Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Woman MP calls Penang Deputy CM a liar!

Bukit Mertajam MP Chong Eng called Penang Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) Abdul Rashid Abdullah a liar!

There’s no stronger accusation and insult to the No 2 man in the State government. And, not that I am a MCP (male chauvinist pig), I want Abdul Rashid to note that Chong Eng is a woman. A woman has insulted his official credentials and integrity.

OK, so I am a sh*t stirrer but I reckon Abdul Rashid deserves all sorts of insults, if Chong Eng's allegation is true that he had slyly brought about the demolition of the Taoist temple, despite the State Exco’s ‘stay’ order.

Now, why did Chong Eng call Abdul Rashid a liar?

Well, The Star quoted Abdul Rashid as saying that he did not call for the temple’s demolition but had merely contacted Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP) president Md Aris Ariffin to act on complaints from residents in the area.

He said: "I did not give instructions (to demolish the temple). It's none of my business, I just referred the matter to the relevant authorities.”

None of his business? Well, Chong’s about to prove otherwise.

Chong said: “The letter (dated Aug 18) stated very clearly that he supported and endorsed the demolition. He even said it should be done before any untoward incidents occur. He is lying about this (not sending orders for demolition).”

Deputy CM demolition letter - malaysiakini

But Abdul Rashid said he does not remember the contents or the date of the letter addressed to MPSP. Of course.

Kinda remind you of the “I was misinterpreted” case.

However, Chong gave him an out by suggesting that, if Abdul Rashid denies the letter was sent on his instruction, he should take action against his private secretary Zulkafli Kamaruddin who signed the letter. It was written on official letterhead paper of the DCM office’s.

Then Chong, obviously not quite finished yet, said the demolished temple stood on its own land, abutting the proposed property development.

She pointed out that Abdul Rashid was the VIP who had launched that particular development project.

She said: “He said he acted on complaints of residents in the area. The only neighbour that the temple had were the developers.”

“So technically he acted in the developers’ interests in ordering the demolition. That’s clearly a conflict of interest.”

And just to prove I am not an MCP, I would commend Chong Eng as the only politician in Penang State with balls.

Maybe we should make her the new Chief Minister since the current one only wants to play karn lork (you know, the thing that spins) as he has no ball. I suppose we could say his deputy may also be missing a couple because he dared not acknowledge he gave the go-ahead for the despatch of the demolition letter.

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  1. u have the rare ability to turn an already hot piece of news up another few notches by your commentaries and the way u put things. that shows in EVERY post. BRAVO.

    the CM is too concerned about taking over Gerakan, he won't give a shit. all temples in the country should learn to fend for themselves.