Saturday, April 21, 2018

I wonder (3)

I have a niggling thought, yes I wonder, what will happen after GE14 if Pakatan wins majority rule BUT Mahathir loses in the Langkawi election?

I demand a 17th recount please please please

Bearing in mind poor Anwar is still in prison, and Wan Azizah may also lose the election in wherever she will be standing, Permatang Pauh or more likely Pandan, who then will Pakatan nominate as PM.

Since only a Malay can be PM whether we like it or not, the choice will fall among (assuming they win in their selected seats):

(a) Azmin Ali,

I demand also the ministries of Home, Finance, Defence and Trade & Industry , and f**k the 'please'

(b) Nurul Izzah,

I demand my Dad be pardoned, appointed Senator and a.s.a.p made Minister of Foreign Affairs, Home & Finance please - Mum's not interested 

(c) Mat Sabu,

I demand nasi kandar to be served in parliament please 

nasi kandar istimewa perdana 

(d) Mukhriz Mahathir.

I demand my Daddy to be appointed as Senior State Minister please 



  1. yeah, i wonder about you too,now

  2. I wonder more about when PH wins with a majority how to put back The Black Cobra into the basket.

    His son will be made PM to replace him and with him as Senior Minister.

    The Dwarf will kuai kuai bow to the adopted father and sit comfortably as CM again.

    The Lady with the Fan will agree to any thing so long as the Hubby gets a royal pardon and freed from jail, she be made a DPM and the daughters are Ministers.

    And The General will agree so long aa his Tokong is made a DPM also.

    And Mat Sabu is made Minister of Religious Affairs to also balance up the whole team.

    So why worry about TDM losing Langkawi? He has already done all the calculations and negotiations and it will always be his way or the highway.

    Now the "Horror of Horrors" if the Black Cobra decides to strike back against both friends and foes, if it is not His way.

    The Black Cobra threatens to return to UMNO to be hailed as Ceasar returning back to Rome together with all the PPBM MPs to takeover the party followed by a big purge, form a majority again with other parties to be the next BN Baru to rule again the Kingdom.

    Aiyoh! Like that also can ah?

    Everyone taken for a ride again by The Black Cobra.

    And we the voters once again became slaves for another 5 years and dream another dream.

    1. Again what is there to worry. I am sure that kaytee will wear his underwear outside, fly back to malaysia to fight madhater once najib loses ge.

      I have faith in kaytee spirit

      So just let pakatan win this time


  3. R u sure u r no kt double ke?

  4. Is that you kaytee?