Sunday, November 05, 2006

We're neighbours to pirates!

Bernama reported that 100 fishermen from Perak held a demonstration to protest against action by the security force of a ‘neighbouring country’, which they claimed as hindrance to them.

‘… neighbouring country …’? Which foreign country neighbours the coast of Perak? Maybe Guinea-Bissau, or the Falkland Islands?

‘… as hindrance to them …’? WTF is Bernama trying to do, pretending that we don’t know the Indonesian Navy or Marine Police has been extorting from our fishermen?

Their acts of piracy have been taking place regularly for years, and in Malaysian waters too, let alone the high seas, even right up close to Penang Island!

Perak Fishermen's Cooperative chairman Kee Kuee Poo, 47, said they have to protest because they are concerned for their safety. He claimed many local fishermen's boats were detained by the authorities Indonesian Police and would only be released after the ransom was paid.

He said that just within one week, five local fishermen's boats were taken away by the neighbouring country's Indon police who encroached into Malaysia’s national waters. Kee revealed that just recently on Friday morning, a fisherman's boat from Hutan Melintang was accosted by the Indons in waters near Penang. The boat's skipper and four crew members are still detained in the neighbouring country Indonesia.

Kee said: "We cannot afford such losses any more as we have to pay ransom between RM80,000 and RM500,000 for each boat seized by the (neighbouring Indon) country's marine police."

Kee said the fishermen are appealing to the Malaysian government to beef up their patrol of the Straits of Melaka to protect the fishermen.

So where are our Navy? Oh sorry lah, they are busy sending sugar to Sabah and Sarawak! Besides, we don’t want to upset that BIG ‘neighbouring’ f**king country, or it'll emit more f**king smoke down our way.


  1. Kami org Johor tuntut UMNO Johor yang sedang mengadakan Konvensyen pada hari Ahad dan Isnin ini supaya menyokong tuntutan DYMM Tuanku Sultan Johor untuk merobohkan Tambak Johor yang merupakan legasi penipuan penjajah terhadap negeri Johor.

    Kami juga tidak setuju dengan rancangan K(haz)ianat untuk SJER mengadakan Free Access Zone, pihak berkuasa otonomi SJER, memberi keutamaan kepada pelabohan & lapangan terbang singapura, dan menjadikan JB bandar satelit & tempat berhibur untuk Singapura.

    Daulat Tuanku!
    Daulat Tuanku!
    Daulat Tuanku!

  2. ;-) for this posting you screwing the wrong 'neighbour' For that one, wait for my new posting.