Thursday, November 16, 2006

Usual UMNO blood bath promise

Hasnoor Sidang Hussein, UMNO Malacca delegate spoke out in highly racial overtones despite what UMNO leaders might have (at least on the surface) said or cautioned against racism.

I reckon if those leaders don’t want UMNO members to vomit racist scum, all they have to do is to put a firm stop to it, rather than merely cautioned them to be careful, for example like advising those ultra-boasters that their speeches were broadcast on TV.

There is a world of difference in the signals sent out by leaders when they say “Be careful, you’re on TV” against
“Stop that, we aren’t going to accept racist talk!”

I reckon, rather sadly, those UMNO leaders may in fact be secretly pleased with a selected number of their members voicing their racist threats from their froth-foaming mouths.

Hasnoor Sidang Hussein said the following (my comments in different light blue highlights, this colour):

The non-Malays have been challenging the Malays more seriously now despite the existence of the social contract and provisions in the federal constitution ensuring the position of Islam, the Orang Asli and the syariah courts.

May we revisit what this 'social contract' is, because it has been repetitively brandished around like a tangkal (amulet) as if it would explain away the injustice and bullsh*t that have been going on; in fact the so-called 'social contract' keeps changing shape, size and sh*t.

As for the orang asli, the group that have marginalised those 'original people' most, further delegating them to the outer fringes of society, have been the government and its policies. The orang asli only interest the government and the opposition PAS as potential candidates for comversion to Islam.

Until today, Umno is still passive, soft, tolerant and defensive. I believe they (non-Malays) will not keep quiet and will continue to challenge the Malays. If the setting up of an interfaith council (IFC) is successful, those non-Muslims who are the enemies of Islam will side with them (those who challenge the Malays).

UMNO passive, soft, tolerant and defensive? Please excuse my toes for laughing. But having sneered at those remarks, I have no doubt that Hasnoor Sidang Hussein was sincere in his views. In July this year I blogged in New Fact on May 13 Revealed! that:

"... it’s a typical (traditional) Malay worldview that one can see in the earlier local movies – namely, the Malays are a very patient forgiving type (Pak Cik Ahmad Daud, dressed up immaculatedly & complete with spotted neck scarf, sitting in an easy arm chair smoking his pipe and pontificating seriously and wisely) and very reluctant to retaliate, while the Chinese have always been portrayed as an avaricious and raucous ethnic community (fat Chinaman sweating in singlet wheeling and dealing with a dodgy Chinese weight measuring tool) and the Indians as unreliable or at best, court jesters ..."

Why should Malays and Umno be passive and defensive? It’s time to raise our voices and defend the Malays and Islam. Umno is willing to risk lives and bathe in blood in defence of race and religion. Don’t play with fire. If they mess with our rights, we will mess with theirs.

Yes, we know UMNO has done it before - see my January posting The Real Cause of the May 13 Riots.

Umno faces challenges from DAP who are Chinese chauvinists, the ignorant PAS and threats from overseas. Friends in Barisan Nasional, too, have questioned us. That’s why the Malays must unite under Pak Lah’s leadership to defend race and religion.

Yeap, the predictable bangsa dan agama again. Stand strong against those bloody Chinese chauvunists like Karpal Singh.

I know it’s the usual UMNO general assembly’s racist talk, but after nearly half a century of independence and thus cartloads and cartloads of such stinking bovine poo, I am fairly sick of these routine UMNO bigoted ravings - mind you, this year they gave the poor tebuans (hornets) a rest. But then hey, we had Hishamuddin Tun Hussein waving his keris again yesterday.

photo credit - malaysiakini


  1. Hmm, I wonder whether these Umnoputeras can take it as good as they dish out to others?

    Nah. Not this bunch of pansies.

  2. The original constitution of 1957 never mentioned about special privileges for bumiputras. It only talked about special position of the bumiputera.This is a fact. The current widespread special privileges enjoyed by bumiputera only came into existense after mei 13 1969. It was supposed to last only 20 years. Now we see no end to this NEP, then the non bumi have been cheated into accepting this so called 'social contract' that was non existense in 1957.

  3. Sammy Veli Smeliloo6:00 pm, November 17, 2006

    Apa ni? Waving keris is aledy old hat lah. Every year also wave keris -- why such lack of imagination and creativity one? Shouldn't these great wiras do something different this or the next time? Here's a suggestion -- how about lifting up that sarong and pulling out their ding-a-ling and shaking it in the air? You know, the sight of so many grown man with their pants around their ankles, clutching their dingle-dangle in their hot, perspiring little hands, pumping it furiously at each other and uttering dire threats will surely terrify their enemies into a cowering, whimpering state.

  4. People who play the race card can be either taken a) seriously b) or not seriously at all. In this case, I would say both. In the case of (a), they can't be relied as real leaders. In the case of (b), they're dangerous fuckers who don't care a whit for anyone else but themselves, and won't stop at perhaps bloodshed to see things through.

  5. If we install turbines over whereever Umno gathers, it might be possible to produce electricity from hot air generated to provide power to KL for one week. More power is expected to be generated whenever someone from Umno Youth speaks.

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  7. Anon wrote (before I did my job as as the blog owner):

    "Hasnoor Sidang Hussien is ........ from Bank Bumiputra Bukit Baru branch when he was a cashier. Can't understand why people like this is appointed to lead."