Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mahathir is Mr Blame-Everyone Else

MM Online on how Maddy switches 'DPM wannabe' from DAP to MCA (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 20 — MCA had requested for a deputy prime minister post in 2009, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad revealed today amid rumours that DAP is asking the same from the Opposition.

Dr Mahathir said MCA deputy secretary-general Datuk Loke Yuen Yow had then asked Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for a second deputy prime minister post for the party president then, in addition to the Barisan Nasional deputy chairman post.

“I was reported as saying that DAP had asked to have a second Deputy Prime Minister.

“I wish to correct my mistake. It was not the DAP but it was the MCA,” Dr Mahathir wrote in his blog.

everyone ELSE was, has been and still is wrong

only I alone am right

oh, now add MCA to the list, not forgetting Tunku Abdul Rahman who gave millions of Chinese and Indians citizenships, no thanks to the bloody MCA

please put this old one on standby for future use
right now I need the DAP support

but ... hehehe

Mr U-Turn or U-Tun, wakakaka.

He is the black belt (13th Dan) of the Putar-Belit bullsh*t art.

I wonder who helped him search desperately into history, as far back as 2009 or 8 years ago, wakakaka, to draw out an old BN cerita in order for him to weasel out of his false allegation against the DAP.

And conveniently after his or his aides' panicky rifling of the archives, wakakaka again, the MCA has suddenly found itself copping it sweet as a scapegoat (or Chinese equivalent which I will name shortly, wakakaka again and again).

Ti Lian Ker

I bet my FB matey, Ti Lian Ker (MCA) will come out with both guns blazing in both his hands, and with furious-speak, wakakaka.

And Lian Ker matey, I suspect your MCA has been made the sacrificial suckling pig (Chinese scapegoat, wakakaka) ...

... as a votive offering to Loki, the sly god of deceit, because the DAP must have been on the warpath since the exposure of Maddy's bull about DAP wanting the DPM post, ...


... and that lonely desperado has had to implore whoever, whatever, however, to calm DAP down, wakakaka.

Suckling pig is haram but humble pie for an arrogant bloke must be halal and sweet (for us, though bitter for him), wakakaka.

But in the final analysis, WTF has a 2009 story got to do with today's bullshit about DAP wanting the DPM post?

It goes to show no one can trust or believe Maddy's words.

Methinks he still thinks in his old dictator mode where no one then dared to question him.


  1. mahathir is one infamous liar, no doubt abt tis. however do dap wan the dpm or dun wan? either rpk/aziz is a liar, or lks/lge is a liar.

    1. 'want' and 'ask for' are two different issues.

      DAP did NOT ask for the DPM post

    2. how u know dap want the dpm if they never ask? n whats the point of want if dun ask for it? whats the diff to a malay if lks wan the dpm but not yet ask for it?

    3. everyone wants something, not everyone ask for it

      eg. I want Gong Li (wakakaka) but I don't ask for her

  2. Actually, if not for the contorted racial rigmaroles and nightmares in Malaysia, DAP does have a rightful shot at requesting for the Deputy Prime Minister's post if the Pakatan coalition succeeds in gaining a majority in Parliament.

    Unlike the situation in Selangor, where the Malay State's Constitution , for better or for worse, stipulates that the Menteri Besar must be a Malay Muslim, ipso facto, the Deputy should also be one. There are no such legal constraints attached to the Prime Minister's position or the Deputy's.

    Your matey Ti Lian Ker was (is ? )part of the BNUMNO problem - racist rule, kleptocracy, abuse of power, corruption etc, etc, etc, etc....a near endless list of bad governance. So he is not a credible person to now attack Mahathir.

    Where was Ti Lian Ker in , say, 2003 ? Quiet as a church mouse ?
    Clapping at Mahathir, the then Dear Leader, as he is clapping at the current Dear Leader Najis ?