Friday, November 24, 2006

Hishamuddin, don't forget your keris ...

I love this letter by a malaysiakini reader JTB who wrote in to urge Hishamuddin to, yes you guess it right, use his keris but this time for a different reason: JTB wrote:

I am very disturbed by the remarks made by Michael Backman in his article in in the Melbourne's The Age by calling Malaysia ‘bodoh’. I am even more distressed by International Trade and Industry Minister Rafidah Aziz’s refusal to comment or refute the statement of Backman.

To call Malaysia ‘bodoh’ is an international insult not only to all Malaysians but also to the Umno-led government.

Umno Youth leader Hishammuddin Hussein Onn had drawn his keris and waved it at the recent Umno general assembly. The battle cry to defend the Malays, their religion, their culture is made amply clear. How then can Backman insult us?

Umno Youth, are you not going to lead a protest to the Australian High Commission and ask for an unreserved apology from the Australian government for this national insult on us. Tell us when the protest will be and we will rally behind you. Oh yes!

Hishammuddin, don’t forget to bring your keris as we want to show the ‘Mat Salleh’ that we are not afraid to defend our culture. Hidup Pemuda Umno!

I like the last part “Hishammuddin, don’t forget to bring your keris …”.

Truly Malaysian, truly sweet & sour ;-)

Well written, JTB.


  1. Hey I have a better idea, hisamudin bugger should strap dynamite to himself and detonate it in front of the Australian embassy.

  2. keris can find MH370?