Saturday, January 07, 2017

Has Najib neutralize Maddy again?

I don't know much about FELDA though within that organization or scheme or program of palm oil plantations and small holdings lies a significant part of the Malay Heartland.

FELDA's original aim was to resettle the Malay poor including ex Malay servicemen and to develop rural and jungle land, which has riled many moronic Westerners, eg. Senator Xenophon of Australia, because their beloved orangutans would be driven out by human developments.

Apart from the inconvenient fact that orangutans exist ONLY in the Borneo and Sumatra islands, and has f**k-all to do with Peninsula plantations, Xenophon is hell-bent on legislating compulsory labelling of palm oil products in Australia to "assist" (meaning, to dissuade) Australians from choosing (and buying) palm oil and towards choosing alternatives to palm oil like the American soy-oil or Australian canola oil, where orangutans exist only in zoos in those countries (taken from the Borneo and Sumatra islands).

I'm not Ozzie so how am I able to vote for Xenophon? 

In other words he wants to destroy or at least curb palm oil plantations to 'save' orangutans and f**k those Malaysian or Indonesian poor settlers and plantation workers.

OTOH, FELDA has since deviated or diverted from its original aim into areas of which some are NOT related to that aim, of settlement of the Malay poor cum land development.

But that's merely typical of Malaysian government agency after a while. For example, several decades back, there was an agency responsible for palm oil plantation. Some 'smart Alecs' in that organization thought that instead of buying fertilizer to nurture the palm trees, that organization should keep goats on the plantation where the goat droppings could serve as fertilizer for the palm trees.

So one thing led to another, and before the organization knew where the goats were taking them, those smart Alecs started to have goat husbandry (instead of palm oil) as their primary business concern and thus goat sh*t in their brains.

Secondly, a point on FELDA's seemingly discriminatory role, to wit, why was or rather is its scheme not carried out in Sarawak as per the Peninsula model?

Why treat Sarawakians working on the sole FELDA scheme there as labourers instead of endowing those workers with land ownership as in Peninsula?

That's for the new Chair to answer and work out.

Anyway, to break or indeed to 'make' UMNO the ruling majority in the coming elections, and thus either kicking out or keeping in Najib as the PM in the new parliamentary term, will be dependant upon, to some extent, the Malay voters in FELDA (Peninsula).

o the farmers in the FELDA scheme will represent a significant voting bloc in a federal election.

But who can influence them

A week or so ago, RPK discussed the possibility that the just-replaced Chair of FELDA, Mohd Isa Abdul Samad, might be a Maddy Trojan Horse. RPK thus alluded to possible attempts to destabilize FELDA so as to cause much grief to Ah Jib Gor vis-a-vis the Heartland.

Well, before I could say 'Nik Abduh knows lots about floods', Isa has been replaced by Shahrir Abdul Samad as the new FELDA Chairman. For more, see Malaysiakini Shahrir named new Felda chairperson.

Isa has just been moved sideways to the less vote-influential position as Chair of Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGV).



In typical Najib-speak, with his euphemistic tribute of appreciation to Isa etc etc etc, does this mean RPK has been right about secret manoeuvrings in UMNO-Land, and also predicted correctly the inevitable outcome for Isa?

Has Ah Jib Gor neutralized Mohd Isa and consequentially Maddy again?

I'll get you.

I've got you.

I haven't gotten anything 


  1. based on rpk logic it seem rosmah is the best trojan horse mahathir (unlike the host i dun like, or selectively do name calling wakaka) ever have.

  2. The New RPK is again spinning Fake News in favour of His Najis, just as Ktemoc is assisting in its distribution. Russia may well have distributed Fake New to influence the outcome of the recent US elections in favour of its preferred Donald Trump, this looks like a similar exercise in Malaysia by the New RPK.
    I notice that most of the New RPK's remaining fans are overseas Malaysians whose knowledge of current events in Malaysia is 3rd or 4th hand. They don't as they say, "smell the air" here, hence easily duped.

    Here is some REAL facts, not the Fake ones peddled by the New RPK.
    "Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad should not be nominated as candidate for the Bagan Pinang state by-election. He said UMNO's image would be affected because it would be regarded as not being serious in fighting money politics if it chose as candidate those who were already found guilty of political corruption.
    Isa Samad is the one who was found guilty of money politics aka Corruption, even by UMNO's abysmal standards.

    If he is at the same time a Mahathir Trojan Horse, that would be so Machiavellian event Mahathir couldn't pull it off.

