Saturday, November 25, 2006

UMNO's 5-B's

Honey Tan, executive director, All Women's Action Society (Awam) expressed her organisation’s deep concern over the racist statements made during the recent UMNO general assembly. Even DPM Najib had agreed with her assessment of some UMNO delegate’s remarks.

Honey Tan said what I had said earlier, that instead of Najib or AAB just commenting on the remarks being extreme, or future UMNO forums won’t be televised, or ‘caring for other races’, they would have been more effective if they had spoken up more strongly against the use of violent and threatening language.

As an example, she highlighted UMNO Youth deputy head Khairy Jamaluddin’s statement that the delegates were merely airing grassroots issues.

She said such was an example of people like Khairy attempting to justify those warlike speeches.

Well, we remember Khairy’s “I was misinterpreted” (don’t we) when he himself delivered one of those racist speeches about Chinese exploiting Malay division. Khairy always has plenty of excuses, like 9.2 million of them.

We all know it’s the UMNO leadership that has encouraged those bellicose utterances.

The aim?

(1) To hide UMNO’s failure to spread their ill gotten wealth amongst the Malay constituency. The loot has remained at the top.

(2) To perpetuate the 'open cheque' called NEP, or if you like the way AAB put it recently, that the NEP is no more BUT, a big BUT, its objectives will continue, which means the 'cheque book' is still open.

(3) To hide the going-on's and the doing's of UMNO leaders, which Dr Mahathir has provided a glimpse of.

(4) ……..
(you fill in the blanks)

(5) …….. (I’m sure there are more than just 5)

5-B's? Belligerent bellicose brains-baffling bullsh*t!

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