Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Will Mahathir's 700,000 Chinese vote UMNO or DAP?

From MM Online on Mahathir' accusation of new 700,000 Chinese voters in Johor:

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 18 — Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar has said he will not respond to claims made by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that land in Johor "was being sold to the Chinese".

According to The Star, the Johor Sultan said his statements were based on facts and figures and not news reports from foreign media, unlike the former prime minister.

"I don't make assumptions or create fears, that's all. I do not want to lower myself," he was quoted as saying when asked to comment on Dr Mahathir's claims.

The former prime minister has been accused of stirring racial sentiments by claiming that large tracts of Johor land would be sold to China and that 700,000 Chinese nationals would live in Johor Baru and receive Malaysian citizenship.

Dr Mahathir also went on to allege that these people would then have the privilege to vote in the next general election.

we still want to know who's responsible for nearly a million "new" voters in Sabah 

The preposterousness of Maddy's wild, reckless and irresponsible accusations, of Chinese nationals (not just a couple but 700,000 of them) gaining Malaysian citizenships and becoming voters in Malaysian elections is plain ludicrous.

And he bases his mad allegations on the flimsy straw the Chinese nationals will buy some condominiums on a reclaimed piece of land between Johor and Singapore to participate in his (Maddy's) conceived MM2H program.

What about those foreigners like Brits, Japs, Banglas etc who have bought condos in Penang as part of the MM2H program?

His vituperations should have flabbergasted anyone, but I have to say I am a bit more prepared, again, for his vile despicable anti-Chinese and highly politicized tirades.

Maddy is not unlike his erstwhile protégé in making wild fulminations of phantom voters. But Maddy thinks BIG, in that while Anwar only claimed BN had 40,000 phantom voters from Bangladesh, Maddy being anti-Chinese has claimed there'll be 700,000 phantom voters from China.

But will those 700,000 Chinese nationals, who according to the BIG bullshitter, somehow be accorded Malaysian citizenships and presumably registered as voters, be in time for GE-14?

Or will there be instead humongous numbers of mahjong sessions on election day which multitudinous occurrences may even enter into the Guinness World Records?

Most of all, who will those Cinapeks be voting for, UMNO or DAP? Wakakaka.

Think before talk cock, but then again, Maddy as usual only wants to frighten the sh**ts out of the Malays, and doesn't give two figs about the truth.

Another observation seems to be, in my opinion, that while Anwar was in a way biased against Indians and Banglas, Maddy is definitely against Chinese, wakakaka.

By the by, both have been from Indian stock, but Maddy seems to be ashamed of his Malayalee ancestry (Malayalee are people of Kerala, India).

think it might have been in 2008 when he attacked Samy Vellu as a racist for sympathising with Hindraf, asserting then that Hindraf represented Tamil racists who looked up to their old masters, the British, to protect them.

Ironically, Maddy claimed Hindraf didn't believe in Malaysian institutions when he himself destroyed so many in his 22 years as PM of Malaysia, institutions such as the Judiciary plus the sacking of the Lord President, Senate (from a check & balance parliamentary upper chamber into a PM's mouthpiece it became since Maddy's PM-days), the Civil Service including the Police, the Universities, and worse of all, the EC, etc.

Lord President Salleh Abas
how was his deputy, who stood to benefit from his dismissal, allowed to sit in judgment of him

Salleh Abas highlighted five incidents which he said showed that the decision for him to step aside had been made even before the tribunal was set up.

He said that on 27 May 1988 he was summoned to the Prime Minister’s office and in the presence of DPM Ghafar Baba and
chief secretary to the government (Sallehuddin Mohamed) was told by Mahathir to step down because he had been biased in the discharge of his judicial duties.

Salleh said that he refused to resign and was threatened with dismissal

Two other judges, the late Wan Suleiman and the late George were also dismissed in that day of infamy

The then MIC President, G Palanivel. told Maddy off, reminding Maddy "to remember his own roots", a direct reference to Maddy's Malayalee ancestry, before making anti-Hindraf statements.

Maybe Maddy has been like RTA, not only forgetting their roots but also attacking people of similar ethnic origins. Wait, I apologise to RTA because RTA at least has not disavowed he has been from Chinese roots.

But the Indian Malaysians can now take a break as Maddy is now, once again wakakaka, into demonising his much hated Chinese, whether they are Chinese Malaysians, Chinese Singaporeans and now Chinese Zhōngguórén.


Samantha Ruth Prabhu

also of part Malayee ancestry



  1. It takes a thief to catch a thief, so the saying goes.

    U have been kept implying that that mamak was responsible for nearly a million "new" voters in Sabah.

    So maybe he knows how that conduit works!

    Bolih ke yr ahjibgor takes a page from that mamak to play the same trick, but with a different twist?

    R u that niave not to believe that under these umno elites anything, in fact everything within bolihland, can be appeared as preposterousness as of Maddy's wild, reckless and irresponsible accusations?

    Here's a fictional case for argument to reactivate yr brain cells.

    Forest city is a huge project built on reclaimed isles - meaning on a previously non-existent sovereign title.

    Based on marketing records, available in China, currently the majority of the buyers r Chinese mainlanders. In fact that figure is close to 90+%.

    So, could it be a possible outcome that the residents of the Forest city isles be granted voting rights within that isles on the possible future? If then, what's the next - citizenship or secession of the isles?

    Fiction ehhh..!!!

    But in bolihland, many fictions have been turned into reality just like yr claim of creating majority Muslim voters in Sabah by that mamak.

    Ditto with Altantuyaa's immigration record, TBH's mind-twisting 'suicide'. & the bizarre of the all - jibby's Arabian donation in his private account.

    There r more if only one has the time to dig deeper.

    Thus, think carefully before u jerked wildly as in

    'Think before talk cock, but then again, Maddy as usual only wants to frighten the sh**ts out of the Malays, and doesn't give two figs about the truth.'

    The blur-sotongs, the heartlanders, the ketuanan freaks & the zombie tribe r all his (& umno elites) captived audience for this present time 1001 Arabian nights tale!

    These fictions r usually part truth & part fake. It takes sound rational mind to segregate the two.

    But the unfortunate part is the captived audiences have non of that thinking gene!

    So part fake part truth ALL become truth just as propagated in yr sifu's present skillfully manufactured rants!

  2. the 700k most probably will vote umno/bn, like what happen to most mainlanders reside in singapore, they would give their vote to pap that bring them in.

    just curious what make u think the 700k will vote dap? bec dap is a chinese party kah?