Friday, April 20, 2018

Demon-ising Dr Aziz Bari

MM Online - Perak group wants Aziz Bari dropped as GE14 candidate (extracts):

IPOH, April 20 — A group of 53 non-governmental organisations, calling themselves Jaringan Bersatu Sahabat Perak (JABAT), has condemned the selection of academic Abdul Aziz Bari by DAP to contest in Perak during the 14th general election.

Its spokesman Mohd Ishraqi Sulaiman claimed that Aziz had disrespected the monarchy and insulted the palace and Selangor Sultan. [...]

Ishraqi claimed the acts were against the Rukunnegara, royal institution and Federal Constitution, but did not elaborate why.

Note: JABAT could not elaborate why putting Dr Bari up as a DAP candidate will be against the Rukun Negara, Royal Institution and Federal Constitution because it has been tok-ing kok, wakakaka.

'siam' is Penang Hokkien for 'avoid', thus in above context, 'to stand aside'

Penang Hokkien 101: 'Siam sai hong' means 'ponteng', wakakaka

During the early days of Pakatan ruled Selangor, just after the 2008 GE, Dr Bari was the one saying Teresa Kok, then ADUN for Kinrara, could be deputy MB in Selangor.

Then, the general argument militating against her legibility to be deputy MB was that HRH needed a Malay MB and also a Malay deputy MB to advise him on State's Islamic matter.

Dr Bari as a constitutional law expert, dismissed that fallacy, saying HRH was/is himself the Head of Islam in Selangor and didn't/doesn't require any advice from anyone, and also that HRH had/has the state MAIS to fall back upon on more complex Islamic issues.

sweetie Teresa Kok 

But the triple 'C' taboo hanging over Teresa Kok's head, to wit, being Chinese, Christian & Chabor (a woman), was too far a cultural bridge for conservative minds, especially conservative Malay minds. Thus Khalid Ibrahim, then MB and true to his kniasi (takut mati politics) character, acted 'dunno'.

That constitutional advice might well have black-marked Dr Bari for the first time, but he subsequently went on to irritate conservative Malay minds on his constitutional interpretations. When he was nominated by the DAP to be a town councillor in PJ or thereabout, he was noticeably dropped by the PKR-led government from being one.

Rumours flew high and low regarding that deliberate ostracization by the PKR MB, as follows:

(a) DAP played him out (after the DAP had nominated him, I wonder how?),

(b) PKR played him out as he left PKR to join DAP (I won't be surprised, wakakaka)

(c) HRH
did not like him so he was dropped on royal order.

Thus, he has a blemish vis-a-vis royalty and wakakaka, PKR too, not unlike Zaid Ibrahim, both being accused as quasi-republicans.

The Star Online had reported that in September 2014, Dr Bari's statements ..... were alleged to have questioned the role of the royalty in politics and also suggested that the discretionary powers of the Sultan were only limited to instances where there was a hung state assembly.


He was suspended from IIUM in October 2011 for questioning the remarks made by the Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah over a raid on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais).

Coincidentally, both Zaid Ibrahim and Dr Aziz Bari left PKR to join the DAP, wakakaka.

But PKR's Wong Chen, MP for Kelana Jaya, being the gentleman he is, spoke fondly of Dr Bari, as follows:

Wong Chen

we need more politicians like him who has been a gentleman and behaves with courtesy and civility

On the news of Professor Aziz Bari leaving PKR to join DAP, I wish him the best. When he was in PKR, we used to discuss constitutional issues. His book on the Malaysian constitution is a very good book and is a rich source of information. He is also known for not owning a handphone.

Prof. Aziz stood on the PKR ticket as a Parliamentary candidate for Sabak Bernam, Selangor in 2013. We had very high hopes for him. It is a loss for PKR when a man of such talent leaves. A few weeks ago, sastrawan A Samad Said, despite being a very close friend of Anwar Ibrahim and PKR, also opted to join DAP. But at least in consolation, he is moving to our ally. Internally, PKR will need to look into why we are losing such talents in Selangor.

In particular, I salute Prof. Aziz for his loyalty and bravery, standing up for Kak Wan in her quest to be MB Selangor. He took the position that the Sultan has no choice but appoint her as MB. Aziz Bari risked police arrest for saying that “only God, not the Sultan of Selangor, has absolute power”.

Good bye my friend and good luck.

Wong Chen had a nasty falling out with MB Azmin Ali in May last year when his budget for Kelana Jaya was mysteriously cut off. The Sun Daily reported (extracts):

Wong Chen revealed the audit report conducted on his office while claiming that his community spending was frozen by the Selangor government.

In an earlier claim in May, Wong Chen had criticised the state government's audit on a RM250,000 budget allocated to his office, which according to him was unfair and lacking in transparency.

In defending his reason for making the matter public, Wong Chen insisted that he had repeatedly written to the state government over the matter but did not get a response.

I'm gonna f**k him up kaukau


For more on Wong Chen's frustration with his OWN party and state government, read FMT's PKR MP tells Azmin: If you were in my shoes, you’d understand, in which Wong Chen said 400 single mothers and abandoned old people in his Kelana Jaya constituency were affected by the Selangor state government's decision to freeze his welfare account after a 'non-transparent' audit.

Ooops, as usual I have wandered off. let's get back to Dr Bari's candidacy in Perak.

I am not sure who/what is this JABAT NGO, but I would not be surprised it's one of pre-election 'dirty tricks' campaign to kow-tim Dr Bari, though as mentioned, I do not know who has prompted JABAT, wakakaka.

If JABAT is BN-friendly, then f**k it. But if JABAT is friendly to a member of Pakatan Harapan, let's see how the DAP will react, wakakaka.


  1. Mahathir wants his own man to be Perak MB , in the event Pakatan Harapan wins a majority in the State ( which is not a far-fetched scenario, given MB Pele's piss poor performance ).

  2. Most likely the hidden political hand play of the Mufti of Perak and JAIP.

    Rather unfortunate he is too much of a Constitutional and Islamic intellectual for the liking of the establisment.

    Anyway, methink he is more suited for some thinktank NGO rather than as a politician.

    He would have to betray his principles if he becomes a politician. Wakakakakakakaka

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    Creating a syndrome called Oh dearism......Seriously why we should just shoot these bastards when you see them. One of them is kaytee moc or ktemoc.

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  4. IMHO Zaid and Aziz are more suitable to run the Bar Council or legal outfit rather than to be ADUN or MP or to serve in any political party.

    Granted, they are both excellent intellectuals, but my reading is both lack political maturity and wisdom, and thus a potential liability to any political party.

    1. agreed, msian dun appreciate smart n intelligent people, we like bodoh n corrupted polician.