Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Blame Nik Abduh for blasphemous misuse of God's name

Today Kelantan and Terengganu states are suffering devastating flooding. Indeed these states have experienced awful inundations for decades, yet it seems to a layman like me that the authorities, both PAS and UMNO, have done very little to ameliorate the seasonal deluge, or have given up the fight with nature (instead aggravating the flooding by excessive logging cum lack of diligent clearing of the waterways).

But if there is any one person to be blamed, it's Nik Abduh Nik Aziz, especially for a Kelantanese, who must now take full responsibility for misusing the name of Allah swt to push PAS' political agenda.

To use Nik Abduh's logic (or lack of), I would humbly and respectfully make a timid guess His Almighty must have been mighty angry with Nik Abduh's outrageous blasphemy in 2014, thus is venting His Almighty's ire through flooding on the East Coast.

Bertaubat lah, blasphemer.

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FMT - East coast floods worsen, thousands flee homes


  1. RM1 B a year could have been used to build better drainage and others flood mitigation projects and do it for 5 years God would have rewarded the prime mover of these projects multiple times, at least those rakyat who would have benefited would have kept voting them in. Unfortunately those "he-boleh-great" would rather use the money else where ........ God only know where?

  2. My Christian friends tell me "The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways...."...

    Taoists have a more effective method...mediums who can communicate directly with Deities or their invisible messengers...

    I once watched a Christian Faith Healer in action...pretty impressive...whether true or not...

    1. mediums and faith healers are just that, mediums and faith healers

      whilst Nik Abduh is a PAS politician

      on Christian faith healers, once one of my relatives suffering from cancer went to seek help from one. Right in front of his congregation, the Christian faith healer demanded that my relative must convert immediately to Christianity before he would heal him. My relative was so offended by the blatant blackmail in his moment of dire need that he just turned around and walked away, quite determined to die without being blackmailed by a so-called man of the Christian god.