Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam's execution - what Iraqis think!

From Reuters, Iraqi views on Saddam's death sentence:

"We were not surprised about the death sentence against President Saddam. The sentence was given for the benefit of Bush in the election.": Ahmed Hussain al-Dulaimi, 25, college student.

He was obviously referring to the US mid-term elections where Bush's Republican Party is in danger of losing badly, and he's right - the timing is too coincidental.

"They have sentenced Saddam to death for the killings that happened when he was a president. Who is going to sentence the leaders now for the everyday killings that are happening in the country?" - Bahjat, 30, a Sunni Arab who declined to give his last name.

Life sucks! Bush and his neocon warmongers should be trialled for war crimes too!

"The court has brought justice for my son who was killed by Saddam.": Um Hussain, 45, a housewife who was weeping.

As I said, that for Iraqis, revenge is not only sweet but an honour to be fulfilled!

"This is an immortal day in the life of Iraqis. I'm an engineer and I was dismissed from my job for political reasons, so justice was done for me today with the death sentence for Saddam.": Tariq Safi, 35, a worker.

Hmmm, seems a bit drastic to want someone executed just for making him lose his job, but that's Iraq where half-measures are the sign of a weakling.

Then finally, a more far thinking bloke:

"Like every oppressed Iraqi, I feel happy, although to execute Saddam once is not enough as Saddam destroyed a whole country. And the real joy will be the occupation forces leaving Iraq.": Hazim Messabih, 35.

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