Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rumsfeld blown away by Democrat hurricane

At last!

Donald Rumsfeld is gone from the Bush Administration. The former US Defence Secretary has, through his terrible strategy and policies in Iraq, as a result of his hubris, caused more deaths than could have been.

He has been the man who had authorised the Guantanamo torture, in his eagerness to obtain 'intelligence' but in the course of that horrendous process, lost for the USA 'goodwill' and 'respect' from the Iraqis, even those who had been against Saddam Hussein.

But the greater fault must surely lie with the most idiotic American president ever. He had, until now in the shock of losing the House of Representatives to the Democracts, consistently refused to accept or call for Rumsfeld resignation despite the obvious neonlight flashing signs of the Defence Secretary's pathetic and erronous performance in the Iraqi campaign.

Generals have called for Rumsfeld resignation on numerous occasions, yet Bush failed miserably to heed those warning signs of discontent, that all has not been well in his war department.

But Rumsfeld's resignation is not enough, for an American Administration that has done more harm to the world than any other Administration in recent history. And the new question is, can the Democrats restore decency and less arrogance in America's attitude towards the rest of the world? Can they bring fairness and a balanced policy to the Palestine-Israel conflict?

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