Monday, April 23, 2018

Jeff Ooi showed Guan Eng how it should be done

I just saw a STAR-TV titled No Hard feelings for dropped DAP MPs which tells us that:

Both Tanjong MP Ng Wei Aik and Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi said they would continue to stand in the front line and defend the party despite being dropped by DAP for GE14.

Firstly, I think the title is a bit screwed up in its use of the preposition 'for', as in 'for dropped DAP MPs'.

Of course there shouldn't be any hard feeling 'for' the two.

Shouldn't it be 'from' which would then mean 'there isn't any hard feeling from Ng and Jeff Ooi'.

Even 'by' would be more correct than 'for', wakakaka.

Secondly, I was taught in my English classes that when there isn't any (item), then the noun should be in the singular, as in 'no hard feeling' without the 's' to indicate 'plurality'.

But I admit modern usage of English doesn't give a f**k on grammatical technicality, wakakaka.

Hard luck Jeff matey. 2023 then! And that time, hopefully with the Rocket flying again.

On the video clip, I saw Jeff Ooi introducing his replacement in Jelutong, RSN Rayer, with a thumbs-up for the new candidate for Jelutong.

renowned for being sued by umno charged for sedition for allegedly uttering the word 'celaka' at the state assembly sitting on May 20 and later at a rally in Island Glades on May 22.

(Peter corrected my error, thanks)

How nice it would have been if Lim Guan Eng was less arrogant and less sensitive towards Dr Tan Seng Giaw, and allowed the 8-terms MP to introduce his replacement Lim Lip Eng as his replacement for Kepong in GE14.

But alas, Tokong was too slighted by an insignificant remark by Dr Tan on Penang's diminishing greenery to the extent the DAP inner coterie cold-shouldered a 40-year party veteran without due courtesy as to be expected of well brought-up Chinese.

F**king biadap, boe-kar-see!

I am not going to forgive him for slighting my Penang record


  1. tsg is a turncoat that is worst than llt, at least the latter kept his mouth shut.

  2. I remember Ktemoc used to excoriate people for referring to someone as Tokong.

    Wa Lau WEI.. Ktemoc is using the word himself to refer to the person.

    Amazing how far one can go in support of Najib.

    1. Runpelstillskin ma. Weave weave weave.

      Spin straws into gold

      Ang moh fable or 洋人童话故事

    2. He has gone completely DUmno, wakkakaka. Father is now "asshole" and son is now "Tokong" who is boe-kar-see ? All pretense of being staunch DAP supporter is someone is pangkah-ing the dacing this 9th May, wakakakkaa.

    3. You sure ain't Bao Gong. You have recklessly accused me of things which you based on mere suspicions - typical Wild West frontier vigilantism

    4. are self appointed samurai. When are you going to perform ritual seppuku?

    5. "Father is now "asshole" and son is now "Tokong".."....factual quotation. No reckless accusations here.

      "bet someone is pangkah-ing the dacing this 9th May"....just a likely prediction grounded on very obvious patterns of behaviour.

      Again, no reckless accusations made by JJ.

  3. i could be wrong but after all tis years, i think eng grammer is one of the worst thing that happen to a language, its very inconsistent, n even we do away with the so called correct grammer, one can still understand what the meaning n message of a sentence precisely most of the time.

    1. Hi HY.. relax cikit jom..

      Don't' look so sad
      I know it's over
      But life goes on
      And this world
      Keeps on turning

      Let's just be glad
      We have this time
      To spend together oh
      There is no need
      To watch the bridges
      That we're burning...

    2. i am cool bro

      The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
      There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
      A touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall
      Now you say it best when you say nothing at all

    3. Wkakakakaka...." Now you say it best when you say nothing at all"...ohhh, this line is the deepest cut...poor Unkown clutching his heart and goes 'adoi, sakit nya hati ku' LOLOLOL

    4. Wanita Ratu Hati Negara Ku

    5. duit lembu bila mahu bayar balik? wakaka.

    6. You sudah kacau, bank pull back the loan, macam mahu teruskan projek bela lembu? Bukan salah peminjam. Salah PKR.

  4. yayayaya......come suck it up man....

    I wonder who is more arrogant lei? CK......what you think?

  5. Funny thing among some DAP politicians is that sometimes they think like UMNO warlords where they are entitled to rule their own small little kingdoms after some time and no one can touch it.

    They always forget, it is the Party which first put them there and it will be the Party to also take it away from them. Getting quarter/half/full support or 0 from voters is secondary.

    Otherwise, what's the point of being a party member? Go stand as an independent if not happy.

    1. U SHOULD repeat that advice nth times to yr other double - KT, the hypocrite!

    2. We must destroy the likes of kaytee. He has been 误人子弟 for beri beri long time. I am very tam sim of maryam lee. Red riding hood may kenna tipu by this big bad bad wolf. Or izzit 色狼....kaytee the 色狼

  6. Wakakaka ........ So illogical twist uncle! In both the incidents, LGE was supposed to be the "tormentor" and TSG and JO the "sufferers" so any comparison should be between TSG and JO shouldn't it be? Apple to apple mah!

    So what come out of the comparison? i.e.

    JO is magnanimous, a real gentleman, a party man.

    TSG turn around and criticized the party leaders and the party, need I say more? wakakakaka ..................

    1. TSG is becoming / is already a Turncoat.

      Denying this would simply be denifying facts on the ground.

    2. you sure are earning your dedak

  7. RSN Rayer was charged by the government for sedition for using the word celaka. He was not sued by UMNO lah.

    1. you're right Peter, my bad

    2. It would have been perfectly proper process for UMNO to sue RSN Rayer in Civil Court for defamation in calling UMNO Celaka.

      Instead , the use of the Criminal Law Enforcement system in charging him for Sedition was an abuse of power by the Ruling Regime. It purports to make the Ruling Party sacrosanct from any negative remarks. Rudeness or harshness is not a crime.

    3. I am afraid I have to agree with you on this one, wakakaka

  8. Jeff Ooi has been too low profile during the 13th Parliament.
    Apart from the controversy over his tweet over Haron Din's death, I haven't seen much activity from him. He's a nice guy though, and servers his constituency.
    DAP expects its MPs to be active as Opposition MPs. You can't be too low profile to do the job.

    Then again, its not like has been actively defending Najib.

  9. What is your excuse now of not writing this instead?

    After all, you are extremely supportive of GST. And even if you write it, who you wanna blame it to

    Mahathir? Anwar? Lim Kit Siang? God?

    This company is paying zero GST. Can you do the honour to foot in your GST contribution as part of your national service

    Jesus did said.......

    Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.

    Sorry are a fucking atheist know buddha also pay taxes too......

    1. I have deleted a number of your comments because you either insulted God or one of the Malay rulers (I know your granddad used to be a chauffeur for one of the Perak sultans but that doesn't mean you could get "familiar") but here again you are insulting Buddha. Luckily for you Buddha isn't a God

    2. Aint this a puzzle?

      An atheist so vigorously defending God's of any denomination!

      Is yr no-god belief a deviant cult of the atheism the like of Bertrand & Dawkins?

      Is it a OK for u to tolerate a chastisement of Buddha bcoz u think he is no god?

      Mf**king double-faced, perhaps u r a closet zombie that mischievously lost yr faith in Allah!

    3. respect for other people's god(s); Buddha doesn't give a shit about jackals like looes wakakakqa