Sunday, January 15, 2017

Apa boleh buat jika cina bodoh

Today Malaysiakini publishes 'Bigger than life' Dr M, Muhyiddin, Mukhriz kick off Bersatu.

3 for price of one statement
Chinese in Malaysia, Chinese in Singapore and the DAP

But I wonder whether there has been a typo (spelling mistake) which if not made in the first place might have read 'Bigger than lie' Dr M, Muhyiddin, Mukhriz kick off Bersatu.

Secondly, RoS has already warned the party about using the abbreviation 'Bersatu', apart from the reality that it is not bersatu with anyone other than PKR, and is truly a pribumi party and not for non-bumi like Chinese and Indians.

Thirdly, Mahathir claimed he will remove the GST but 'gradually', exactly like he promised when he was PM to make all of us Bangsa Malaysia but then announced that it's not time yet as Malays are still behind the nons, presumably commercially, financially, economically and whatever-cally, thus Bangsa Malaysia will be implemented 'gradually', say, in a thousand years?

Fourthly, he has been condemning BR1M as Najib's dedak but now has belakang pusing, as he has been wont to do, to say his party will make it (BR1M) a statutory aid. But I wonder whether Auntie Lee and Auntie Susila will still receive BR1M under his government?

Is there anything at all that he said, has said, says or will say that we can ever believe him?

But mind you, he will be prompt and continuous in his anti-Chinese rants, whether that's against Chinese Malaysians, Chinese Singaporeans or Chinese Zhōngguórén, so long as he can through those polemical anti Chinese ravings frighten, anger and scare the Malays into the so-called umbrella of his 'protection' (but in reality his political sway).

'ni cina bodoh, apa kita boleh buat, ya 'Min 


  1. I, too, have serious reservations concerning the major business deals which the Malaysian government is making with China corporations.

    They involve conflicts of interest, highly unfavourable terms for Malaysian businesses and serious lack of transparency in the deals.

    These are fact-based, and it is highly objectionable to dub people with concerns like me as Cina Bodoh for this.

  2. Most M'sians don't understand economic jargons. Thus, 90% of the time they r been conned by the bombastic terms used in describing business investments by our politikus.

    FDI, by virtual of its namesake - foreign direct investment, simply means bringing in foreign money to invest locally.

    The keyword is outside money & the foreign investors bear the business risks based on their own evaluation.

    Loan is a form of IOU that needs to be repaid with interest.

    The giver has a set of risk appetites weighing against a set of business proposals. Similarly the borrower has to calculate his/her return vis-a-vis the borrowings.

    The RM14.4B 'investments', brought back by jibby from China look more like loans than FDI.

    But then how many can read into the limited disclosures by jibby/Chinese about the terms involved.

    It could very well be the similar case of the differential in financing figures as disclosed by 1MDB & CREC about Bandar M'sia project.

    Cina Bodoh???

    Look no further than the recent case of the Sri Lanka Mattala International Airport and portions of the Hambantota deep sea port for a debt for 99yrs equity swap for the Chinese loan.

    The Sri Lanka has a mal-managed debt problem.

    BUT those paper-pushing, spurious qualified bolihlanders have a short-vision projection model coupled with lack of business acumen r leading for a possible sell-out!