Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Nuts Party in GE14

Malaysiakini - 'Raja Bomoh' may join GE14 race (extracts):

Ibrahim Mat Zin, who once courted international attention for his antics as a bomoh (shaman), is scheduled to announce his foray into politics tomorrow.

According to a report by Berita Harian, the once self-styled "Raja Bomoh" will announce his candidacy for Teluk Intan parliamentary seat and the Manjoi state seat in Ipoh tomorrow.

I am not sure whether he will be using a coconut symbol for his party or a flying carpet, wakakaka.

Sorry I shouldn't laugh, Mohon ampun 'Raja' wakakaka, because he will win as he can see into the future, with his bamboo binoculars.


  1. I bet the Raja Bomoh will lose even his deposit, whatmore about winning an election.

    The reasons:

    1. Malays and Moslems have realised Bomohism is Syirik.
    2. Chinese laugh at him as a BN clown.
    3. Indians particularly Hindus won't like a Shaman who eat Beef or their cows.

    He's left perhaps with Orang Asli and Kaytee votes who are animist or athiest in belief.


  2. And why not? We have plenty of clowns throwing their hats into the ring. What's one more?

    1. yeah...agreed ! like one thick-lipped clown here making a traitorous fool of himself this announcement :

      Hadi: PAS coalition will contest 160 parliamentary seats

      Did he not recently also make the earth shattering pronouncement that it was Jibby who hugged him first and not him who hugged Jibby first ? wakakkakaka...joker la olang ini. And that like sumo wrestlers, they hug first before they fight ? memang joker betul la this clown...wakakakakka.

    2. Why single any one out when the clownmeister is a 93 year old hack? All of them are the same.

    3. John.....john.....john......hassan ali lei.....harun din.....lei......hahahahaha

    4. hadi, a fork tongued muslim, no diff with mahathir.

  3. Another nut party would be people like maryam lee. Kenna instigated by people like kaytee. Few thousand km from oz land.

    Lky is right when he told off a female phd student

    Get a boyfriend and get married. More practical