Friday, November 10, 2006

Avalanche of good news for Americans

Dash it, I'm just green with envy over the avalanche of good luck and goods news the American Democrats are currently enjoying.

First, they swipe back the House of Representative (Lower House) after 12 years in the wilderness; this led to great news, the long overdue exit of Donald Rumsfeld from his Sec of Defence job. The news should be particular good for American troops in Iraq who had suffered under Rumsfeld's stubborn, hubristic and utterly useless policies and strategies.

Then the Democrats seize control of the Senate (just confirmed by BBCWold that the Virginia Senate seat has gone to the Democrats) which may bring even more wonderful news sometime in January 2007.

Senator (Democrat) Joseph Biden of Delaware, who is expected to chair the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with Democratic control of the US Senate confirmed, wants to remove neocon John Bolton from his position as US ambassador to the United Nations.

Senator Biden described Bolton’s backdoor appointment as ‘going nowhere’.

He averred:
"I never saw a real enthusiasm (for Bolton's nomination) on the Republican side to begin with. There's none on our side. And I think John Bolton's going nowhere."

By ‘backdoor appointment’ I was referring to the fact that after Bolton’s confirmation was blocked even in the Republican-led Senate, Mr Bush made a 'recess appointment', which will last until the new Congress convenes in January 2007.

'Recess appointment' is a measure that allows the President temporary appointment privilege during a period when Congress was not in session. And Bush deliberately exploited that to appoint Bolton to a post that Congress had already disapproved.

It'll be good to see Bolton out as he has been a terrible obstacle to good international relations.

But wait, there may just be another piece of good news - At least one other Senate seat may face a possible recount. In Florida, Vern Buchanan, a Republican, is ahead by just 368 votes. With such a small lead, Democrat Christine Jennings can and may well demand a recount.

Wouldn't it be sweet revenge for the Democrats if they were to seize the Florida seat from the Republicans who stole Al Gore's 2000 election victory?

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