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Chinese worry Mahathir

Mid last year ROK wrote:

f**k off Cinapek 

First of all, Mahathir is already the Opposition Leader. The only thing is he is the unofficial or de facto Opposition Leader because he is not a member of any political party, in particular of one of the opposition parties. In other words, Mahathir is only sleeping with the opposition and does not have a halal relationship with them.

Secondly, if electoral reforms can be implemented without Mahathir, why would the opposition need Mahathir later once electoral reforms are implemented? It is like an organisation offering you a job of CEO to help turn the company around and you reply: turn the company around first and I will join you after that. Why would they still need you if the company can be turned around without your help?

Thirdly, Mahathir said his aim is merely to save Malaysia (and not to oust Najib so that he can make Mukhriz the Deputy Prime Minister). He wants to lead Malaysians and the opposition so that he can save Malaysia. However, he will not join the opposition. He just wants to be the de facto Opposition Leader. This demonstrates a very low level of commitment.

Recently, Mahathir has been making news, in a stoush (fight) with Minister Nazri who has been one UMNO minster who does not hesitate to call Mahathir a racist because of Mahathir's nurturing of the racist BTN and its racist doctrines.

But first, let me make a couple of comments on what RPK wrote (above), being mindful of course that RPK has not been gentle with Mahathir (who does not deserve gentle handing anyway, wakakaka).

On the first paragraph, as per what I have highlighted, I am not sure what or how Mahathir will treat Pakatan after the elections, assuming of course the pact of Pribumi & Pakatan somehow wins.

We can be sure he will regard Azmin Ali for a bigger role. perhaps merging Azmin's PKR faction into Pribumi, though I wonder how Tian Chua will fare considering he is not a pribumi and Mahathir's party is exclusively for Malays.

But I hope that perhaps RTA can provide some advice to "kita Melayu", wakakaka.

said to also campaigned for PAS 

Moving from Azmin Ali, I believe he may, presuming Pribumi-Pakatan wins the elections, and as Chairman of Pribumi, to whom future PMs must seek his approval for any policies*, make the DAP into a nouveau MCA a la the BN style of coalition.

* it's a new style of government based on a combination of the Westminster model and Ayatollah-reign-supreme paradigm, conceived of course by the one & only

It will be unimaginable to believe Mahathir, on the Pribumi & Pakatan pact winning the elections, and after Pribumi has absorbed PKR, to treat the DAP as an equal political partner in the then ruling government.

In other words, the DAP, if desirous of being in a ruling majority government, must learn how to suck Pribumi Grand Olde Man and suck up to Pribumi leaders, like what the MCA has been doing since 1972, when Razak created the BN to replace the previous and relatively far more equal partnership of Perikatan of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Will the DAP suck up to Mahathir, or will it abandon the Mahathir pact to remain as a federal opposition?

The DAP by then will have to make that nasty choice of being a sucker of Pribumi or a f**cker of it, wakakaka, because Pribumi cum PKR and perhaps cum Amanah may or more likely will 'invite' MPs of the theoretical losing UMNO to join Pribumi or remain on the outer.

Dirgahayu Melayu!

But let's return to RPK's 3rd paragraph above, where I had highlighted that Mahathir just wants to be de facto Opposition leader. OK, let me reproduce that paragraph here for your convenient reading so as to put in proper context the issue to be discussed (I'll split that 3rd para into two subpara for easier referencing):

Thirdly, Mahathir said his aim is merely to save Malaysia (and not to oust Najib so that he can make Mukhriz the Deputy Prime Minister). He wants to lead Malaysians and the opposition so that he can save Malaysia.

However, he will not join the opposition. However, he will not join the opposition. He just wants to be the de facto Opposition Leader. This demonstrates a very low level of commitment.


Here I may have to provide a slightly different take. For a start, whatever he has said is more likely the opposite.

Forget about him wanting to 'save Malaysia' - that's sheer rubbish when you consider that he has been perceived as destroying so many of Malaysia once-highly vaunted and highly reputable institutions like its Judiciary, Senate, Civil Service (including the Police), educational system etc, and worse, the potential of our national-social cohesiveness by his exploitative use of religion and race.

His supporters would always claim Mahathir did so much for Malaysia so we should forgive his occasional indiscretions.

I do not dispute Mahathir had achieved certain stuff (with the convenient wealthy help of our once rich oil assets) but the harm done to our nation and society were not just 'occasional' but numerous and with serious implications, as mentioned in preceding paragraph.

Those damages have been and still are very toxic, corrosive and destructive debts, in fact I would say highly 'insidious' to our nation, which I consider have far far far, very much so, outweighed whatever credits he might have achieved, but which (the latter so-called 'credits') always come with a nasty price - eg. highways were good but its crony-ized toll? more universities are good but the standards? etc.

What he wants is to destroy or at least remove Najib so that his son can be PM who will then do what daddy still wants done.

I suspect the reason for him refusing to join (his Pribumi with) Pakatan and just remain as the de facto Opposition Leader is exactly the same why Anwar Ibrahim in his earlier Pakatan but out-of-UMNO days had refused to join PKR but to just remain as the party de facto leader.

Both Anwar and now Mahathir want to remain as Melayu tulen for an eventual return to the Mothership. This is especially more so for Mahathir who naturally has an emotional attachment with UMNO as he has been undeniably the founder of UMNO Baru, having destroyed the original UMNO.

