Monday, November 13, 2006

UMNO's gravy train to continue!

OK, forget the 30% bumi equity – or 18.9%, 30-whatever % or even plus 45%!

It’s official - ‘percentage’ is out, ‘national unity’ is in!

In a written (I suppose dare not deliver it orally) reply to Lau Yeng Peng (BN-Puchong), who asked the Prime Minister’s Department whether the NEP policies are compatible with the country’s open market policy, the parliamentary secretary for the Foreign Ministry, Ahmad Shabery Cheek, said the NEP will continue until the agenda to achieve national unity is realised.

Which in Malaysia means …..?

He said: “So long as there is unequal distribution of wealth between the races [...] that’s how long we need an agenda to ensure balance participation between the races so that wealth is distributed equally and fairly.”

“What is most important is to achieve national unity.”

“Affirmative actions are aimed to increase the economic and education standards so that bumiputeras are on par with the non-bumiputeras.”

Achieve national unity? Equal distribution of wealth?

Who decides when these are achieved? Can it be achieved when the very instrument purportedly to achieve it is the most divisive force against unity, as well as a sinister tool for those in power to accumulate unbelievable wealth in unexplained and unaccountable amount, thus widening the economic gap even more?

Indeed, can national unity be ever declared as achieved when the very people who can declare it would never ever do so – see how they had fudged, fidgeted, fiddled, falsified, fibbed, forged, fabricated, feigned and f**k-ed around with the issue of the true bumi equity percentage recently!

It’s not unlike those Israelis telling the poor downtrodden Palestinians, while using jet bombers, tanks, heli gunships and artillery to kill Palestinian women, teenagers, toddlers (98 since early this month, i.e from 01 November 2006, and 5,560 since September 2000), that they aren’t going to enjoy statehood unless they (the Palestinians) quieten down and renounce resistance.

You get the drift?

Well, ‘percentage’ has to be out because it is no longer defensible; as for ‘national unity’, it's one of those warm fluffy stuff that's even more intangible than calculable percentage.

The gravy train must continue to choo-choo along to a conveniently unattainable, intangible and infinitely-distant destination.


  1. say lah, "it is all or nothing!"

  2. Pak Lah, we begged, we asked nicely and we waited patiently. At the end, you lie to us, treating us like a fool. Equal distribution of wealth is nothing more than a communism ideology.

  3. Equal distribution of wealth = Open Robbery.
    National Unity = Dhimmi Country.

  4. When I think of "Equal distribution of wealth" - I think about the objective of communism.

  5. I am reminded of many songs all the time but none so apt for all the truth telling articles on this site.

    Sing along everybody:

    "It's the end of the world as we know it."

  6. Please express your feeling and vent your anger in the next GE.


    Please pass this messge to your family, friends & relative.

    Those who have not registered as voter, please do so now.

    We will remember and fight them in the next GE.