Sunday, November 12, 2006

US supports Israel's war crimes

Not surprising that the USA has veto-ed a UN Security Council Resolution condemning Israel's attack that killed 19 Palestinian civilians, showing America backed Israel's action. The Israeli unmitigated military action killed 7 children and 4 women among the 18 who died in Wednesday's shelling of Beit Hanoun. One died later in hospital.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert apologised for the massacre, euphemising it as an accidental ‘technical failure’ by the Israeli military. But virtually everyone in the world knows that such Israeli slaughter of Palestinian civilians has not been new or unique; au contraire, it has in fact been callously repetitive and frequent. Only recently another Israeli artillery shelling murdered an entire Palestinian picnicking family on a Gaza beach.

Now, let’s examine that sole US veto in relation to 9 of the security council's 15 members voting for the resolution, while 4 abstained: Britain, Denmark, Japan and Slovakia.

Britain, Denmark, Japan and Slovakia are staunch allies of the US, yet they abstained, signalling that while they won’t dare to buck the US stand, the sheer horrendous Israeli atrocity wasn't going to, couldn't allow them to support it either. In fact, by not voting against the resolution it’s actually a silent condemnation of the Israeli massacre.

It’s also little wonder that the Palestinian government said that the US veto of a UN security council resolution was a signal that the US had given legitimacy to the massacres and a green light to Israel to do what it wishes, including more massacres.

Their spokesman said: "The US position is not surprising. The Bush administration has always given green lights to Israel to pursue its occupation and settlement activity and has always legitimised massacres committed in Palestine and in Iraq."

Note the plural of the word ‘massacres’.

American totally blind protection of Israeli war crimes and other brutalities is always a ‘given’. How can then a biased USA be an honest peace broker between the two sides?

The answer to the rhetorical question would be that Israel must get what it wants, which is basically no statehood for Palestine. The Israelis are utterly shit scared of a Palestine as a sovereign state, because it then questions Israel's legitimacy, which has been why they kept sabotaging that possibility in every which way - note 'in every which way'!

In the West Bank town of Ramallah, Nabil Abu Rdaineh, spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said: "The US veto encourages Israel to continue with its aggression against the Palestinian people."

Indeed. That’s why the Israelis have been, since Bush presidency, completely and unaccountably brutal, arrogant and evil like their old biblical Deutronomic selves.

And even more significantly of the US obdurate bias, no Arab states, even those who are enjoying US massive aid and US support of their dictatorships, like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the puppet government of Iraq, will even consider the USA as a fair friend, and someone never to be trusted or relied upon.

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