Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Court urged to require JAIS “not to rob in the name of God”?

From FMT about JAIS illegal acquisition of land from a company (extracts):

JAIS didn't have the balls to haul in Raja Bomoh 

In 2013, UAE submitted approval to develop its 26-acre land and provided one acre for a mosque.

Instead, the state compulsorily acquired the entire 26 acres purportedly to build the 26-acre mosque.

The developer sought intervention from the Selangor menteri besar and the prime minister but did not get any assistance.

UAE then filed a judicial review and alleged that the acquisition was mala fide to create a land bank for the religious authorities in Selangor.

Rosli had previously urged the court to prevent the religious authorities “not to rob in the name of God”.

He had also demonstrated that the evidence given by religious authorities contradicted the reasons for the acquisition which was published in the government gazette.

Some years ago, a woman unfortunate to be caught by JAIS allegedly committing khalwat was then forced by a JAIS officer in Gombak to do a blowjob for him.

perks of the job? 

JAIS has obviously got more ambitious and while remaining predatorial, has moved from blowjob to arrogantly seizing (through compulsory acquisition) a 26-acre land owned by a company.

MM Online also reported on JAIS illegal land grab:

The Court of Appeal granted a total of RM100,000 in costs to UAE for proceedings here and in the High Court, with half of it to be paid by four respondents — the Selangor Land and Mines Department director, the Kuala Selangor land administrator, Jais and the Selangor government.

The other half is to be paid by two others which UAE had sued, namely the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) and Selangor Zakat Board (LZS).

Thanks to the MB's lack of diligence to ensuring justice for the company, the taxpayers of Selangor have to see their money go towards cost for the company's legal proceedings.

why the f**k didn't you take appropriate action when UAE appealed to you? 


  1. it seem u prefer intervention from govt officer than go thru due process of law. aussie pm n mb oso do like that ka?

  2. In your haste to carry out your usual highly partisan attacks on Azmin Ali, you f**king failed to fact-check your accusations
    (I only use the 4-letter word because you already started it).

    Azmin Ali was sworn in as Selangor MB in September 2014, by which time UAE had already lost its first High Court Case, and was appealing it with the Court of Appeals.
    The "Menteri Besar" that UAE had appealed to before opening the case in the High Court was Not Azmin Ali.

    It would have been very unusual for Azmin to immediately intervene in an on-going court case.
    Theoretically, the Selangor State Government could decline to defend the court case, but JAIS is famously independently defiant of the Selangor State Government, giving the Selangor Executive the middle finger in previous unrelated incidents.

    By the way, I am no friend of JAIS, but in the interest of facts - you failed to mention that the Sessions Court acquitted the accused in the Oral Sex case you mentioned.


    Come On, Ktemoc, even JAIS low-life have a right to be treated based on the facts of the case.