Sunday, January 15, 2017

Danger of Wahhabism in Malaysia

Recently we heard of Wahhabism sneaking into Malaysian lives insidiously, affluent Malaysian lives that is.

Wahhabism is an extreme form of Islam which originated in Saudi Arabia, and is still practised by the Saudi Arabs there as well as allegedly the Daesh or ISIS.

They sometimes called themselves Salafists though some Salafists told them to f**k off, saying Wahhabism is ultra fanatic, and is a vile deviant sectarian movement.

The National Fatwa Council of Malaysia has said Wahhabism has no place in Malaysia because the sect is fond of badmouthing other Sunni schools of Muslims as apostates, just because the latter don't subscribe to the extreme Wahhabi teachings.

The council said that the Wahhabis are extremists and therefore ill-suited in Malaysia, a country where most Muslims are Sunnis of the Shafi'i madhhab or school of Islamic Law.

Coincidentally, last year in July the Pahang Mufti was reported as labelling those who opposed Islam as 'kafir harbi'.

a most dangerous comment of potential incitement

Nur Jazlan Mohamed, the deputy home minister, said such labelling would be extremely dangerous especially in the wake of the first terror bombing on the Movida bar in Puchong by Malaysian Islamic State (IS) recruits in Malaysia, and would abet the self-radicalisation of Malaysian sympathisers.

Malay Mail Online reported:

Professor Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid of University Sains Malaysia’s (USM) political science department said the Pahang mufti's remarks can result in “young zealots” resorting to radical action to those deemed as anti-Islam or “kafir harbi”.

“Attacks can also be carried out against any institution of the state, because it is such institutions, and the political system as a whole which has reputedly allowed the presence and activities of such kafir harbis.

“And let us not think that when terms such as kafir harbis are used, it is limited to non-Muslims in Malaysia.

“IS, as we know, as a militant movement which replicates the original teachings of Wahhabism as prevailed in the Saudi state formed out of a collaboration between eighteenth century Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab and tribal leader Muhammad ibn Saud, bears a strongly takfiri [ex-communication] disposition. So even Muslims who voice their opposition against the hudud Bill may find themselves targeted for violence,” [...]

The USM academic also said Abdul Rahman should have been more responsible with his remarks, considering his position as a religious official and scholar.

Ahmad Fauzi said Abdul Rahman’s refusal to offer an apology of any kind betrays an arrogance characteristic of many ulama who believe their position and knowledge allows them to say anything on religion without being held accountable.

seditious? why haven't police investigated him? 

“While it might not be fair to link him directly to the Puchong bomb attack, proclaiming his innocence will only invite further careless statements by public figures,” the USM don said.

On Wahhabism and its clerics, in 2015 Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari, a Saudi cleric appeared on a video to argue the sun revolved around Earth, and demonstrated his theory, already shattered by Galileo more than 400 years ago in 1610, wakakaka. He showed in his bizarre attempt:

“First of all, where are we now? we go to Sharjah airport to travel to China by plane, clear?! focus with me, this is Earth” he said, holding a sealed water cup.

He argued that if a plane stops still in air “China would be coming towards it” in case the Earth rotates on one direction. It the Earth rotates on opposite direction, the plane would never reach China, because “China is also rotating.”

Mind, the poor idiot was merely following the footsteps of another earlier cleric who was, until his death, the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz bin Baz.

Abdul Aziz bin Baz in 1976 ruled in a fatwa that the Earth was flat and that it was a great blasphemy to suggest otherwise, wakakaka.

Here's an example of Wahhabism, reported by FMT:

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s highest-ranking cleric has warned of the “depravity” of cinemas and music concerts, saying they would corrupt morals if allowed in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

“We know that singing concerts and cinemas are a depravity,” Grand Mufti Abdulaziz al-Sheikh said in a television interview cited by Sabq news website late Friday.

Doesn't that remind of someone in Temerloh, whom many of you voted for to kick out Saifuddin Abdullah via the ABU movement in 2013?

You Dumbos!


  1. but saifuddin already wake up, only u r still dreaming.

    1. and did he get back his former seat?

  2. I would not vote Saifuddin the BN/UMNO candidate.

    The most important responsibility of an MP is as a lawmaker for the length of their Parliamentary term.

    In Malaysia, voting on Parliamentary laws and motions along party lines is All encompassing.
    There is no wiggle room, extremely rare for any room to be given for conscience.

    In fact You , Ktemorph , are one of the strong proponents of this system.

    So, it is perfectly logical for voters to also cast their Election ballot in terms of the Party Ticket.

    Or perhaps Ktemorph's "principles" are very "flexible".