Thursday, November 30, 2006

House of God not safe from uniformed thugs

Last week, the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) demolished approx 50 houses in Kampung Berembang in Ampang, leaving only the surau behind. They left the prayer house only because of the fierce protest by the villagers.

Following that the villagers put up obstructions in the form of makeshift shelters to protect the surau.

But this morning, MPAJ arrived with four bulldozers to finish off the job. They did meet again with stiff resistance from approx 60 villagers and activists who tried to stand steadfast against the demolition. The protestors also parked their vehicles in a cordon around the surau to stop the bulldozers.

However their resistance was met with brute force as the enforcement agencies resorted to aggressive tactics and physical violence to remove the human barrier set up by the villagers.

Alas, there was no stopping ‘city hall’ as the MPAJ enforcers backed by FRU troops tore down the only remaining structure in Kampung Berembang, the surau. Reporters said the 30-year-old village looked like a devastated battle ground.

Isn't there some respect for a house of God?

But what was typical was the brutal suppression of the villagers by the MPAJ enforcers. It seems that in Vision 20/20 Malaysia, the mentality of authority enforcers are still of Vision minus 20/minus 20.

There is always a callousness, disregard and brutality in their treatment of citizens.

Firstly I blame the authority for permitting physical oppression of citizens.

Secondly I blame the citizens for voting in the usual thugs.

Thirdly I blame …….. I don’t know (not so much who I can blame but) who not to blame … that’s our quandary, in our Bolehland.

I thought I won’t say it but I will – F88K!


  1. However, keep in mind that the city councils are not elected so we seem to get stuck with these numbskulls.

  2. After the local authorites destroyed temples ;Buddists and Hindus ; is time to demolish mosque to show that the government is fair to all ?

  3. Usually when the authorities whacked a surau or giant teapot or monster umbrella, there is a UMNO (or anti PAS or anti PKR or anti PRM) political or business motive behind the actions.

  4. Hi from London,
    Why were the authorities tearing this village down in the first place? Does that kind of thing happen a lot in Malaysia?