Wednesday, January 11, 2017

F*** Moody's 'credibility'

Star Online - Muhyiddin slammed for China deals remark (extracts):

then DPM Muhyiddin Yassin stated that when the Chinese government call its state-owned enterprises to invest in Malaysia, we should take initiatives to trace them and facilitate them

from the Sun Daily (5 Dec 2014)

he is now singing a different tune

can you thus rely on the words of this man?

PETALING JAYA: Former deputy prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s claim that investments from China will rob locals of their rice bowl has drawn a backlash from poli­ticians, the business community and netizens.

They said that foreign direct investment (FDI) from mainland China will be to Malaysia’s advantage, especially in this critical time of sluggish global growth.

MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai slammed Muhyiddin’s claim as ‘illogical’.

“It seems that he has changed his mind after shifting his political alliance."

“When he was deputy prime minister, he led missions to China to attract Chinese investors to Malaysia."

does he have the authority to speak for PH?  

PETALING JAYA: Chinese educationists have accused former education minister Muhyiddin Yassin of maligning the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) syllabus.

In a joint statement today, United Chinese School Committees Association and United Chinese School Teachers Association, together known as Dong Jiao Zong, said Muhyiddin had twisted the facts when he labelled their refusal to include History in the UEC syllabus as “too extreme”.

“Anyone who claims the UEC syllabus goes against the national (education) system is spreading lies."

“The syllabus reflects Malaysia’s multicultural spirit and is in line with international standards,” they said, adding independent Chinese schools produced graduates who contributed to society.

In an interview with Sin Chew Daily today, Muhyiddin, who is Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) president, said Pakatan Harapan might not recognise the UEC should the coalition come into power.

it was a lot more convenient in my days
then we didn't have to be involved in protest rallies and best of all, wear bloody Chinese -coloured shirts

See also my post yesterday titled Pribumi or Pakatan anti Chinese education? which was prompted by a number of news reports (not just one newspaper) on Muhyiddin's assertion that a Pakatan Harapan in government after GE-14 might not recognise the UEC.

I had then questioned Muhyiddin's authority to issue likely policy on behalf of Pakatan Harapan when he is only a Pribumi member, and that Pribumi is NOT even a member of Pakatan.

I had wondered whether someone in Pakatan who sucks up to Pribumi has given him the authority to reveal its unconfirmed and unestablished and likely unilateral devised syiok-sendiri policy vis-a-vis the UEC.

Yes, someone who has a bloody dirty, sly and treacherous habit of issuing Pakatan policies or seat allocations without the DAP knowing about them.

I also pondered on whether Muhyiddin had been echoing someone else who hates the Chinese and in particular Dong Jiao Zong and its world-wide recognized UEC and ...

... who, apart from growing jealousy over the world-wide recognition of the UEC standards, believes he now possesses the overriding IMPERIAL authority to speak out on future Pakatan Harapan policies.

But the two above reports (by FMT and Star) show that, apart from Muhyiddin having the brazen nerve to speak for Pakatan which he now denies, and his bullshit about Chinese investments when he himself as then deputy prime minister, ... led missions to China to attract Chinese investors to Malaysia. his words cannot and must not be relied upon for credibility.

someone wants to f**k Chinese Malaysians
but is f**ked by a monkey

remember, most Chinese pray to the Monkey God,

for f**king a lembu rusa, wakakaka


  1. The bulk of the prospective big-ticket China investments in Malaysia are coming from companies closely identified with the China government. There is a strong likelihood of a political agenda , in addition to normal commercial profit interests.

    There are also loud accusations, some quite credible that many of the deals have large, dodgy "buffers" associated.

    This highlights the need for caution, as these investment may come with heavy baggage. Its a common joke these days that Malaysia is becoming a Banana Republic, but it could well become a reality if we are not careful.

    China to South East Asia states in the 21st Century may well be the US to the South American Banana Republics for much of the 20th Century.. A Master - Subordinate relationship with states which are officially independent.

    Chinese Malaysians, especially , must not be blind to the risks just because of their shared language and cultural roots in China.

    1. you're saying that, in just a mere 2 years, Moody's pro China investments becoming an anti China investments have credibility? Puhleeeze lah

    2. A lot has changed in China's international stance in the last 2 years.
      Some think it may be, not for certain, a wolf shedding its sheep's clothing.

      China is building new territory from the sea floor in the South China Sea. It may soon declare an Air Defence Identification Zone in the South China Sea , an exercise of sovereignty.

      Using its Cash Rich state-linked enterprises as an arm of China Foreign Policy.

      BTW I don't care about Muhyiddin.

      This is about geopolitics, and how this plays out will affect the country for generations to come.

      Malaysia has permanent interests, regardless of Najis, Muhyiddin, Anwar or Lim Guan Eng (!)

  2. hmmm no credibility? i thot u claim team work is pertinent?

  3. Facts of BIG ticket Chinese (main lander) commercial activities:

    1) main contractor is Chinese, with Malaysianised Alibaba operations.

    2) almost all bulk materials used in the projects come from main land China. Thus, the local CinaBeng suppliers lose out.

    3) Even with the quota clauses, many Melayu rent-seekers who have gotten the sub-contracts, either parcel out the jobs to Indonesians for a song or if the contract sum is substantial back to other main land Chinese contractors.

    4) Thus, most of these projects r one-foot-kicked by the main land Chinese contractors. With only the local/illegal labourers to provide simple manual skills.

    Make economical sense erhhh????

    The best example lies in that China oversea resort built near North of S'pore.

    BTW, does anyone know that these projects have been advertised as a modern living congregation NORTH of S'pore?

    Either M'sia is a bad real estate killer or nobody wants to live within Johor, a nowhere place!

  4. Aneh KT, why don't u use yr uncle's military contact to find out the REAL intention of the Chinese investment in The East Coast Rail Line project (ECRL).

    The truth could have to do with a possible naval supply base at Kuantan for the Chinese naval vessels!

    Yr ahjibgor could have silently sold out that Kuantan base for a rescue hand to help fill the 1MDB financial hole.

    Of course the deal has to be dressed up, especially the USA won't be alarmed in the face of South China Sea territories disputes.

    Thus, the illogical storylines of helping to develop the east coast Hinterland of PM'sia.

    But the CIA is not sleeping. Neither r the espionage guys from that Reddot.

    1. CK matey, there is a looming danger you will become like Maddy who had once claimed the Yanks remote-controlled MH370 to fly towards the Island of Atlantis - too much anger too many conspiracy theories, wakakaka

    2. too much anger too many conspiracy theories, wakakaka!!!!!

      Wait till the moment of I told u so lah.

      Alternatively, just ask yr uncle, if his cable is big & thick enough for such Infosys to pass.

  5. Satem has passed away.
    Heart Attack.

    He was always meant to be a stopgap Chief Minister, but nobody reckoned it would be so short.

    Sarawak has 3 DCMs - Douglas Unggah, PRS president James Masing, and PBB deputy president Abang Johari Abang Openg
    Not sure whether one of them will be selected to replace Satem, or someone else altogether.

    1. Taib, like maddy. will decide who will be his "successor"

    2. It is either Abang Jo or Awang Tengah..