Friday, November 24, 2006

3-R's Dream Team

It seems there may be a ‘Dream Team’ in the makings.

Imagine a political alliance by the terrible triplets of Dr Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim and Tengku Razeleigh (Ku Li).

The 3-R's - rebel, reformer and royalty!

Recently author and political commentator Syed Hussein Alattas published a political book titled “Macam-macam ada”, claiming the existence of an alliance by the trio to form an opposition coalition to challenge the ruling Barisan Nasional government.

Ku Li pooh-poohed away the story. He said he does not even have the former premier’s phone number, let alone maintain constant contact with Mahathir, as the book alleged. Ku Li visited Mahathir while the latter was recuperating for his heart attack on Nov 8.

What Ku Li did say was there isn’t any hope for reconciliation between Dr Mahathir AAB if things continued in its current course.

What ‘present course’ was he referring ti?

He said that AAB doesn't give a 'fig' about what has been raised by Dr Mahathir.

Well, KTemoc has to disagree with his assessment. It’s not that AAB doesn’t give a 'fig'. It’s more like he couldn’t/can’t care because ……… well, it’s obvious why he CAN’T! A 'fig' by him would turn out to be a 'f**k' for him.

Ku Li said: “Everyone’s opinions must be heard. Whether correct or otherwise is another matter. But as a former UMNO president, when he (Mahathir) questions something, we have to pay attention to what he raises.”

“Whether it was correct or not depends on the government.”

“Now today, people don’t allow Mahathir his right to air his views. They were all his protégés when he led the country. There is no reason why attention shouldn’t be given to Mahathir.”

Aiyah, Tengku, AAB tak boleh lah, susah sangat!

Oh, by the way, sale of the “Macam-macam ada” book was banned at the recent UMNO general assembly.

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  1. Tun M and Anwar? He must be nuts!!!

    Taking the opinion of Syed Hussein Al Attas seriously is like taking the wind vane measurement as permanent. He ws once pro-Tun, then pro-Anwar and finally pro-Tun again.

    And, only idiots read his draggy unfocused self glorification revolting book!