Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lim Kit Siang's 'Chinaman luck?'

Dr Mahathir is still resting and presumably on his way back to recovery, considering that he had two slices of toast and a half-boiled egg for breakfast.

Half-boiled egg? Hasn't the no-no of eggs for heart problemmatic people been a dietary belief?

Anyway, the PM didn't get a chance to see or speak to him as the Grand Ole Man was sedated and sleeping. Likewise with Ku Li and many other UMNO leaders, like Umno Youth executive council member Firdauz Ismail, Sabah MP Ghapur Salleh and former New Straits Times editor-in-chief Abdullah Ahmad, who went to the National Heart Institute a day later but failed to see Dr Mahathir.

However, Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang who led a DAP delegation was surprisingly successful. Hmmm, maybe it's just the 'timing'? Or plain Chinaman luck?

Anyway, Lim and his deputy Tan Seng Giaw were allowed in to see Dr Mahathir, where no one else outside the family have been allowed thus far.

Maybe Lim is also considered 'family'? Oh oh, maybe that could be seized upon for a jolly spin by those who had previously spin-reported Anwar Ibrahim inviting Dr Mahathir to join the opposition?

Maybe Anwar Ibrahim should visit Dr Mahathir? Maybe Dr Mahathir would be under 'sedation' again?

Lim Kit Siang said of his privileged (or lucky) encounter with his old political nemesis: “He looks okay. He said it was the strain of travel. He didn’t have enough sleep. He went to Saudi Arabia, came back and went straight to Indonesia.”

“He was sitting on a chair. There was a book in front of him. He was reading. He looked well. (He) should be out and about very soon.”

But when asked whether Mahathir mentioned attending the UMNO general assembly this coming week, Lim laughed, “How would I know? That you certainly have to ask him yourself.”

Uncle Lim, we certainly like to, provided he isn't under 'sedation', but hey, I am a Chinaman too, with Chinaman luck!

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