Monday, January 09, 2017

Malaysian Hindu Talibans

I'm afraid some people have no respect for women. It's usually people who are from countries which forbid close or casual socializing between men and women or whose religions consider women as lower creatures or chattels (personal properties of men).

At the end of 2016, on new year's eve in Europe (Germany, etc), so-called Arab refugees let into Germany by Chancellor Merkel went on a mass rampage sexually abusing women of their host country, groping German women in their private parts and in numerous cases, group raping them.

They should have been expelled.

But alas, the Arabs are not the only people who disrespect women - I am of course talking in the general sense, meaning there have been exceptions.

The Indians (in India) have been equal naughty culprits. We have heard of Joyti Singh Pandey, the woman who was gang raped on a bus. Not only that, one of the rapists cruelly shafted a rod into her private parts which ripped apart some of her vital organs.

the late Joyti Singh Pandey
gang raped and cruelly murdered 

She was medically evacuated from India to Singapore for treatment but alas, it was too late and she died from those horrible injuries.

Also see my BolehTalk post Rape can sometimes be right, said Indian minister, a recount of two lower caste girls raped and then hung from a tree, but which immediately tells us the sort of evil mentality in that chauvinistic caste-conscious society when a minister could say such words to defend the evil perpetrators. It's all about caste.

two Indian teenagers were raped and hung from a tree. Photo: AP 

Babulal Gaur, the BJP minister who said 'rape is sometimes okay'

Just recently, BBC reported in Bangalore New Year: 'People were grabbing, groping' as follows (brief extracts only):

Police in India say they have credible evidence that widespread sexual assaults took place at New Year's Eve celebrations in Bangalore.

Several women have said they were molested by mobs of men, though police say they have had no official complaints from victims yet.

One woman, a marketing professional who asked to be identified only as Pooja, was at the event and told the BBC what happened to her - to know what she said, see the BBC report here.

how some Bangalaru males celebrated their new year, by groping women's bodies 

But that's those Arabs and people in India. We don't believe that such things can happen here in Malaysia, though I recall a couple of Pakatan ladies were groped at by their political opposite numbers when on a stage about a year or two back. But that was a rare happening which though deplorable is thankfully not rampant here.

But maybe I spoke too soon because now I see a sign of disrespect for women in Malaysiakini report
Spray painting vigilante group under police radar (extracts):

The police are aware of the threat to spray-paint female devotees at the Thaipusam festival this year and are looking for individuals who issued such threats.

The Star quoted Selangor police chief Commissioner Abdul Samah Mat saying: "We will take appropriate action. What this individual is planning to do is unlawful, and we will not allow it."

He stressed that the police would maintain security during Thaipusam and would not tolerate any lawbreakers.

Abdul Samah's warning comes following threats issued by one Henry Barnas in a Facebook group called "Thaipusam Spraying Group", in which said he and other "volunteers" would spray Hindu women with paint if they were "inappropriately dressed" at Thaipusam events.

The Facebook group, which has about 145 members, has a picture portraying the backs of women clad in various designer saree blouses with the message that they should "beware of being sprayed with aerosal paint if found inappropriate dressed (sic)"

Who the f**k are the "Thaipusam Spraying Group" to be moral police?

If those Hindu Taliban hooligans were to misbehave I hope the full force of the law will be hurled at them for utter disrespect of women.

More than a decade ago, in late 2005 in my posting Virginity in Tamilnadu Vital to Tamil-hood, I lamented how Indian male chauvinism resulted in actress Kushboo being slapped with 28 charges for trial in an Indian court, all because she had the guts to say what was obvious, namely, men should no longer expect their brides to be virgins (virgins? what's that?).

As a followup to that Tamilnadu virginity issue I posted The High Altar of Virginity for discussion about society''s attitude towards that piece of female tissue called the hymen.

Kushboo had also provided damn good advice to youngsters to use protection when indulging in premarital sex, because of the danger of contacting AIDS. But uh uh, nice Indian ladies couldn't be permitted to talk about premarital sex, even when reality tells us every Indian young male wants to bonk away a.s.a.p.


