Friday, November 17, 2006

Dear Diary - my thoughts (smirk)


So what if I had personally delivered his passport to his house. Hey man, then he was like an Emperor, surrounded by his fawning courtiers and grim-face Praetorian Guards. You know, one has to hedge against all probabilities. But when a probability diminished into a possibility, and the possibility itself becomes further diminished by circumstance and the f**k-ups of the erstwhile Emperor, WTF, why continue to pretend any further.

Besides, I need an additional target to blast, in my scheme of things to promote myself. Originally there was a much bigger target – yes, admittedly that one was a bit dicey but the equation worked out well when he had a ‘change of HEART’ – got that, you’re not thick, are you, I’ve capitalised the WORD for you!

Sorry old top, don’t feel bad, it’s not everyone who has my type of education.

Anyway, back to the topic – so, what did one do when the HEART-ening news came? Well, one has to select a new target. And that faint ‘possibility’, once an unstoppable juggernaut but now a pitiful immovable joke-or-not (hey, sh*t happens!) was next best, no doubt a very diluted version of the more HEART-y primary (but recently scratched) target. but nevertheless one other than the ‘others’, if you know what I jolly mean, old boy.

What better attack than to label him as a traitor, a Judas to the race, and in that process indirectly shoring up myself as the defender of the faith, the new champion of my people - well, there's one born everyday and we've lots of them (smirk).

Why, I am so proud of myself.

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