Monday, January 23, 2017

Racist-political lies - lesson for Malaysia

On Friday in Melbourne a mad man went on a murderous rampage - I am sure most of you must have heard of the murderous way the mad man drove his car right into crowds of people at the Bourke Street area.

The operative word has been 'massacre'. Five people have died while many others are seriously injured. Police finally shot him to stop his murderous use of a speeding car to plough into crowds of people.

A so-called tourist, apparently from Italy, with an over worked up face and over-exaggerated bulging eyes, said (I thought theatrically over-dramatic) on live TV coverage that the murderous driver was screaming "Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar".

Straightaway Pauline Hanson who is well known for her racist views against (previously) Aussie Aborigines and Aussie Asian and (now) Muslims, seized on that bullshit and declared the horrific massacre as a terrorist attack, saying the rampage underlined the need for tough immigration policies.

As usual of her style of regrettable reckless racist politics she did not check the story but bulldozed on to impugn adversely on the reputation of Muslims.

Hanson is a senator and head of the extremely ultra right-wing One Nation party which in my opinion does not have one single candidate to match the brains of the worst-performing Malaysian kid in Malaysian upper secondary school (old Form V), wakakaka.

But alas, like many Americans senselessly or idiotically voting grab-her-pussy Trump, some Australians in the more conservative states like Queensland and Western Australia did vote for One Nation candidates. As my visitor bruno would say 'go figure', wakakaka.

Hanson was then in the middle of a media conference when news of the horrendous ramage on Bourke Street was broadcast. That massacre provided her with timely ammo to politically shoot at the Muslims again and at the same time (press conference) to avoid embarrassing (for her) questions about her candidates.

Two of her One Nation candidates had criminal convictions, wakakaka, with one a allegedly a pastor who ran an advertisement on his Facebook page for 'bikini baristas' for his coffee drive-through shops he was planning to open, wakakaka again. 

News report says The ad asks for people aged 18 and over, a recent photo and says they would be required to wear bathers and shorts.

Subsequently when the news further revealed that the perpetrator was a Aussie Greek by the name of Dimitrious Gargasoulas and probably a Christian of the Greek Orthodox Church, who had earlier stabbed his own brother, Hanson backpedalled like Mahathir has frequently done a la the shameful DPM issue, BR1M, etc.

She was awfully wrong but as usual, did NOT apologise for her bad-mouthing of Muslims.

It has been an anti Muslim campaign, started off by Stefano Pavan, allegedly an Italian tourist (how to say Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar in Italian?) and eagerly seized upon by Pauline Hanson.

Dimitrious Gargasoulas 

This has been a salutary lesson on how the reputation of Muslims have been unfairly blackened by bullshitters. Victorian Police (in Melbourne) ordered the immediate removal of a few online videos saying it was a Muslim attack.

Would the Malaysian Police have acted as swiftly as the Vic Police if inciting news in Malaysia were false?

If Muslims in Malaysia feel aggrieved by the lies against Muslims in Oz, think of how some Malaysian Muslims have deliberately blackened the reputations of non-Muslims like the teenage son of Lim Guan Eng and of DAP then MCA demanding the DPM post, and of federal opposition Muslims like Dyana Sofya during the Teluk Intan by-election and Khalid Samad recently.

left & centre - filipino actress Pauleen Luna

right - Dyana Sofya (DAP)


  1. Two witnesses heard the alleged Greek migrant use the time worn muslim chant. Stop trying to normalize terror attacks.

    1. no one other than that so-called Italian tourist reported it. according to your argument the Victorian police must be the ones normalising terrorist attacks