Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Jews are 'never' ever racists?

Last month the Israeli ambassador to Australia, Naftali Tamir, made a startling racist remarks about Asians being a yellow-skin race with slanted eyes, unlike Israelis and Australians.

In an interview with Ha'aretz, the reputable Israeli newspaper quoted him as saying Australians and Israelis stood out in Asia because "we don't have yellow skin and slanted eyes".

Despite the furore in Israel over the racist remarks by one of its ambassadors, Australian politicians, with the sole exception of opposition spokesman for foreign affairs, Kevin Rudd, suffered from a strange disease that struck them both deaf and dumb at that moment after the Israeli ambassador had made those racist remarks.

The disease is a strange medical-psychological infliction that arose from the debris of the Second World War in Europe – it’s called Jewish-cringe.

In the wake of the Aussie pollies’ silence, Asian Australians (Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, etc) were both puzzled and amazed by the contrasting vigour and enthusiasm that Australian PM John Howard and his deputy Peter Costello and various other Aussie politicians had displayed in attacking a Muslim cleric al Hilaly who had the stupidity to term women who don’t dressed up properly as ‘uncovered meat’ and inviting rape.

It’s as if the Muslim cleric’s remarks had awoken them from their Jewish-cringe induced stupor. But most Asian Aussies cried out "Where the f**k were you, PM, when we needed you?"

Meanwhile, unsurprisingly, the racist ambassador has been cleared by the Israeli Foreign Ministry to return to work in Australia after he had ‘clarified’ his comments in Jerusalem.

Mind you, just 'clarified'! As if a reputable newspaper like the Ha'aretz would get it wrong? BTW, was the reporter of Ha'aretz interviewed?

The Israeli Foreign Ministry, in a statement, said: "As from the first moment remarks attributed to the Ambassador of Israel appeared in … Ha'aretz, Ambassador Tamir issued a statement denying the alleged quotations. This denial was repeated during every stage of the internal Foreign Ministry review of the matter."

His 'denial' was good enough.

The Israeli charge d'affairs in Canberra, Irit Lillian, would not comment further on the review's outcome. That means that the Israeli foreign ministry found it less damaging to pretend the ambassador didn’t say that, so that huge trade relations with China, Japan and Korea would hopefully not be affected. I wonder whether the Australain Foreign Ministry had been consulted by Israel?

Lesson: Racism only exists among non-Jews. Racists are always non-Jews. Jews are the ‘only’ victims of racism, and never the poerpetrators. The Australian example demonstrated how even Aussie politicians cringed and pretend not to notice when a Jew has shown hinself to be a racist.

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