While its unlikely though not completely impossible for Anwar, Mahathir still dreams of returning shortly to UMNO in glory, like General MacArthur fulfilling his "I shall return" avowal, but if only Najib can be rid of.

Even the choice of name for Mahathir's new party has been selected with that Melayu tulen foremost in mind. Pakatan this or that would not do, and neither would Perikatan this or that. Worse, Barisan this or that diminishes his character of Melayu Tulen. And Semangat whatever doesn't do much for his Malay-ness beside belonging to another of his rivals-foes, wakakaka,

Choosing Bumiputera was a possibility but the Chinese and Indian voters may not welcome such a blatant display of ultra ethnicity (Maddy still needs their votes), but Pribumi has a nice ring to it - what could be more Melayu tulen than Pribumi, other than UMNO, and the stupid Chinamen and keling might not know what that means.

And look at who are its members.

By the by, the term Pribumi comes from Indonesia where it means the same as our Bumiputera, except less pompous for the Indonesians, and also more republican which the Indons are.

Yet and undeniably because he is so desperate, he is forced to play footsie tootsie with the much detested Cinapek, Lim Kit Siang and DAP. 

OTOH, Lim is a willing partner or captive because he is equally desperate in wanting to achieve something for the DAP before his time runs out, thus he has thrown caution and his regular standards to the wind, namely, the wind of opportunity.

Mahathir allying himself with the DAP is a political incongruity because he is known to be scornful of Chinese Malaysian who, to him, are only useful when they vote for him and bring in commercial and business wealth for "his" country.

But he wants to play both sides. While being seen as friendly to the DAP and Lim Kit Siang, he also wants the Heartland votes, so he once again, as he had previously admonished Najib to look after the Malays than those ungrateful Chinese, spread fears to the Malays (via Malaysiakini news) that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's move to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by selling Malaysian land is akin to selling Singapore to Great Britain during the colonial era.

"The result does not benefit us at all. Much of the most valuable land would be owned and occupied by foreigners. They would become foreign land.

"When we sold the Singapore island to the Brits, we must know that Singapore with all its wealth and development has become a foreign country.

Of course he neglected to point out that when Singapore was sold off to the British, it was mainly a pathetic near uninhabited malaria-ridden undeveloped island with swamps and jungles.

He is attempting to send a message to Malay voters that, but for selling Singapore with all its wealth and development to the Poms, they would have been owners of today's prosperous Singapore.

He most conveniently omitted the fact of the struggle, efforts and sacrifices made by Singaporeans during their first 30 to 40 years years of independence from the British and subsequently Malaysia.

But that's Mahathir's style of scaring and angering Malays against the dreaded Chinese which we are familiar with. Why should and would Chinese Malaysians vote for such a person?

Then his mouthpiece, Pak Kadir Jasin, told Malaysiakini in a news titled Zam: Our history with Chinese shows Dr M is not 'mad' (extracts):

Malaysia's history with Chinese immigrants lends credence to Dr Mahathir Mohamad's concerns over Forest City's push to draw foreign buyers, said former information minister Zainuddin Maidin.

In a post on his blog today, Zainuddin said Chinese immigrants had in the past bought a few shops in British Malaya before eventually forming numerous Chinese enclaves.

This led to the enactment of laws, by British administrators, on Malay reserve land to prevent Malays from selling all their land to foreigners.

Firstly, I am quite offended by Pak Kadir's insinuation about 
Malaysia's history with Chinese immigrants lends credence to Dr Mahathir Mohamad's concerns about Chinese dominance and occupation of Malaysia.

Both Mahathir and Pak Kasir ignore the reality that Malaysia has a f**king 'Malaysia 2nd Home' (MM2H) program which invites foreigners to reside in Malaysia as their second home, provided they fulfil certain conditions. There are already Chinese, Bangladeshis, japanese, Yanks, Poms, South Koreans, Indians, Sings, Taiwanese, etc, on the program.

Then, there was that silly rumour of 700,000 Chinese (from China) votes in Najib's pocket - how f**king preposterous.

Secondly, Pak Kadir should be more brave to admit that (I'm quoting a research paper by by 3 Malay scholars on 'Malay Reservation Lands') the British in colonial times brought in Indians and Chinese to work in commercial agriculture (e.g. rubber, tea plantation and tin mining) for the Poms. The Malays didn't like that and sold off their land in urban areas and moved to the villages which are the Malay Reservation Lands.

The Poms saw that the Malays frequently borrowed money from Indian Chettiars by pledging their land as security. They eventually lost their lands to these Chettiars when they failed to pay off the

That was a principal reason for creating Malay Reserved Land.

But back to the future, can or should we vote for Mahathir and his Pribumi when he continues to demonise Chinese, either directly or through his media mouthpiece?

Your choice, but remember he is not unlike Janus, the Roman god with two faces.

cited the Forest City project in Johor as one such example. Forest City, developed by Guandong-based Country Garden Holdings in collaboration with the Johor royal family, is primarily aimed at foreign buyers, particularly from China.

Citing a Bloomberg report which claimed that Forest City would accommodate 700,000 new homes, Mahathir warned that a flood of foreigners would potentially alter the demographics of Johor and likened it to how the state sold land to the British which eventually became Singapore.

Read more: https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/368671#ixzz4VJK5RCvU

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