Thursday, November 09, 2006

TDM suffered heart attack

Ole Man suffered a mild heart attack earlly this morning and has been admitted to the National Heart Institute (IJN) early this morning.

Maybe someone has been praying very hard?

But don't get one's hopes up to high yet because it's only a mild one and no 'invasive' procedures (surgical ops) is necessary. He has been told to rest. AAB may be spared his presence at the UMNO general assembly next week.

I'll perform an aethist's prayer for Dr Mahathir which basically is, "Tun, get well fast - we need more fireworks and juicy UMNO secrets. Don't let us down now especially when you're on the right track finally."


  1. I too hope he'll get well soon, though not exactly for the same reason as yours.

  2. Before I say anything else, let me say that I hope Dr. M recover back as strong as before if not even more because I still think his critcism on AAB is still positive.

    However, I like to point out that I had predicted that AAB will end up the winner as Dr. M health will take him out. I did not expect it this quick but thought it could be as soon as before the next GE.

  3. I hope he can recover soon asap too. Sometimes we need somebody to point out and sound out his opinion...

  4. I hope he recovers fast too. He may be hard in his words, but we need people like him to point out what's wrong and what's right with Malaysia.

  5. If he was still the PM, I won't give a damn whether he lives or otherwise, but now that he takes on the role as a watchdog over Abdullah and Gang to at least prevent them from looting too excessively on the nation's wealth , I do hope that he get well soon and continue with his new found role.