Thursday, November 16, 2006

MCA, MIC & Gerakan 'rock stars' leaders

In my childhood neighbourhood there was a rather quarrelsome family, whose internal conflicts became external shows for amused and curious neighbours. I learnt various choice Cantonese swear and obscene words from their acrimonious exchanges, a rare opportunity for a young laddie in a Hokkien speaking environment.

Agitated members of that family, when in full combat orientation, paid scant regard for the crowd that surrounded their house. Sometimes our jostling to obtain a better view interfered with their battle manoeuvres.

Flash forward to the current UMNO general assembly.

Non-UMNO BN leaders who were invited as traditional guests at the assembly had a shock when they emerged from the convention hall. They were mobbed by more than 1300 reporters, both local and international, who wanted their comments on the various insults and threats some UMNO ambitious members had hurled at them.

Don’t those antics (UMNO hurling insults at their ‘family’ members, their coalition partners) just remind me of the Cantonese family of my childhood neighbourhood? Don't those mob of reporters just remind me too of the neighbourhood kay-poh-chnees (busybodies)?

Apparently some of those non-UMNO leaders couldn’t take the rock star treatment, what with porcupine-like array of microphones shafted into their face (and probably various other orifices, accidentally or otherwise), and camera flashlights popping like high-explosive gunfire at a typical Baghdad Sunday market.

A couple of those politicians were shoved around (like rock stars?) until they had their backs to the wall. When Dr Koh Tsu Koon, Penang chief minister, daringly left the safety of the corridor for an open area he nearly caused a stampede. Attention getter!

Malaysiakini reported that as the sea of bodies swayed back and forth, loud cries of ‘stop pushing’ and sporadic shouts of pain were heard - maybe a microphone was shafted accurately?

I wonder whether the f-word was used – hmmm, probably frequently and in true Malaysian multi-lingual ability too.

KNN, CCB, Pund…, CNNWK, MFL, MEPK, MECB, KHLK, TNM, TKL, HKC, PKM ….. hah, the rich vibrant lexicon of besieged Malaysian politicians. But at least they didn’t cry agama, bangsa dan negara, or insulted the shoving reporters and cameramen with kurang ajar or threats of ‘May 13’.

I wonder whether the reporters had shouted: "Datuk, your comments please ... aiyah ... don't lah be kurang ajar ... kasi sikit lah".

Security personnel had to be deployed to rescue those beseiged non-UMNO leaders. It was rumoured that one of them remarked: "Inside sudah kena, outside again walloped ... aiyoyo! Mah Fu Lat lah!"

OK, KTemoc added that alleged remark from his 'extrapolated' imagination - wish I was there, with a microphone ;-)


  1. If only the parties that represent the minorities would speak out. These selfish politicians allow themselves and their race to be humiliated, just for the sake of keeping their golden rice bowl.

    It would be the best time to voice out the "majority" view of the minorities and clarify their stand. Instead, they just allow further exploitation and they don't even deserve a tiny position in Malaysia book of history.

    Shame on them. When UMNO people are declaring themselves as "Malay warrior", they left their head on the chopping board for the warriors to slaughter. Is that how we uphold our race, religion and belief?

  2. MCA Youth has rejected the NEP while DAP has spoken out! I haven't checked PAS yet. Hmmm, maybe I'll nip across to Harakah to see what Pak Nik and his people are saying.