Monday, January 16, 2017

HRH Johor: Mahathir used race for selfish, opportunistic motives

Star Online - Johor Ruler slams Dr M over Chinese investment comments

Ironically the man who de-fanged the royals for their untoward activities is now being chastised by one of them for his untoward nonsense.

I urge you to read the article yourself. It's an excellent criticism of Mahathir's current evil. I use the word 'evil' in accordance with what HRH Johor had said him, to wit:

“Dr Mahathir and his allies are only talking negative things, most of which are a figment of his imagination and evil thoughts.

“I feel sad for him because he had to lower himself to this point. It is okay to disagree but please do not concoct things.

He used to hate western press but now he is quoting everything from the western press. He has forgotten many things he has done,” he said.

Tuanku had earlier said:

“Enough is enough. I have so far restrained myself from commenting on the controversy on Forest City generated by Dr Mahathir and his supporters.

“But Dr Mahathir has gone too far with his twisting of the issue. He is making allegations that 700,000 mainland Chinese will stay in JB, and that citizenships will be given away, and that huge tracts of land have been sold to the Chinese.

“He is giving the impression that Johor is surrendering land to the Chinese and that we are giving up our sovereignty, comparing even how we gave up Singapore to the British,” he said in an interview at Istana Bukit Serene here.

His Royal Highness said he did not wish to intervene in politics but he had to set the record straight as “the facts have been twisted by people with twisted minds and intentions”.

“Let me ask him this – Forest City is to be built on reclamation land and most of these units are condominiums. In simple language, these units are up in the air. They are strata units.

“I would like to ask Dr Mahathir if these foreign buyers can just take their apartments back home or carry off an inch of the reclaimed land

“Take a look at the number of foreigners who have bought pro­perties in Singapore. Are the Singaporeans in that tiny island republic worried? No, they are not and they, in fact, welcome affluent expatriates there.

“Here, we have Dr Mahathir creat­ing fear, using race, just to fulfil his political motives. He’s not stupid, he’s just selfish and opportunistic,

Mahathir has earned himself the title of Maharaja Belakang Pusing. There have been too many to list here for now. BUt worse, as I have posted often enough, HRH confirms Mahathir uses racial issues or turns his politicized issues into racial ones, just to get his way.

I am deeply disappointed with the DAP for entertaining and allying themselves with this old evil man. They have forgotten the words of Ramkarpal Singh, who carries his father's legacy of the highest political propriety, to say the DAP should not work with Mahathir.

In April 2015 the now-defunct TMI published a news report titled Working with Dr M to remove PM will be a ‘disaster’, Pakatan told.

In that report we read Ramkarpal's opinion on working with Mahathir (extracts):

“The question of working with Dr Mahathir is an unimaginable disaster waiting to happen."
Ramkarpal said that working with Dr Mahathir would mean that PR would just be maintaining the status quo of a Mahathirist regime, allowing “corruption to continue”.

And last year Ramkarpal's sister, Sangeet Kaur Deo, must have been equally alarmed by LKS' dalliance with his former archfoe, perhaps compelled by his anxious desire to win the next general election whatever it takes (even with Mahathir) so as to end on a glorious chapter to his almost half a century of political struggle, since 1969.

Sangeet Kaur was compelled to state during debates at the DAP national conference (via MM Online):

“I want to clarify at this stage that it was interesting to see Tun Mahathir in support of Maria’s release when it was him that was instrumental in the cruel enforcement of the ISA.” 

Mahathir has certainly earned his dubious sobriquet of Maharaja Belakang Pusing.

But Sangeet Kaur has been aware of Mahathir's all-too-apparent hypocrisy. She ought to know how evil Mahathir had been when it was his draconian regime that incarcerated her father Karpal Singh three times, in 1987, 1989 and 2000.

And ironically LKS was also detained in Ops Lalang, thanks to that same Mahathir draconian regime.

SIRIM should grade Mahathir's current hypocrisy as 101% bullshit with the potential to metamorphose into anti Chinese venom, and may I say the metamorphosis has occurred.

Continuing with Sangeet's statement, “Now I strongly urge the leaders of DAP to be very mindful when we choose our allies. Yes, there are no permanent friends, there are no permanent enemies, but there must be permanent principles. And when we choose our allies, we must be sure that their principles are genuinely in line with ours.”

We know by now that Mahathir has no principle at all, let alone permanent principles.

But what Sangeet Kaur said, obviously referring to Mahathir, has been exactly in line with her brother Ramkarpal, namely, that Mahathir's principles (or lack of) aren't those of the DAP.

And may I add in conclusion, nor those of LKS, given his current nyanyok mentality and heedless rush into an unholy alliance with Mahathir, which has turned him sadly from being my hero to being a big bloody zero.

But alas, as I mentioned, Lim Kit Siang has his own Old Man of the Sea on his shoulders, namely, Father TIME which may prevent him from realising his aim of overthrowing UMNO politically. Hence Lim has now jumped into bed with the worst PM of Malaysia of all times, a Mahathir hell-bent on using his old punching bag for his political tirades.

And of his punching bag has always been his much hated Chinese Malaysians, Chinese Singaporeans and now Chinese Zhōngguórén. And it pisses me off that LKS is ignoring this vile racism.

Mahathir doesn't care what divisiveness his polemical rants will cause so long as he can through those anti Chinese tirades frighten, anger and scare the sh*ts out of the Malays into his camp, to vote for his son.


  1. Allah peliharakan Sultan
    ‘Nugerahkan dia
    segala kehormatan
    sihat dan ria
    kekal dan makmur
    luaskan kuasa
    naungkan kami
    rakyat dipimpini
    berzaman lagi
    dengan merdeka bersatu hati
    Allah berkati Johor
    Allah selamatkan Sultan


  2. Mistakes made and lessons learnt is an experience.

    Mistakes made and lessons not learnt,and repeated over and over again are only for the self interest fools.And in Malaysia,there are lots of these fools.Actually political fools.

    May these political fools spent the rest of their miserable lives sucking the dicks and marbles of their political masters.Suck them kau kau.

  3. This is called real teloq!

  4. An equally ball-ing call:, a Portrait: Anglophile, Mad…(updated, Reply on Reply)

  5. Ibrahim Ismail of Johor is hardly an objective commentator about Mahathir, good or bad.

    Mahathir humiliated his family during the late 1980's - with very good cause supported by the majority of Malaysians.
    His father and younger brother had behaved beyond the pale in the Douglaz Gomez case.

    There are many unsubstantiated stories about the person, but what is a fact is he is heavily involved in Forrest City as a direct investor. There is a gigantic conflict of interest, because of the pressure which was brought upon the Johor State government.
    The State Executive held the power over land and planning approvals for the artificial islands.
    The Environment Impact Assessment , which should have been a Federal Government matter, was simply arrogated by the Johor State Environment department , which issued a whitewashed report.
    The construction of the artificial islands involved the destruction of rich marine sea grass spawning grounds.

    For education of those ignorant about marine science, much of the world's fish return to shallow coastal waters to breed.

    Destruction of shallow coastal and tidal areas , whether Forrest City in Johor or Permatang Damar Laut in Penang, causes irreversible damage to the sustenance of marine life.

    All steam-rolled over because of mega conflicts of interest.