Journalist Swati Das of the Times of India said:

“Anywhere else, Khushboo would have been called an anti-AIDS spokesperson and perhaps even feted, but not Tamil Nadu with its insular politics and blinkered politicians.”

“It was almost as if the state was being guided by some Taliban-type morality inspectors."

Poor Kushboo was eventually forced into humiliating backdown because of the threat of jail and possibly being barred from the movie industry.

Looks like Malaysia is not so bad after all, in a relative sense, but now we have an unknown group, "Thaipusam Spraying Group", who wants to spoil Malaysia's reputation.

Then, in 2006, more Indian Talibans  showed that the Kushboo persecution was not the end of it, by accusing actresses Shilpa Shetty and Reema Sen for 'posing in an obscene manner' in photographs published in a Tamil evening newspaper.

Shilpa Shetty 

Wikipedia informs us that: Shetty responded that she had not received any court summons and also discounted the charges. She further claimed that the pictures were freeze-frame shots from a recent movie that only exposed her navel.

"As far as my photographs go, what is obscene about it? If navel-showing is obscenity, then our traditional Indian outfit – the traditional sari – should be banned in the first place.

Indeed sweetie, I fully agree - don't f**king mess around with the most delightful sari like the one below, wakakaka.

The local court in Madurai issued non-bailable warrants against the two beautiful actresses, resulting from a mere petition filed by one Dhakshinamoorthy, an advocate in Madurai.

such a lovely face  - oh, her most kissable lips

Reema Sen  

This Dhakshinamoorthy character said the actresses' photos violated the Indecent Representation of Women (prohibition) Act and Young Persons Harmful Publications Act and IPC Sec 292 (sale of obscene books).

What a nasty bloke who probably got f**k-all else to do.

Unfortunately India and in particular Tamilnadu has a notoriety for ultra male chauvinism of the nastiest order. A lawyer was once reported as saying he wanted to slap actress Kushboo for having the bloody nerve to talk about the loss of virginity.

Perhaps such Hindu chauvinistic attitude may explain why in the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata, the heroine proponent, Draupadi, who was married to the 5 Pandavas brothers, all at the same time, became a virgin for each of the bridegrooms - by divine intervention of course.

After the Kaurava Prince Duryodhana won Draupadi from her husband in a game of dice, his brother Dushasana forcibly attempted to disrobe her in the center of the assembly hall to humiliate the Pandava brothers, but Krishna's divine grace provided her with an unending length of material as a sari, thus sparing her further humiliation.

An example where the heroine must, if necessary by divine intervention, be kept pure and covered up from hot prying eyes

That surely would be an amazing gynaecological feat equalled only by Japanese and Korean surgeons today who can promise adventurous Japanese and Korean ladies the restoration of their maidenly virtues.

It's just as well Vyasa, the author of Mahabharata, wrote the story as such where Draupadi not only kept her virginity for every of the 5 brothers and also avoid being stripped naked, or he (Vyasa) would have been hauled in for execution several thousands years ago.

Draupadi played by Pooja Sharma 

Pooja Sharma 

But let's leave Draupadi, her endless sari and her five husbands to return to Malaysia where we need to teach those (Malaysian) Hindu Talibans a damn good lesson for disrespecting women.

There's no place in Malaysia for such chauvinistic hoodlums.


  1. As an Indian of Malaysian origin, you amaze me my friend of knowledge about Hinduism and Tamilians.

    1. Actually, KT is a passionate admirer of Pooja and Reema, and wish he is an indian movie star, and one who is loosing his mind, at that. Wakakaka..

  2. Come come Kay Tee Kiah,
    Surely the voluptious godesess in the pictures you've shown would make mere mortals like me to stray away from the ritual of appeasing the gods!!

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  4. Many of the photos of scantily-clad photogenic women Ktemorph is fond of posting could be construed as exploitative.

    It is likely detrimental to any effort at improving the treatment and respect for women in society.