdom who made fatal mistake and eventually kenna beheaded.

      Not to mention the stupidity of Kwan Yu and Xiang Yu in fatal battles ended with their life gone.

      Of course, if kaytee were to know the ending, he may quit his present job to become soothsayer.....or some hermit or Bodhisattva for a fee.....

      sure rich one

      Kaytee would have to assume the role of rumpelstillskin spinning straws into gold. If you read the fable carefully, the most unfortunate is rumpelstillskin. In this case, kaytee moc.....That's I really really very Tham shim of him.......hahahaha

  7. U r very CLEARLY biased!

    The current vicious rabid anti-Dr Tan's Hell-Hounds r running wild at the ph ends. What about the current vicious rabid anti-Dr Mahathir's Hell-Hounds that roaming viciously at the bn ends?

    Oooop…… u ONLY comment on ph affairs. BN's r not in yr kpi lah!

    BTW, there is a frighteningly similarity between the way that BN has been praising Seng Giaw for its 'kind' words towards pinklips own political campaign, & Dr Tan Chee Khoon's 'chivalrous' acts towards BN!

    Perhaps, both Tans share something common! A 'Tan Sri' in in waiting??

    The PAC's investigation is tightly confined. There were also two PKR and two PAS MPs in PAC. Why aint Tony Pua and the two PKR and PAS PAC members said anything but tsg? Could it be bcoz the facts, proofs, evidence, etc couldn't be solidly surfaced due to the handicapped constraints that placed on their investigative power? Tsg has his own mind about the findings, can't the test have their OWN views too?

    R u implying if they maintain their silence then tsg is/was their spokesman!

    1. CK,
      Kaytee is rumpelstillskin la. At the end, when rumpelstillskin is exposed, kaytee will say....

      "The devil has told you that! The devil has told you that," cried the little man, and in his anger he plunged his right foot so deep into the earth that his whole leg went in, and then in rage he pulled at his left leg so hard with both hands that he tore himself in two......."

      And we live happily ever after Najib, Rosmah and kaytee are mampus......

      Maryam Lee go go read Brother grimm fables

    2. Plus i stumbled across harold wilson's last labour conference speech.....i am pretty tickled by what wilson said about

      Self appointed samurais.....hahahahaha

      In this case, kaytee has no shame which is a good deal. We make sure pakatan win big and i am very sure kaytee will fly back with his underwear worn outside to the day....

      If madhater is naughty

      I hope i am not wrong

  8. Memorandum and Articles of association (M&A) of 1MDB, Section 117 states that "all businesses of 1MDB must be approved by the chairman of the advisory board"

    On what basis did Tan Seng Giaw clear Najib ?

    Money talks ?

    1. Don't hold your breath for Ktemoc or his choir boy unknown/john/hasan to even attempt to reply to you here. These talam dua muka will pretend tak tau, buat dunno...that's their modus operandi. And we will see another few more new articles the next morning continuing his rants tearing his hair out at the unspeakable evils that had been perpetuated on his innocent Jibby, now that he has sort of coming out of the closet, so to speak, throwing caution to the wind, no longer avoiding mention of his Master's name....this only indicate how desperate is the fight now for this GE 14. a couple more weeks to go.....

  9. TSG should ask himself why. This is the problem that some folks never learn 5 why analysis. Perhaps, you should provide the service. Shit! you sometimes aviation problems without knowing what is 5 why analysis and 8D problem solving......sorry....what shit kaytee know

    Kaytee is just a rumpelstillskin whoe jobs is to turn straw into gold.

    In this case, straw is raw data into gold (Bullhits) for Rosmah/Najib.....hahahahaha

    Kaytee should know what happen to Rumpelstillskin at the end. I really tam shim kaytee.......hahahahaha