Tuesday, November 21, 2006

UMNO racist utterances will continue under wraps

DPM Najib said that future UMNO assemblies may not be telecast live, given the (justified) flak the party has received over its delegates' racist bigoted presentations.

He said many people (who?) felt that the telecast was inappropriate because it gave a distorted view of UMNO proceedings.

Distorted? Each and every year we get the same ugly stuff - the only difference has been that each year it gets uglier.

Najib conceded that some speeches during the just concluded assembly were extreme. And bloody how!!!

But he explained why: “We have gone through this before but because of the direct telecast, they should not use that to pass judgment on UMNO. Sometimes inexperienced speakers tend to get carried away by the occasion and they play to the gallery.”

"They should realise that when they speak, there are others outside the party who are also listening to their speeches.”

So he reckons racist comments were due to inexperience? So he reckons the UMNO leadership had played no part in the assembly's permissiveness in allowing UMNO delegates exhibit unfettered racism, including one urging Hishamuddin to 'use his keris'?

So he reckons racist utterances would be alright so long as they are kept among only UMNO members?

Not one bloody word from him that the UMNO supreme council will prohibit such divisive racist remarks by any delegate, with a ‘cease & desist’ policy.

No, not one reprimand or promise to eliminate such ultra-pronouncements, threats and frothing ravings against ‘other’ Malaysians.

Instead, the bigotry and hatred will be managed under wraps from the public – as if we don’t or won’t know.


  1. yalah! stupid idiotic comments from the najis guy... er... najib guy.

    they always like to find justification for what they did/say and will never admit to their mistakes.

    bl***y hell!!
    (ya i'm that angry!)

  2. Heh I wonder if they'll make attendees sign non-disclosure agreements.