Monday, November 20, 2006

Dead Raja fights back for throne

In a serious bid to regain his ‘loyal’, ‘royal’ title, deposed (former) Raja Bodek said that while it would be understandable for non-Malays to feel disturbed by the racist (he euphemised it as ‘emotional’) speeches of some UMNO supremacists during the party’s recent annual general assembly, they shouldn’t allow those bigoted (he didn’t use this word) comments to destabilise them.

What he didn’t want to say was most of us either had the sh*t frightened out of’ us, or we were pretty sick and pissed off.

And what has been his mollifying justification on behalf of UMNO, one may ask?

… because he advised us that AAB and several UMNO ministers had spoken positively at the assembly. Wow!

Indeed he proclaimed joyously: “Good sense has prevailed and it is reflected in Abdullah’s winding-up speech which was firm and fair to everyone.”

I wonder whether he had his head stuck up 'somewhere', in not saying that AAB as the president of UMNO had permitted those racist vilifications and seditious threats during the week long orgy of racial hatred, misuse of religion and divisive criminal utterances even against BN component leaders such as Humpty Dumpty, Lim Keng Yaik, a MCA VP and in the most disgraceful display of utter subservience, his kurang ajar self.

That's what UMNO called him!

How low can a person stoop down to.

Well, in fact much lower, because next, in a sycophantic swarmy comparison, he likens himself to AAB, that he may seem to be and be accused of being a weak leader, but hey look, he and AAB both tolerate those similar accusations because of their spirit of tolerance to criticisms.

Now, isn’t that the yucky bleahhhh case of bodek-ing one could ever imagine?

Excuse me while I puke and wash myself, but anyway I need to ask you, dear readers: should he be allowed to reclaim his former title?

The Raja is dead - Long live the Raja!

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