    The fact is , after 1MDB, the Felda FGV fiasco is the 2nd largest individual case of destruction of national wealth in Malaysian history. Rafizi Ramli and Tony Pua have been dissecting the case for years, but RPK and Ktemoc are Johnny-come-lately's , now trying to deflect blame from their beloved Najis.
    FGV Holdings was floated in 2012 in a Massive RM 3.18 Billion IPO exercise at RM 4.55 per share. The closing share price last Friday as RM 1.70. Billions of Ringgit of value have been wiped out, including taxpayer funds (Felda's original retained earnings of 5 decades) as well of those of private investors, including many ordinary Felda settlers.

    The Root causes of FGV's implosion are very similar to 1MDB - Kleptocracy, bad governance, abuse of power in high places, cover-ups.

    The entire caper occurred under Najis watch - 2012 until now, so there is no way you can NOT hold Najis accountable. Hence , why the New RPK is trying to deflect the issue to Mahathir via Fake News.

    The difference between 1MDB and FGV Is this - for many ordinary Malaysians , 1MDB is a Non-issue.
    No matter how many Billions of Ringgit have been siphoned into Crook's pockets, these Malaysians don't feel it in their own pockets. Overseas Malaysians like Ktemoc feel NOTHING. For Low Income Malaysians, with a few hundred ringgit bank account balance, RM 2.6 Billion stolen is meaningless to them. In any case , a bit of BR1M will help them completely forget the 1MDB issue.

    Not so for FGV.

    Thousands of Felda settlers bought FGV shares with their own money. Many borrowed money to buy the shares. When the current realisable market value of those shares is less than the outstanding repayment on the loans, that is a recipe for Bankruptcy.

    So Najis faces a revolt in his Felda fixed deposit unless the FGV meltdown can be resolved.
    The problem for Malaysia is that, Najis, true to his crooked ways, instead of coming clean with addressing the real issues, is carrying out more Cover-Ups and replacing one Crook with another Crook (Shahrir Samad, reputed to have received substantial 1MDB dedak, a fully bought and sold Kleptocratic partner)

    1. I am not biased but rather you are!

      Since Day 1 o my blogging I have stayed true to my hobby, of writing anything against or for anyone I so wish. No ad on my blog - I don't need that money or I would have earn thousands, wakakaka.

      You keep blaming me for supporting Najib yet there is not one substatial fact on that - you grasp for straws to make and justify your reckless accusations against me.

      As I have told some who wanted me to blame A or X more, which I don't have an enjoyable inclination or facts to do so, why don't they start their own blog and do as they please, wakakaka

    2. Typical wordsmith reply!

      Recall that past favourite chant of 'if u don't like what I wrote, then get out of MY blog'?

      Similarly with 'start yr own blog to blow yr own horn' chorus singing among the choirboys.

      Voiii..aneh, u still don't learn or u r still living in yr own dream ke?

      WWW is an open & transparent free forum that EVERYONE can takes part.

      If u dare to write in the WWW then by prepare to face ALL fire, from ALL directions lah.

      Alternatively, start yr own syok-sendiri 'bin-ing' vetting procedure to protect yr bruised ego lah!

      Fake news r big issue NOW - to the extend that Facebook in commercial market & CIA/FBI of the USofA in political espionage r getting seriously in CANNING their spread.

      What that sifu of yrs is doing NOW is just copying a page from the Trump election campaign to help ahjibgor.

      WRT to yr 'submarine' supports of ahjibgor, ain't u playing the same game plan as that Manchester megalomaniac?

      There r many sonac detectors among yr blog commentators who could be able to confirm such activities.

      Don't ask for a matchstick figurine with internal organs lah - it's not going to be pretty!

    3. I am prepared t face all (decent - no obscenities) fire but I tend to be impatient with people who tell me what to write. Sometimes I might obliged but when people started to tell me I should attack A or X more, I wonder why they ask me to, or rather I wonder why they don't do that themselves, wakakaka

      As for supporting Najib, I have attacked him enough as I had too attacked LKS, because I based/base my criticisms on what I believe to be deserving of them

  3. 'people who tell me what to write. Sometimes I might obliged but when people started to tell me I should attack A or X more, I wonder why they ask me to, or rather I wonder why they don't do that themselves, wakakaka'

    Simple answer - ain't u a wordsmith claiming to be freelanced with diverse interest?

    Unless yr freelancing, based/base yr criticisms on what u believe to be deserving of them is just a cover!