Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kit Siang now downplays BMF disaster

"The world is flat"

- Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz (Grand Mufti Saudi Arabia, 1993 - 1999)

That may be so, wakakaka, but here in Malaysia it's upside-down or downside-up, so take your pick.

Now why do I say that?

confused politic... er I mean ... tortoise

About, say, 30 years ago, when Malaysia was a neutral venue for international badminton matches between the two badminton giants, China and Indonesia, Chinese Malaysians frequently irritated Malay Malaysians by vociferous support for the Chinese team while Malay Malaysians did likewise by their ardent cheering of the Indonesian players.

Both accused each other of being disloyal to Malaysia, but with both failing abysmally to realise that without Malaysian players in the matches, what loyalty would we be talking about?

Why should we be loyal to either a foreign China or a foreign Indonesia? Cheering for a foreign team is exactly like what some of us do when supporting Germany or Brazil or even England during the World FIfA Cup competitions.

But attitudes have changed since, with many Chinese Malaysians being vehemently against China investing in Malaysia, while UMNO Malays are doing exactly the opposite.

In 1983-4 Lim Kit Siang was demanding accountability from then-PM Mahathir during the Bank Bumiputra (BMF) loan disaster, then the biggest loss by any bank in the world (keeper of Malaysian Book of Records, note that superlative but of 'loss', wakakaka).

But today Kit Siang is singing a different song, one totally 180 degrees from what he did 33 years ago. Yes, he's now defending Mahathir vis-a-vis the former PM's slothful revelation of what happened to BMF then in Hong Kong, which also saw the tragic (and associated?) murder of young Jalil Ibrahim.

BFF, at least until after GE-14



  1. People in power,give them a chance and they will even scam a beggar of his penny.Politicians,gomen servants and office boys,you name it,you got it.

    Donald Trump,now the POTUS have been scamming his contractors,plumbers,electricians,glass installers,cabinet makers and even waitresses in his clubs for the last forty years.That is how he made his billions.Not by smarts but by cheating.

    Not only scamming his workers.Donald Trump even wants to grope,kiss and fuck women for free.That is how cheap this bastard is.

  2. The 'erection' of ahjibgor must be on the card!

    So the macais r going round town to dig up grandmother's stories, old scores, compromised backside covers & what's not to window-dressing ahjibgor's Achilles' Heel of 1MDB.

    Yr sifu's blog is the prime example of the many.

    Now, u!

    Granted, u have dislikes for that mamak.

    I'm too. Deeply.

    But, where's the big picture u r supposely to be able to envisage? Perhaps, big pictures down the drain in lieu of something more physical?

    Bygone fraudulent self-indulgences of that mamak is history. A lesson THAT must be learnt - HARD at heart.

    Yet, yr miaox2 approaches of the present pestilences of jibby seem like kid's glove treatment.

    Obviously, mamak's lessons r just a current cover, NOT learnt to oppose jibby's corrupt hold of power.

    Thus, how not to raise doubt about yr intention?

    Perhaps, overwhelming the hurried people, blur-sotongs inclusive, with mamak's past opulences & violations is the current theme of colour-favouring the magnitude of ahjibgor's ongoing plunderings.

    Thus, ultilising the 'past justifying the present' & 'doing it for the kaum tongkat at whatsoever cost' to M'sia.

    Betul tak?

    1. aren't Pakatan especially LKS trying to bring the past into the future?

  3. this is basically dap people modus operandi. kt also downplay najib various scandal, n rpk spin.

    1. so mI downplay najib as well as dap, wakakaka

    2. i supposed dap allow some degree of democracy n free speech as long as the dynasty remain intact. my view remain no change, the very principled dap need a mirror, u too.

  4. Just how exactly is Lim Kit Siang supposedly defending Mahathir over BMF scandal ? This is a reckless accusation.

    More Fake News ?

    Lim Kit Siang simply stated the fact that the declassified CIA reports don't tell us anything more than we already know.

    The CIA report is only good for Najis supporters to breathlessly reveal, as if it is a huge scoop, which it isn't.

    Yawwwn !

    1. saying "nothing new" is the same as downplaying

    2. See see... Wordsmith par excellence!!!!

  5. Didn't LKS & Son dumped Hadi and called for political emasculation of PAS; then proudly and loudly announced DAP political marriage to Md Sabu/PAN?

    Today, for LKS/LGE/DAP to be politically alive and for the sake of TDM's son, regardless of how hypocritical it is, LKS/LGE/DAP is now willing to work with Hadi/PAS. ha! ha! ha!

    Maka bahawasanya dan sesungguhnya sudah terbuktilah selain dari faktor usia ada lain hal yang bisa memicu orang tua menjadi cepat dan mudah lupa.